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From Monday 19 July, we will recommence our remote learning platform for students, with very limited exemptions for on-site learning to take place. Onsite learning will only be available for the vulnerable, and for those children of essential workers who can't work from home. If you haven't already, please make sure you register your child to attend if you need them to. Families who have indicated that they will need to send their child to school will be contacted via email over the weekend with details on the protocol and procedures for the school day. Further information will be provided next week if there are any changes to the length of the lockdown and its impact on remote learning.
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Do you know what your spirit truly needs?
by Kimberley Pfeiffer
I baptise you with water, but he who is mightier than I is coming … He will baptise you with the Holy Spirit and with fire. (Luke 3:16, read Luke 3:7–20)

I have always found John the Baptist to be a peculiar character in the Bible. His role as a forerunner to Christ, his off-beat style, unusual diet, and abrupt manner with people, rebuking people by calling them a ‘brood of vipers’. But for his every oddity, he draws me in. I don’t doubt that his peculiarities had a way of making his message stand out.

He brought a baptism of repentance, stirring people’s spirit so that they were ready to receive Christ. Part of that included reminding people to seek contentment. He urged people to consider the greed in their hearts and not strive after what does not belong to them. It was likely that this message upset King Herod and landed John in prison. For King Herod had another man’s wife, and he had no intention of returning her.

Asking people to seek contentment can be tough for many in our church and in the world today. It seems the world has commodified so much in our lives that it is as though there is a proverbial social media thread that exists to brand and sell back to us all the images of the life that we think we want. It is filled with people and things that all appear to be exactly what we want, but perhaps it is just a little too good to be true. Christians are humans, too, and can be drawn in by the messages of the world. We know deep down that striving after worldly ideals won’t satisfy but will only make us hungry for more.

So, what does repentance have to do with Jesus? As we wake up and realise that there are things that have a hold on us and begin to turn away from them, we realise we don’t really know what we want or need. Repentance creates room for us to shift our focus from the things of the world to something else. That something else is God, and we find God in the person of Jesus Christ.
Finally, it is essential to remember that John the Baptist’s message didn’t end with repentance. He always pointed to the one mightier than he, Christ our Saviour and Lord, in whom we have everything we need now and for eternity.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for sending John the Baptist to show us that repentance prepares the way for Christ to enter our hearts. Fill us with all that we need in Christ Jesus. Amen.
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Welcome to Term 3! We pray that you have enjoyed the time spent with family and friends, and found opportunities to escape the cold winter weather! We would like to warmly welcome new students and their families to our college: Azahlia Bruenjes (2S), Jesse Arthur (3L), Vivaan Sharma (3K) and Mathena Chan (5D). We pray God’s richest blessings to these new members of the HTLC community.

Remote learning
As you would be aware, the Premier announced yesterday that due to the continual spread of COVID-19 we have moved into a 5 day lockdown starting at 11.59pm last night. Today has been a student free day, with remote learning commencing on Monday 19 July 2021. At this point in time, the Victorian government continues to ask that if a student can learn at home during the remote learning period, then they must stay at home. On-site supervision will be provided for children of essential workers and vulnerable children. Parents are asked to register their child’s attendance only on days required using this google form distributed by our administration. We thank parents for your support and ask you to contact your child’s teacher at any stage during the lockdown period if you require any assistance.

Greater Western Cross Country
Yesterday 6 Junior School students competed in the Greater Western Cross Country in Warrnambool. Our students did an amazing job, running against tough competition in muddy conditions and I congratulate them for their achievement.

Year 5 camp
It is with sadness that the Year 5 camp next week will be cancelled. We are committed to providing safe and educational experiences through our camp program, and are aware that the Year 5 cohort were not able to enjoy a camping experience in 2020. We will endeavour to provide alternative experiences for students either later in Term 3 or during Term 4. The Year 5 teachers and I will be discussing and investigating options in the coming days and communicate opportunities with you as soon as possible.

