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Welcome back to Term 4.

A reminder to families that the change over from winter uniform to summer uniform occurs this term. If cold weather persists, however, students may continue to wear winter uniform until 1 November. For those students who are currently wearing the old uniform, and would like to dispose of it through the college, a wheelie bin for recycling of the items will be located in both reception areas of the college. Can I please ask that all clothing items are first laundered prior to dropping it in these recycling bins.

I look forward to returning to school on Monday 14 October.
Mr Daniel Weller, College Principal
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Getting into Term Four
Welcome back to Term Four! Hope you are refreshed and ready for the challenges before us as we work together to complete another academic year.

The fact that it is Term Four does not mean that we are in a winding down phase and can take it easy. There are many important tasks for us all during this term. Exams and assessment procedures, completion of programs, camps, transition into next year, swimming and the regular day to day activities that are part of School life.

It is when we all do our bit that we make things good for us and good for everyone. God encourages us in our life and work. ‘Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfector of faith’ (Hebrews 12:1-2)
God does more than encourage us in life and work. He promises his presence with us in it! His call is for us to ‘fix our eyes on Jesus’. So how are we to do that? By reading, listening to and heeding God’s Word, which points us to Jesus. By choosing our company carefully, so that we can keep walking in God’s ways and not be led astray. By joyfully and lovingly obeying our leaders and giving our best in every task.

Blessings for your Term. With God’s presence and help, make it a good one – for yourself and for others. In this way you will honour and please God.

Father God, we thank you for times of rest after busy times in our life and work. Thank you also, that after our time of refreshment, we are able to get back into the routine of growth and learning here at Holy Trinity. Bless all teachers, all students and all families who are a part of our community. May we all work together for the good of all, and to your glory. Thank you Lord Jesus, for blessing us through another term. Amen.
This week we pray for:
  • Emma & Brayden Ison on their recent marriage
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church service
  • Sunday 13 October
    9am: Holy Communion
    10am: Kid's Time
    10.30am: Holy Communion
    7pm: Holy Communion
College worship service
  • Wednesday 16 October
    9am: Middle/Senior School chapel
  • Friday 18 October
    9am: Junior School chapel led by 2NH
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Welcome to Term 4! I hope you have enjoyed the two weeks of holidays and are ready for the last term of 2019.

Walk to School
For the first 4 weeks of Term 4 HTLC Junior School is participating in the Walk to School program. This initiative aims to get children to increase their physical activity by walking, riding or scooting to school. If you live too far away from school, students are encouraged to walk part of the way or to the bus stop. Now that the weather is warming up, it’s the perfect time to encourage your child to get to school in a physically active way.

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
The Year 4 and 5 students participated in a workshop led by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra on Tuesday afternoon. They were able to see and hear instruments close up in a fun interactive workshop to spark their imagination. These students will also be attending the MSO performance at the Town Hall on 6 November.

Nathan ‘Dubsy’ Want – Guest Speaker
On Wednesday students in Year 5 and 6 attended a presentation by Nathan ‘Dubsy’ Want, focusing on the opportunities and risks associated with social media use. Nathan also presented to the parent community on the digital avalanche, and it was fantastic to see so many of our parent community show their interest in this current issue which is affecting adolescents all over the world. Dubsy’s take home message for the students was to remember ‘What happens in the virtual world affects the real world’. I encourage parents to talk to your children about Nathan’s message and how it is relevant to them.

This term our Chapel focus is our favourite bible stories. Please note in the school calendar there are some changes to Chapel times this term to accommodate VCE exams taking place in the MPC. There will be no Chapel tomorrow morning, due to Opening Service on Monday. Year 2NH will be leading Chapel next week with the Old Testament story of Joseph and his brothers. We encourage students to bring a small offering.
Mrs Fiona Friberg, Head of Junior School
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Important Dates: Middle School
12-18 October - Year 9 Rite Journey Camp
9 November - 2020 Year 7 Student Testing and Parent Information Session
11 - 15 November - Exam Revision week (Years 7-11)
18 - 22 November - Exam week (Years 7-11)
Monday 25 November - Report Writing Day
26 - 29 November - Year 7 and 8 Camps
2 - 6 December - Headstart Week (Years 7, 8 and 9)
9 - 13 December - Activities Week (Years 7-9)
Tuesday 10 December - Transition Day
Thursday 12 December - Closing Service

Welcome Back
Welcome back to all families of Holy Trinity Lutheran College. I trust that the holiday period has been a relaxing one for all students and they are now looking forward to the final term of the 2019 school year.

Semester 2 Examinations
End of semester examinations will be held for all students in Years 7, 8 and 9 this term. Exam revision week will be held in Week 6 of Term (Monday 11 November) with exams then being held in Week 7 (Monday 18 November). An information letter will be sent home with students, detailing the days and times that exams will be held.

