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Greetings to all in our college community.

As we now reach the halfway mark of the third term it is scary to think how quickly the year has passed us by. We have now commenced preparing for the 2020 academic school year. During this month we have concluded the bulk of enrolment interviews, completed subject selection sessions for students entering Year 10, and for those choosing a VCE, VET or VCAL subject next year. It has been pleasing during this time to see the open and positive dialogue between staff and families around the best steps forward to support the best outcomes for each individual. Additionally, we are also in the process of looking at our staffing needs and how these future employment opportunities enhance student outcomes. It truly is an exciting time, particularly as we look at a new beginning at a time of considerable growth of our college.

Over the past week it has been great to see the Foundation students, along with 1EH, making themselves at home in the new Junior School building. Construction works in the vacated classrooms is now underway with the refurbishment due for completion in mid-November. It is a fantastic facility and we are blessed to have such great facilities across all sub-schools.

I would like to thank families for the past week in not parking along Trinity Drive where yellow lines are marked, particularly in the garden beds both in the college or Sunnyside Retirement Village. Your compliance has been appreciated and greatly supports the safety of all within our community. Thank you.

Another reminder that the official opening service for the Main Reception and Senior Centre is taking place on Monday 2 September. Commencing at 1:45pm in the Agora of the Senior School, all members of our college community are warmly invited to attend this event. As tea, coffee and light refreshments will be served after the ceremony we asked that individuals RSVP to the Main Reception if they are planning to attend.
Mr Daniel Weller, Principal
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God delights in his children!
We are all looking forward to some dry weather again after the rains we have been having. It will bring the ovals into play again. Allowing the children to be ‘free spirits’ and get out and run around. This is not just good for getting some fresh air and exercise, but it is good to warm up the body and raise the heart rate.

Most of the time things go really well and the children do what they should be doing. Being children and having a whole lot of fun. In the process they learn that really important life lesson of getting along with others. We may not particularly like everyone we meet, just like we are not liked by all people. But we do need to learn to get along together in life. That lesson (like so many others) is best learned by doing!

God smiles on us and is pleased when we all get along well together and have fun. We need to know that. We are told: ‘the Lord takes delight in his people’. (Psalm 149:4) In just the same way that any loving parent takes delight in their children.

So in your fun time, look to make it a fun time for everyone! Look for ways to include those who are sometimes left out and alone. You don’t have to be the centre of attention all the time. You can learn to rejoice when others are in the limelight! When you do this you are not only building up our community. You are bringing praise to God by living and walking in his ways to honour him.

We thank you Father for the opportunities to get outside and just have fun together. Help us to be considerate of others when we are playing. Lead us to include them and value them as a part of our group. Thank you Father that you delight in us as your children. Please help us to get along with each other and even delight in each other, so that we may bring glory to you. Amen.
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church services
  • Sunday 18 August
    9am: Holy Communion
    10am: Kids' Time
    10.30am: Holy Communion
    7pm: Holy Communion
College worship services
  • Wednesday 21 August
    9am: Middle/Senior School chapel
  • Friday 23 August
    9am: Junior School chapel led by 4EH
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new JS classrooms
Building works
We are very pleased to inform you that our Foundation and Year 1EH classes have now moved into the new Junior School building. It has been exciting to see the enthusiasm and eagerness from the students as they continue their learning in this new space. We have provided a map to help you locate classroom for the remaining weeks of the 2019 school year. Please guide your children to move safely around the school as the building works now continue in the old Foundation area. These classrooms have been allocated for Year 2 use in 2020.
Good Luck Jaya
Tomorrow Jaya will be competing in the Schoolaerobics National competition on the Gold Coast. This year, Jaya is our only aerobics competitor and we congratulate her for the hard work she has done to prepare for this event. Once again, we would like to sincerely thank Mrs Amanda Wik, who has shared her time, talents and training spaces to coach Jaya throughout the year. Good luck!

Hong Kong Tour 2020
Preparations have begun for the 2020 Hong Kong Tour. This is an amazing opportunity for our Year 6 students to have a truly eye opening international experience and also to receive the humbling hospitality of our friends in Hong Kong. Interested students in Year 5 have received a letter summarising the tour, and are asked to return the Expression of Interest form by Wednesday 21 August. An Information Evening will be held Wednesday 28 August at 7.00pm in the Library. Please make it a priority to attend this session if you are considering nominating your child for the 2020 tour.

