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Congratulations to all of our student leaders for 2020! We wish them all the best as they fulfil their leadership positions this year.

College Captains
Elisha Barry and Dyson Parish
Vice Captains: Jemma Nagorcka and Jason Reichelt

Middle School Captains
Zoa Mock and Wil Tippet
Vice Captains: Leah Eilola and Henry Kinsman

Junior School Captains
Gemma Freijah and Cadel Hawken
Vice Captains: Zara Adams and Harrison Daniell

Middle School Ambassadors
Aiden North, Jacob Rudolph, Jaya Meadows, Annabelle Heal

Secondary House Captains
Lowan: Tahlia Dufty and Jason Reichelt
Mallee: Jemma Nagorcka and Dyson Parish
Wimmera: Elisha Barry and Cooper Walter

Junior School House Captains
Lowan: Asha Fiedler, Indira Hogan, Levi Munyard, Jed Pohlner,
Mallee: Ava Camilleri, Milla Carter, August Koch, Lenix Nelson
Wimmera: Eva Drendel, Jack Hicks, Ruby McAuliffe, Jack McAuliffe,

At Holy Trinity, students are provided with pathways for students to grow and develop their leadership skills, and embody the college’s values of achievement, creativity, respect, responsibility, diversity and acceptance. But students don’t need to have a badge on their chest to be a leader. All students are encouraged to lead by example, where service to others, teamwork, taking initiative and developing responsibility is emphasised.

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