Tuesday morning our college community joined together for opening service to begin our new term. Next week Year 1I will be leading chapel with a focus on telling the truth, based on Ephesians 4:15. We encourage students to bring a small offering.
Mrs Fiona Friberg, Head of Junior School
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Remote learning
Students in the Middle School will be remote learning from Monday 19 July with all students expected to attend virtual Home Room at 9am. An email from me was sent to all Middle School families on Thursday afternoon, outlining the important details parents and students will need to know in order to effectively manage the remote learning week. For many students, remote learning offers an opportunity for them to take greater ownership over their learning and they thrive in this learning environment. For others, it can be a struggle to independently manage time and subject commitments. I encourage families to be in contact with the college if you have any concerns over your child’s learning over the course of next week. We look forward to welcoming everyone back on-site next Wednesday 21July.

Parent/teacher interviews
It was fantastic to see a number of parents take the opportunity to meet with teachers to discuss the Semester 1 report during scheduled interviews this week. I trust that these conversations were constructive and have helped to build a platform for progress moving forward into this semester. The lines of communication between home and school are always open and I encourage families to get in touch with the college if they have any questions or queries (especially moving into remote learning this coming week).

Excursions/events and camps
With Victoria moving into lockdown this week, a host of restrictions were automatically placed on students moving around the state and country. Whilst the current restrictions do not allow for movement, events of the past 18 months show that circumstances can change rapidly. As a result, the college will continue to plan for events in the hope that these can go ahead. This week, students and parents received information notes about the upcoming Pedal Prix event in Tailem Bend, and the Year 8 overnight Melbourne excursion planned for August 12 and 13. Whilst every effort will be made to ensure these events proceed as planned, the safety of staff and students will be the number one priority. All decisions regarding student participation will be made in line with Government regulations and advice and Holy Trinity’s Pandemic Management Plan.
Mr Jason Przibilla, Head of Middle School
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Senior School
We welcomed our students back to the beginning of a very busy but once again exciting term of activities and learning earlier this week. Each term we look forward to developing and implementing programs that will both engage and inspire our Senior School students. Over the break we have seen further progress on the Senior School site, with the final addition of furniture to our new buildings. We are excited to be able to finally open our new Science room, classroom, stadium and Performance Centre, for student use.

Virtual Subject Selection
This week, students in Years 9 and 10 have had the opportunity to explore and learn more about VCE subjects they are considering for 2022. Subject conferences with VCE teachers have allowed students to ask questions they may have, and collect course outlines which provide more comprehensive information about each subject. Year 10 students have each been provided with a personal information pack in which to collate their course information and guides. We thank the Year 9 Visual Communication Design Elective students for the great designs they have printed onto each bag. Families are invited to view the videos that have been forwarded and to make contact with teachers to discuss personal selection options if required. Subject Selection forms for Year 9 students applying to accelerate into a VCE subject in Year 10 are due next Friday 23 July. Year 10 students are also required to submit selections for their VCE course at this time.

Parents were offered an opportunity to meet with staff this week following the completion of Semester 1 course work. This is a valuable time in the year for reflection on priorities and commitment to study for many of our senior students, particularly those commencing VCE Unit 2 studies. As always, we strongly encourage students to engage in this process with their parents.

Try VET Day
For those students considering the possibility of undertaking a VET Course in 2022, information was sent home last term, regarding Try VET Day which will be held on Thursday August 5. The day provides an opportunity for students to experience two courses they may be considering, throughout the day. All forms should now be returned, to be eligible for placement in a program. Formal enrolment in VET courses for those selecting that pathway, will take place later in Term 3.

VCE Important dates
  • GAT: Thursday 29 July
  • VCE written exams (English): Wednesday 27 October, 9am–12:15pm
  • VCE Trial Exams (HTLC campus): Monday 27 September to Friday 1 October
Mrs Sally Kuchel, Head of Senior School
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Junior Sport

Greater Western Netball
The Greater Western Netball team will be training on the following days. Week2 on Thursday lunchtime in the MPC and Week 3 on Monday and Tuesday lunchtimes. Please ensure you bring appropriate footwear and clothing on these days. A note has also been sent home regarding the carpooling to Ballarat for this event. Please return the Private Vehicle form as soon as possible.

