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Greetings to all members of our Holy Trinity Lutheran College community.

This week our senior students have commenced their VCE exams. While this is a nervous time for many, I would like to commend students on their dedication and enthusiasm while preparing for each examination. I encourage them to keep up the good work and wish them all the best in completing their exams over the coming weeks.

A reminder to families that this coming Tuesday 5 November is a student free day due to the Melbourne Cup. Monday 4 November is still a school day with normal lessons running.

The funeral for Emma Wallace, Garry's daughter, will be held next Friday 8 November in Albury. I ask that you keep Garry, Patsy, Kathryn and family members in your prayers during this time. We also pray for Ms Sue Starbuck who has taken time this term to look after her health.

Over the coming weeks I will be making announcements regarding additional teaching staff for next year. It has been pleasing to see the calibre of teachers apply for positions at our college and I look forward to announcing their appointments shortly. Due to our continued growth, employment opportunities still exist in a number of areas and I encourage members of our community to share these with people who they may feel are suitable.

Wishing you a joy filled week.
Mr Daniel Weller, College Principal
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Remember your beginnings
Last Tuesday the Year 12 students had their last day at school. The day began with breakfast together, followed by chapel, which was led by them. While it was something of a closing service for them, there is more to come.

There have also been some other ‘finishing school’ activities, something of a going down memory lane. One of these included a visit to the Sunnyside Lutheran Retirement Village to play Bingo with the residents. A reminder of what they used to do as Junior School students. Another was a visit through the Junior School, just to have a look at how things have changed. A reminder also of their roots, where they have come from and what their foundational years at school looked like.

We are proud of the Year 12 students. They have grown into wonderful young men and women, ready to make a difference in the world. There is so much for them to look forward to. As we continue at Holy Trinity and as they leave us to move forward into a new chapter in their lives, may we all together remember the wisdom of God’s Word and of those who have taught us.

This is the encouragement of Proverbs 4:10-13:
‘Listen, my child, accept what I say, and the years of your life will be many. I will guide you in the way of wisdom and lead you along straight paths. When you walk, your steps will not be hampered; when you run, you will not stumble. Hold on to instruction, do not let it go; guard it well, for it is your life’.

We thank you Father, for the Year 12 students and all students at Holy Trinity. Our college is all about preparing young lives for life in the world today. Please be with the Year 12 students, give them clear minds as they prepare for exams and other finishing school activities. Give them joy and peace as they look forward to their futures, knowing that in Jesus, you are their constant companion and friend. Help them to turn to you in all their needs, and always return to you in a spirit of thankfulness and gratitude for your blessing along the way. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Amen.
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church service
  • Sunday 3 November
    9am: Same God Different Service with Holy Communion
    10am: Kids' Time
    10.30am: Holy Communion
    7pm: Holy Communion
College worship service
  • Thursday 7 November
    9am: Junior School chapel led by FMS (in the MPC)
    9am: Middle/Senior School chapel (on the Middle School deck)
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Transition program
On Tuesday morning we welcomed next years' Foundation students and their families to our school community. It was a delight to meet and engage with the children. Next year’s Foundation students visited in two groups, the first of four visits they will do before the end of the year. We read The Five Little Ducks together, sang the action song and completed a craft activity. This is part of our revised transition program and it was lovely to hear the positive comments from both families and staff. We are looking forward to our second Story Time session on Wednesday 12 November. Parents of our new students, please remember to use the door near the college garden to access the library on this day. Thank you.
Bible Society visit
On Thursday, David from the Bible Society attended HTLC for his annual visit. This year, the Bible Society are focusing their work on China, where the average time people wait to receive a Bible is 10 years! David spoke to each class from Year 1–6, and I encourage parents to ask students about what they learnt. We give thanks for the work the Bible Society do to bring God’s word to people around the world.

Assembly next week
Due to VCE exams being held in the MPC, there will be no Junior School assembly on Monday next week.

Chapel this week was led by Year 3CD on Thursday afternoon. They shared the story of God rescuing his people from Egypt based on Exodus 12. Next week chapel will be held on Thursday at 9am in the MPC. It will be led by FMS, who will share the story of Noah’s Ark. Students are encouraged to bring a small offering, which the SRC will use to purchase gifts for local families in need this Christmas. We hope you can join us for worship.

Congratulations to this week's award winners!