My Son Pinocchio JR cast and crew reward
Today students in Year 5 and 6, who were members of the cast and crew of My Son Pinocchio JR attended Horsham College’s performance of The School of Rock as a reward for their hard work in our school musical at the end of Term 2. Well done to everyone who was involved in My Son Pinocchio JR, we hope you enjoy this special activity!

Positive education
Yesterday eight staff members from across the three sub-schools attended a Positive Education Enhanced Curriculum (PEEC) Professional Development in Hamilton. PEEC is a research based curriculum that provides rich sequential learning for students to develop positive emotions, engagement, accomplishment, relationships, purpose and health. As a staff, we will be exploring the philosophy and curriculum over the coming months to prepare for the implementation in 2020.

Student-led conferences—date change
Please note that there has been a change of date for student-led conferences, they will now be held on Tuesday 3 September. We encourage you to reserve at least half an hour for each conference, as students will have a number of work samples, achievements, goals and activities they would like to share with you. Specialist and learning support classrooms will also be open on this evening to visit with your child. Information on how to book your conference through the School Interviews website will be sent home in next week.

This morning Year 2MB led Chapel with a focus on the Parable of the Mustard Seed, based on Matthew 13:31-32. Next week Year 4EH will be leading Chapel with a focus on Jesus feeding the 5000, based on Matthew 14:13-21. We encourage students to bring a small offering. We hope you can join us for worship.

Congratulations to this week's award winners!

FNL: Lachlan Dunn FMS: Indi Finn, Aksel Frahn FLS: Klay Lockhart 1CR: Bryce McDonald 1EH: Ella Bailey, Eleanor Bouma, Matisse Hose, Cooper Ruwoldt 1KR: Angus Crute 2MB: Bodhi Edmunds 2NH: Zac O'Connor 3AD: Jett Carter, Hannah Gabbé 3CD: Rhys Penny 3JK: Marlie Roberts 4EH: Zahra Ellis 4JM: Nellie Driller 5AG: Amalie Wilkins 5DT: Asha Fiedler 6CT: Lexie Heard, Emily Knoop 6JN: Brandon Parish Art: Jonty Polack Chinese: Cooper Inkster, Justin Schwarz Digital Technology: Ruby Hallam, Zander Johnston Performing Arts: Hannah Polack PE: Lachlan Engert, Peter Smith

Jing Bear Award: Ellita Schollary

Scollary, Ellita
Mrs Fiona Friberg, Head of Junior School
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Adolescent Success Conference
At the end of last week I attended the 11th Adolescent Success Conference, held at the Brisbane Exhibition and Convention Centre from Thursday 8 to Saturday 11 November. The theme for the conference was ‘Future Ready Students’. The school tours, masterclass sessions, keynote speakers and teacher-led workshops were all focused on what schools are doing or can do in order to best prepare students for the jobs of the future.

Major topics which were discussed included:
  • The impact computers and machines will potentially have on future jobs/careers.
    “The future of work will be primarily about how people can collaborate with machines to do what neither can do alone.”
    60% of young people are currently studying for jobs which will be radically altered by automation.
  • The changing landscape for how students enter university degrees.
    • 26% Secondary education with an ATAR
    • 11% Secondary education without an ATAR
    • 26% Higher education course
    • 1% Professional qualifications
    • 17% other basis
    • 4% mature age special entry provisions
    • 12% VET award course
  • The financial and personal cost of student disengagement.
    40% of Australian school students recognise themselves as disengaged, resulting in an estimated cost of $411 000 to society over their lifetime.
    “Schools should enrich student’s lives, leaving them inspired.”
  • Different views of what it means to have a job.
    The average 15 year old will have 17 jobs and five careers in their lifetime.
    30% of Australians are now in ‘flexible work’, that include multiple jobs, using a mixture of skills and capabilities.
  • The emphasis for employers is not as much on the knowledge that graduates possess, but the skills they have to act on this content.
    Top 10 skills of future workers include: communication skills, problem solving, adaptability and agility, collaboration, relationship building, resilience, creativity and innovation, decision-making, leadership and empathy.
Looking into the future is always an interesting activity and this conference provided many opportunities for this process to occur. The education of students will always be a vigorously debated subject and this conference provided some thought provoking insights. I left the conference feeling optimistic about the challenges and future direction of education in Australia, but also excited about what is happening now and what can be implemented in the future in the Middle School of Holy Trinity Lutheran College.