Year 9 Rite Journey Camp
Next week the Year 9 students will participate in their Rite Journey Camp. This week long camp will aim to assist adolescents to make healthy decisions on how to live their lives as well as build resiliency and independence. The students will participate in a variety of high ropes activities, rock climbing, mountain biking, a 24 hour solo experience and 3-day hike along the Grampians Peaks Trail. The students will complete all activities without contact with technology including phones, iPads, radio or television. Keep an eye on the College Facebook page for updates on how the students are travelling.
Mr Jason Przibilla, Head of Middle School
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Important dates: Senior School
Year 12
Tuesday 22 October - Final school day/Big Day Out
Tuesday 22 October - Year 12 Breakfast
Tuesday 22 October - Year 12 Final Chapel
Wednesday 30 October - VCE External English exam
Friday 22 November - Year 12 Graduation Dinner (students and parents)

Years 10 & 11
Friday 18 October - Year 11 Deakin University excursion
Wednesday 23 October - Last day of VET
Monday 1 November - Fri 15 Nov - Exam revision week
Tuesday 5 November - Melbourne Cup Day (student free day)
Monday 18 November - Friday 22 Nov – Year 7 – 11 exams
Monday 25 November - Report Writing Day (student free day)
Monday 26 November - Friday 6 Dec - Head Start Program Years 10 & 11
Friday 6 December – last day of classes Year 10 & 11

**VCAL students in Year 10 and Year 11 continue classes on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays until Friday 6 December. No classes will run for these students on Wednesdays when VET finishes. Structured Work Placements may continue on Thursdays at the discretion of the employer and as arranged with parents. The school should be notified of these arrangements.
Holy Trinity Lutheran College Careers website
Our College careers website can be accessed by all parents and students. The site contains important information about Senior School, post school options and Workplace Learning. VET, VCAL, VTAC, past exam papers and a wealth of information related to Senior Schooling are available. Information is updated regularly so this is a valuable resource for senior students.

VTAC CourseSearch
Course Search is a comprehensive online search tool for Year 12 students to access when reviewing their preferences.
VTAC CourseSearch:
  • provides extensive information about universities, TAFEs, and independent tertiary colleges
  • lists all essential requirements and admission criteria including prerequisites
  • contains advanced search options include filtering by institution, area of interest, and qualification level
  • CourseSearch is available at vtac.edu.au and in the free VTAC app
Summer uniform
Students are permitted to wear their summer uniform from the beginning of Term 4 with the first few weeks a transitionary period to allow for seasonal change and the renewal of uniform items.
Sports uniform should be worn on designated days and with white, College socks. The College uniform shop is open at the following times during the term:
  • Tuesday 9.00 – 4.00pm
  • Friday 9.00 – 2.00pm
Hats are required to be worn by all students when outdoors during Term 4.

VCE exam timetable
The VCE exam timetable can be accessed from the following link.
Mrs Sally Kuchel, Head of Senior School
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Junior School Sport

First week back at school and we have already seen so much happen in terms of Junior Sport!

Golf Clinic
The Yr 5 and 6’s have participated in a Golf clinic with the Regional State Development Officer - Tony Collier from Golf Australia. There is a competition on Monday 21 October. This will be held at the Horsham Golf Club from 9:30 - 1:30pm and all equipment will be provided. A group of 10 or so students from Yr 6 will be selected after they complete their Golf Clinic with Tony on Friday 11 October to represent HTLC at this event. It is expected that about 80 - 100 kids from 9 schools will be attending. Students will receive a note about details in the coming weeks. We thank Tony for his organisation and running of this clinic.

Greater Western Athletics
Today we saw our Greater Western Athletics team compete in Ballarat. Results and pictures will be published in next week's newsletter. But a huge congratulations to all students who participated and thank you to staff - Jarryd Noller and Jacqui North for attending with our team.

Hoop Time Basketball Training
The senior Boys Hoop Time Basketball team will continue to have trainings on Tuesday lunchtimes in preparation for their up and coming competition in Hamilton on 12 November. We would ike to thank Kerry Pearce for her dedication in training our team. Reminder for team members to bring their drink bottles and sports shoes to trainings.

T20 Blast Cricket
Yr 5 and 6 students will be representing HTLC at the T20 Blast cricket competition on 15 October. We are sending 3 boys teams and 1 girls team. Teams are being finalised and notes will home early next week. If there are any parents interested in helping on the day, please contact the college.

Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2 Swimming Program
A reminder that the Swimming programs for all Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2 students will commence next week. These sessions will be held at the Horsham Aquatic Centre and will run for 8 weeks starting in week 2 of Term 4. If you didn’t receive a permission letter please see your class teacher for one. Please ensure that you have your child's swimming attire, shoes and dressing gown or jumper to wear, to and from the YMCA packed in a bag ready.

Mondays : Year 1CR (RB), 1EH, 2MB and 1KR
Fridays: Foundation NL, MS, LS and Year 2NH
Please see below for your child’s class swimming time:
Class swimming time
Dates for the Term 4 Swimming Program:
Term 4 Swimming program
A reminder that if your child is not participating in this program that a note to your classroom teacher is required. Thank you to those families who have already returned this information.
Mrs Tarn McDonald, Junior School Sport Coordinator

Secondary School Report

Over the first weekend of the holidays, nearly 40 students from HTLC battled wind, rain and 200 other vehicles at the grand finale of the Australian HPV Super Series in Murray Bridge, South Australia. After a year of hard work and challenging racing, the national championships would be decided with a non-stop 24-hour endurance challenges at the Sturt Reserve riverfront circuit.