FNL: Evie Kalms FMS: Lachie Holmes FLS: Maeja Ruwoldt 1CR: Max Both, Allira Steicke 1EH: Jack Arnell, Kobe Hallam, Fletcher Penhall 1KR: Luella Burke 2MB: Alexis Bartlett, Jemma Hoffmann 2NH: Lincoln Fisher, Fleur Fletcher, Roxie Knoop, Ava Watson 3AD: Charlie Hedt, Josh Kalms, Amy Kerr 3CD: Lj Kafegellis, Sam Nurse, Jana van Heerden 3JK: 3JK class 4EH: Toby Uebergang 4JM: Zoe B 5AG: Nash McKenzie 5DT: Kurt Fletcher, Jack McAuliffe 6CT: Thomas Daniell, Kyren Parish 6JN: James Pfitzner, Tom Urquhart Chinese: Annabelle Heal, Charlie Hopper, Maya Przibilla, Ethan Rudolph, Sophie Schwarz, Stephanie Wundke Digital Technology: Jacob Rudolph Performing Arts: Indi Finn, FMS class

Jing Bear Award: Adelyn Penny

Penny, Adelyn
Mrs Fiona Friberg, Head of Junior School
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Important Dates: Middle School
11–15 November: Exam revision week (Years 7–11)
18–22 November: Exam week (Years 7–11)
25 November: Report Writing Day
26–29 November: Year 7 and 8 Camps
2–6 December: HeadStart Week (Years 7, 8 and 9)
9–13 December: Activities Week (Years 7 to 9)
10 December: Transition Day

2020 book lists and stationery order forms
2020 book lists and stationery order forms will be distributed to students in Years 7, 8 and 9 in the coming week. All information on how to order books and stationery for next year’s classes will be included in the instructions located on the front of these lists. If parents are unsure of how to proceed with ordering, they are encouraged to contact the college. A reminder that Head Start English book lists, which have already been distributed to students, are also due to be returned to the school.

Year 7 and 8 camps
Information has now been sent out to all students in Years 7 and 8 about their upcoming camps. Camps are a great opportunity for students to form stronger bonds with classmates and create lasting memories, as well as develop new skills and knowledge which can’t be gained from a classroom environment. The Year 7 camp to Cape Bridgewater is a great opportunity for students to celebrate the end of their first year of Middle School with an action packed week full of surfing, sand-duning, abseiling, caving, mountain biking, speed boat seal touring, beach games and more. The Year 8 camp offers students an Outdoor Ed experience where they learn valuable skills such as cooking in trangias, setting up tents, bushwalking and packing hiking packs. Skills that are then utilised on the Year 9 Rite Journey Camp. Students also participate in activities such as stand-up paddle boarding and sea-kayaking around the picturesque Cape Otways region. Parents are encouraged to return all consent, medical and code of conduct forms by Thursday 7 November.

Information letters about upcoming examinations were sent home with students today. Included in this letter is the timetable for examinations. Parents are asked to keep this in mind when making appointments during Week 7 of this term.
Mr Jason Przibilla, Head of Middle School
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Important dates: Senior School
Year 12
Friday 22 November: Year 12 Graduation Dinner (students and parents)

Years 10 & 11
Monday 11 to Friday 15 November: Exam revision week
Monday 18 to Friday 22 November: Year 7 to 11 exams
Monday 25 November: Report Writing Day (student free day)
Monday 26 to Friday 6 December: Head Start Program Years 10 & 11
Friday 6 December: Last day of classes Year 10 & 11

**VCAL students in Year 10 and Year 11 continue classes on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays until Friday 6 December. No classes will run for these students on Wednesdays when VET finishes. Structured Work Placements may continue on Thursdays at the discretion of the employer and as arranged with parents. The school should be notified of these arrangements.

VET news
VET classes have now drawn to a close for the year for our first and second year students. Congratulations to those students who have achieved the required competency in the units they studied. Year 10 VET students should now be in attendance at school each Wednesday. Year 11 and 12 students are not required.

VET induction day
This week, students who are planning to undertake a VET course next year attended Induction Day. The day, which is held on the delivery site, is an introductory session for students and while a considerable amount of paper work needed to be completed, the students all enjoyed their first day of VET and are looking forward to commencing their chosen courses next year.
VCAL students in Years 10 and 11 are required in class on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. Classes will continue throughout exams and Head Start week. Year 12 students are expected to attend until all outcomes have been completed.

Year 12 external VCE exams
This week our Year 12 students have completed their English, Psychology, Biology and Further Maths exams. It has been pleasing to see the commitment of many of the students who are spending considerable time at school attending tutorial sessions and preparing for their exams. We continue to wish them well for the coming weeks.

Senior School exams
Senior School exam revision week is from Tuesday 11 November to Friday 15 November. Regular school attendance is vital during this time as work from throughout the semester will be reviewed and understandings consolidated. Exam week commences on Monday 18 November and runs for two weeks, finishing on Friday 22 November.