Science Week
This week the college has celebrated National Science Week. There have been a number of activities held during class and lunch times, a combined Year 7 and 8 pipe-building challenge and a STEM Family Night was held on Wednesday evening for all Holy Trinity families. This night was coordinated by Mrs Engert with the assistance of her Year 9/10 Science elective students. All activities and events were well received and I would like to thank Mrs Engert and the science department for the way they promoted the exciting field of science in a relevant, informative and fun way.

Ballarat Careers Expo
A reminder for all Year 9 students who nominated to attend the Ballarat Careers Expo next Monday 19 August that the bus will leave immediately after school and will return at approximately 11pm. Students are to wear full school uniform and bring their own snacks, water and money for an evening meal.

Middle School MVP: Luca Geue

Mr Jason Przibilla, Head of Middle School
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Important dates: Senior School
  • Year 10 Fed Uni/ Ballarat Careers Expo excursion⁠—Monday 19 August
  • Hong Kong parent information evening⁠—Tuesday 20 August
  • VCAL Information Evening (Year 11 2020)⁠—Wednesday 21 August
  • Subject Selection forms due (Year 11 2020)⁠—Friday 23 August
  • Hong Kong cultural immersion experience⁠—Thursday 12 September to Monday 23 September
Important dates: Year 12
  • Holiday trial examsMonday 30 September to Friday 4 October
  • Year 12 last day of school (plus Year 12 breakfast and final chapel)Tuesday 22 October
  • VCE English examWednesday 30 October
  • Year 12 Graduation DinnerFriday 22 November
STEM Work Experience for Young Women
At the end of last term, a small group of our Year 10 students participated in Work Experience at Deakin University participating in STEM and Engineering programs. The students found the programs a valuable learning experience whilst also assisting them in the planning of their future pathways.
Lauren Matheson and Rouxle Le Roux enjoyed the STEM Work Experience for Young Women.
Year 9 VCE acceleration
Thank you to all the students who have demonstrated a commitment to their studies by submitting applications to commence a VCE subject as part of their Year 10 course. It is pleasing to see that we have so many students passionate about their learning and excited about the pathways ahead. Applications will now be processed and students will be notified of the outcome next week.

Year 9 Morrisby career assessment
Next week, Year 9 students will be completing the Morrisby career assessment profile. The information gained from the profile will help to guide students as they begin to think about possible Senior School and career pathways.

Year 10 subject selection
The Senior Centre was a hive of activity yesterday as students in Years 9 and 10 embraced the chance to attend subject conferences with current VCE teachers to ensure they have a thorough knowledge of the content and expectations of the VCE subjects they have chosen to undertake next year. For Year 9 students it was an opportunity to confirm the subject they have selected for Early Start and for Year 10 students it was a more comprehensive process as they begin to plan the commencement of a full VCE load in Year 11.
Year 10 Subject Selection forms should be returned to the College no later than Friday 23 August.
Year 10 Careers Excursion

Year 10 Ballarat visit
Next Monday, Year 10 students will be travelling to Ballarat to visit Federation University and the Ballarat TAFE campus. In the evening they will be attending the Ballarat Careers Expo. During the day we will tour the university campus, visit a number of the university faculties and the student residences. The Careers Expo will offer students access to around 200 exhibitors and all major universities.

VTAC applications
On Wednesday night, Year 12 parents and students attended an informative VTAC (Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre) briefing conducted by Celeste Cameron of Good News Lutheran College Werribee. During the session, information regarding the VTAC application process, essential requirements and admission criteria, SEAS applications, categories and supporting evidence, offers and the ATAR was presented. On Thursday morning, students commenced their VTAC application process. They must ensure that this is completed and submitted along with payment of $39 by 30 September.
Students requesting SEAS letters of support from the college should make these requests by next Friday 23 August.

