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Wakakirri 2017 was truly an amazing success for our Junior School students who received many awards and accolades.

Wakakirri is an Australian national Story-Dance festival for both primary and secondary students and it invites students to theatrically tell a story using a combination of dancing, acting and creative movement to pre-recorded music. Schools can tell any story and use any combination of dance, creative movement, acting, music, props, costumes and sets. Wakakirri is a word from the Aboriginal Wangaaypuwan people meaning “to dance a story”.

This year our Junior School students received awards for:

  • Excellent Group Acting
Excellent Staging
  • Well-Rehearsed Performance
Excellent Ensemble
  • Creative Use of the Signature Item
Best Teamwork
Most Creative Reuse of Materials for Sets and Props
Best Original Story Award.

Congratulations to those in our school community who supported the students who worked so hard to create such a powerful story. We also acknowledge the wonderful support from the Horsham Arts Council and the local cinema for supplying us with sets and props. Thanks also to the Tayler family for inspiring us to tell their story. What an amazing act of love and generosity that has impacted so many. Keep saying yes to loving others, follow your dreams and remember it’s the little things that make a difference.

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