Book lists
English book lists are due today. Orders will be placed early next week. Ordering early will ensure students have access to their novels over the holidays in preparation for the new school year.
VCE exam timetable
The VCE exam timetable can be accessed from the following link.
Mrs Sally Kuchel, Head of Senior School
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Junior School Sport

Yr 5/6 students are preparing for the Primary Schools Volleyball Cup to be held in Melbourne on 22 November. We have had Tim Popple, the regional development officer for Volleyball Victoria, teaching volleyball skills to the students over the past few weeks and he has started to select one boys and one girls team to represent HTLC. Once teams are finalised a note will come home about the details for the day.

Up and coming events are the Regional Golf Tournament on 11 November. We wish Annabelle Heal, Thomas Urquhart and Darcy Both all the best for this. The Regional Hoop Time competition is coming up in Hamilton on Tuesday 12 November, our 'All Stars' Boys Team representing HTLC. We wish Micah Livingstone, Levi Munyard, Zane Munyard, Kyren Parish, Aiden Richardson, Max Bunworth, James Pfitzner and Zac van Buuren all the best for this competition.
Mrs Tarn McDonald, Junior School Sport Coordinator
HTLC Newsletter elements_community
The PTFA is on the lookout for a 2020 Field Days Coordinator!
The PTFA do great work in organising social and school events to bring our college community together and raise funds to support our students. Events this year have raised over $13,000!

Planning is underway for next year's Wimmera Machinery Field Days and the PTFA are seeking a coordinator. If you're super organised, like being part of a team and would love to help raise funds to support our students, the PTFA would love to hear from you! A sub-committee will be formed to make sure you have plenty of support plus the outgoing coordinator will be happy to provide assistance if required.

For more information about what the coordinator does and how you can help out, please contact Carmen Dridan (PTFA Vice-President and outgoing WMFD Coordinator) or Kerri Nichols (PTFA President) by emailing ptfa@htlc.vic.edu.au.
Office Position at Holy Trinity Church Office (15 hours per week)
Applications are being sought for a part time position in the Church Office for 15 hours per week. A job description is available at the Church Office.
For further information please contact Pastor Gus, Pastor Geoff or Peter Cramer (0428 107 973 ).
Applications close 6 December 2019.

Assembly and chapel next week.
Due to VCE exams being held in the MPC, Junior School assembly will not be held on Monday. Junior School chapel will be held at 9am on Thursday morning in the MPC. Middle/Senior School chapel will be held on Thursday at 9am on the deck outside the music room.
The PTFA AGM will be held on Monday 18 November at 7.30pm in the Middle School Cafe with refreshments and snacks provided. During the AGM, all positions will be declared vacant and everyone is encouraged to nominate for a position for the opportunity to contribute to the important role that the PTFA plays in our college community.

The AGM will be followed by a general meeting, run by the newly elected executive.

If you wish to nominate, please return the nomination form (on the documents section of our app) by Thursday 14 November.

Term 4 canteen roster
7 November: Jacky Polack
14 November: Andrea Cameron
21 November: Chrissie Holmes
28 November: Jodie Kemp
5 December: Cheree Dempster
Healthy options for the canteen
Over the past few weeks, the Year 6s have been providing opportunities for all Junior School students to increase the amount of fruit and vegetables they eat each and every day.

They have enjoyed providing one fun, new and healthy food item at the canteen every week and will continue this throughout Term 4. It is wonderful to see the students enjoying such healthy food options and appreciate the feedback given to them by our college community.

In every newsletter, we will advise the food item for sale for the upcoming week as well as the cost (as this will change every week). Please note that only a limited supply of these will be available.

We thank the PTFA, parents and students for the support on this project as we aim to raise awareness about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Week 5 Thursday 07/11/19
Ingredients: carrot, cucumber, celery, chick peas, tahini, garlic, lemon juice, salt
Walk to school image
Congratulations to all that have been participating in Walk to School 2019 and finding ways to increase your physical activity! Friday 1 November 1 sees the official end to Walk to School for this year but please don’t let that stop you from continuing to be active. Important points to remember are:
  • Part way is OK.
  • The fewer 'drop offs' at the front gate means less traffic congestion and increased safety for those walking, riding or scooting.
  • Students who walk, ride or scoot to school are able to concentrate better.
  • Increased activity improves health.
  • Allowing children to increase their independence also improves their confidence and resilience.
  • Small increases in physical activity are OK, they all add up.
  • If life gets in the way some days, don’t stress just try again tomorrow.
And finally, think beyond school drop offs:
  • Remember these points when dropping off at sports practice, dancing or other activities.
  • It is important for adults to model this behaviour. Perhaps when shopping park the car once and walk to each shop you need to visit.
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