VCAL Information Evening 7pm Wednesday 21 August
An information session will be held next Wednesday evening for parents and students in Year 10 or 11 who are interested in commencing a VCAL course in 2020.
Mrs Sally Kuchel, Head of Senior School
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Junior School Sport

Today the Yr 5/6 Volleyball team played in the Little Desert Volleyball competition here at HTLC, results and pictures will be published in next week's newsletter.

A reminder that we are still looking for parent helpers for the Little Desert Athletics day on September 12. If you are able to help out please contact Mr James Withey or Mrs Tarn McDonald. We required at least 2-3 parent helpers for the day.

Years 3 to 6 students have had the opportunity to sign up for the T20 Blast Cricket teams. Students will be notified of a selection day for these teams at a later date. If you missed putting your name down, please see Mr Withey.

Footy Colours Day is fast approaching! It will be held on Friday 6 September and will includes a lunch of hot pies. Lunch orders were sent home earlier this week, thanks go out to our Senior VCAL students who are organising this. Our Year 6 students have been working hard in their PE classes building up their coaching skills in preparation for the day. Further information will be coming out from the VCAL students about the requirements for the day so stay tuned.

If students still have representative uniforms could they please be returned as soon as possible.
Mrs Tarn McDonald, Junior School Sport Coordinator

Secondary Sport

Mallee is turning up the heat on the rest of the houses in the Super Sport Cup, claiming victory in the second event this week. It was fantastic to watch the students participating in the volleyball tournament, and congratulations to Mallee for opening up a commanding lead at the top of the inter-house standings. With Wimmera upsetting Lowan in the semi final, the current standings are as follows:
  • Mallee 18 points
  • Lowan 6 points
  • Wimmera 6 points.
There are three events to go in the 2019 Super Sport Cup, and students are encouraged to volunteer and participate for their house in the events that remain.

Please note that there have been some date changes for Black Ranges Division sports in the coming weeks. The Year 8 Basketball competition has been moved to Tuesday, September 10 and the Year 7 and 8 Volleyball has been moved to Thursday, September 12.
Congratulations to Henry Kinsman who today placed 2nd in the individual time trial while representing HTLC at the Victorian Interschool Cycling Series (VICS). Henry will be competing in the Road and MTB stages of VICS over the next couple of months, we wish him all the best!
Mr Matthew McLoughlin, Secondary PE/Sport Teacher
HTLC Newsletter elements_community
In this edition of SchoolTV: Positive Parenting
Despite the best efforts of parents around the world, the reality is, there is no such thing as the ‘perfect parent’. However, arming yourself with the right information is a good start!
Research shows that one of the most important protective factors in the lives of young people, is a close relationship with a supportive adult. With the mental health of today’s young people being at an all-time low, it is simply not enough to parent effectively. Parents need to familiarise themselves with practical skills, knowledge and strategies when it comes to raising children.

Many parents today are over-protective, resulting in children being less independent, unable to problem-solve or self-regulate. Parents are failing to set clear boundaries, which unfortunately is making kids feeling less secure. There is too much pressure on kids today. Parents fill their days with too many activities in an effort to avoid their child’s boredom.

In this edition of SchoolTV, parents will learn what is the best approach for primary and secondary school-aged children. Please take time to reflect on the information offered in this edition of SchoolTV. If you have any concerns about your child, please contact a member of the school wellbeing team (Anne Penny, Pastor Gus or Jarryd Noller) for further information.
Term 3 canteen roster
22 August: Christine Puls
29 August: Penny Penfold
5 September: Mellita Sachse
12 September: Vanessa Kerberling
19 September: Ange Carter

School Mobile Dental Service
Consent forms for the School Mobile Dental Service have been sent home with all students. They need to be returned to the junior office no later than Tuesday 20th August.
No change for lunch orders
Please ensure that from next week the correct amount of money is sent in with lunch orders as change is no longer able to be provided by Laneway Cafe. This will enable them to become more efficient and effective in delivering lunch orders to our college.
Parental as anything
Join one of Australia’s favourite parenting authors and educators Maggie Dent on Parental As Anything, to get tips and answers to your real-world parenting dilemmas. Maggie talks to parenting experts from around the world to find practical solutions to the challenges every parent is facing today.

She’ll help you be the parent you really want to be and give you ideas on how you can raise healthy boys and girls who thrive.
Listen for free from the ABC listen app, Apple Podcasts or your favourite podcast app or visit:
facebook youtube website email 
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