Between our five vehicles, after 24 hours of racing, we had covered a distance of 3459.33 kilometres – the distance between Perth and Melbourne (and then some more). Some students individually clocked up almost 200 kilometres in their rides over the course of the weekend.

Although we are yet to secure a race win at Murray Bridge, 2019 saw our best ever results as a team at this event:
Tempest: 3rd in Category S2 (64 vehicles); 38th Overall (207 vehicles); 462 laps (790.02 km)
Firestorm: 18th in Category S3 (34 vehicles); 71st Overall; 416 laps (711.36 km)
Avalanche: 3rd in Category S2F (8 vehicles); 77th Overall 410 laps (701.1 km)
Thunder: 4th in Category S1 (50 vehicles); 88th Overall 397 laps (678.87 km)
Hurricane: 2nd in Category S1F (4 vehicles); 135th Overall; 338 laps (577.98 km)

We also achieved our best ever series results this year after our consistent performances in the three races we entered:
Firestorm: 12th in Category S3
Thunder: 4th in Category S1
Tempest: 3rd in Category S2
Hurricane: 1st in Category S1F (National Champions)
Avalanche: 1st in Category S2F (National Champions)

To see highlights from the weekend, view the video from the weekend created by Nathan Rokebrand, a Year 10 student, at the HTR YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrEj7tEexj8

Events like this aren’t possible without the support of the HTLC Community. Thank you to the staff, students and parent volunteers who gave up their time to supervise, set up, pack up, prepare vehicles, marshall and cook over the course of the weekend, as well as over the course of the season. Thank you also to our major sponsor BayWa r.e. who have assisted us financially this year, as well as to our vehicle manufacturer GTrikes who assist with maintenance and vehicle preparation.
S1 Girls Champs
S2 Girls Champs
All in
15 – Black Ranges Year 7 & 8 Tennis
18 – State Track and Field
22 – Greater Western Year 7 & 8 Volleyball
24 – Black Ranges Intermediate Hockey
28 – Black Ranges Year 7 & 8 T20 Blast (Cricket)

11 – Black Ranges Intermediate T20 Blast (Cricket)

14 Feb – HTLC Swimming Carnival
23 Mar – HTLC Secondary Athletics Carnival
21 Apr – HTLC Whole School Cross Country
Mr Matthew McLoughlin, Secondary PE/Sport Teacher
HTLC Newsletter elements_community
In this edition of SchoolTV: Exam Jitters
Every year, more and more emphasis is placed on achieving good results in exams causing many students to feel extraordinary pressure and having unrealistic expectations. This month on SchoolTV, parents will find advice on how to help students cope with the pressure and how students can work smarter to achieve the results they desire.

We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this edition of SchoolTV and we always welcome your feedback. If you have any concerns about your child, please contact a member of the College wellbeing team (Anne, Jarryd or Pastor Gus) for further information.

Term 4 canteen roster
17 October: Leanne Lindorff
24 October: Zeena Kelm
31 October: Emily Smith
7 November: Jacky Polack
Healthy options for the canteen
As part of our learning about healthy eating, the Year 6’s have decided to provide the opportunity for all Junior School students to increase the amount of fruit and vegetables they eat each day.
This project involves providing one fun, new and healthy food option to be purchased at the canteen every week throughout Term 4.
In each newsletter this term, we will advise the food item for sale for the following week as well as the cost (as this will change each week). Please note that only a limited supply of these will be available.
We thank the parents, PTFA and students for their support with this project as we aim to raise awareness of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

WEEK 2 – Thursday 17 October 2019
$2 per cup
Fruit Cup image
Scholastic Bookclub
Bookclub brochures (Issue #7) have been distributed. All orders should be returned to school by Wednesday, 23 October. Cheques should be made payable to ‘Scholastic Australia’. Credit card payments may also be made using the online system, the LOOP. By indicating ‘gift’ on your online order, the books will be kept at school for you to pick up if you don’t want your child to see your purchase. For more information please contact Jaci Gabbé, Library Assistant.
Walk to school image
Welcome back to term 4 and Walk to School month.

This year, as part of Walk to School, Horsham Rural City Council and Wimmera Health Care Group have organised for Active Paths to be installed leading from the school. The Active Paths initiative makes use of brightly coloured footpath decals as a means of engaging students and encouraging active travel.

Any increase in active travel has benefits including:
  • Time to walk and talk as a family
  • Time to walk and talk with friends
  • Less traffic congestion around the school which also means a reduction in fuel costs, noise and pollution
  • Physical activity improves bone, muscle and joint strength
  • Improved learning- children who walk, scoot or ride to school are able to focus better in class
  • Active children are healthier later in life.
walk to school footpath image
Try for 5 2019
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