Thanks to Mrs Liston and Mrs Harding for conducting meetings and trials for our Hockey team We had a selection trial scheduled for Friday (today) but in light of the lockdown this will be rescheduled so we can select our team. The team will be competing in Dimboola on Friday 30 July.
During the school holidays, we had two HTLC students compete in the Equestrian events down in Melbourne. Day one of equestrian interschools challenge saw placings for both Emily Rudolph and Lizzie Holmes.

Emily placed 4th in the prep-2 handy mount, placed 2nd leading her pony in the show horse section, 3rd show hack and 5th in her rider for 3rd overall show pony (led) section. The highlight of the competition for Emily was when she won her section of the novelties. Lizzie placed 3rd in the 45cm two phase showjumping and came 15th out of 27 in the preliminary primary dressage and 16th in the grade 4-6 handy mount class. In the novelties, Lizzie was 13th in her age section, she also competed in the 45cm showjumping one phase and managed 7th for 5th overall primary 45cm showjumping.

Congratulations to both girls on what was a successful event for HTLC. Thank you to parents for transporting and supporting the girls.
Greater Western Cross Country
After many postponements, the Greater Western Cross Country event finally went ahead in Warrnambool yesterday. Well done to Kirrily Dandy, Adelyn Penny, Toby Uebergang, Charlie Hedt and Austin McLellan. A big congratulations for making it to this level of competition. With late changes to the course due to the recent rains it still made for a very muddy and boggy track. You all ran excellent times and should be proud of yourselves. A big thank you to parents for transporting students to and from the event.
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Girls AFL
This event was scheduled for today. The games on Wednesday next week have also been postponed. We will pass on new dates when they become available.
Tarn McDonald
Mrs Tarn McDonald, Junior Sport Coordinator

Secondary Sport

After a nice holiday break, HTLC was straight back into sport during Week 1. HTLC had 19 students who progressed through the Black Ranges Divisional Cross Country stage in Murtoa during Term 2, who advanced through to compete on Thursday in Warrnambool at the Greater Western Championships.

In atrocious weather down along the south coast, the students ventured through a wet, mud-filled course spanning 3km and 5km respectively. Racing against the strongest athletes across Western Victoria, HTLC had a few standout competitors for the day.

Congratulations to Jordan Friberg who finished 6th in his division, meaning he will progress to the State Championships in Yarra Glen in early August. Special mentions to Chloe Haughton, who narrowly missed progressing through to the State Championships by a handful of seconds, and Jude Borlase for placing 16th.

Well done to all students who battled through the difficult conditions!
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jesse kuchel
Mr Jesse Kuchel, Head of Sport and Coaching
Wellbeing news-01
A SPECIAL REPORT: Covid Fatigue & Youth Mental Health
The physical impact of the pandemic has mostly spared our young people, however as the nation remains to be on alert and in various stages of lockdown, restrictions continue to be mandated. The pandemic has had a great affect on our young people with many paying a heavy emotional and developmental price. Psychological disorders are on the rise and emergency interventions have skyrocketed.
Unlike the coronavirus itself, the emotional blowback of the pandemic cannot be vaccinated away. Psychologists are seeing more depression and anxiety across all age groups, but in adolescents it seems to be on steroids, with some choosing to self-medicate using alcohol or other drugs. When they look into the future now, they’re looking at one that wasn’t what they envisioned before.
This report explains the current state of youth mental health in a post-COVID era and offers guidance on how best to support young people today. We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this Special Report, and as always, we welcome your feedback. If you do have any concerns about the wellbeing of your child, please contact the College Wellbeing Team for further information or seek medical or professional help.
Making Separation, Divorce, and Co-Parenting Work for Your Family
No one enters a relationship and has children expecting it to end badly. Sometimes, however, the fairy tale doesn't last. Hearts are broken. Lives are changed. What is well known but rarely spoken, however, is the fear that separation and divorce can be damaging to children. It's hard to "put the children first" when there is so much pain in partners and children, so many competing agendas from within the family and outside of it, and so much of life feels hard and scary for everyone involved.

When a relationship ends, does it have to signal the beginning of damage for children? Are there things parents can do to separate, divorce, and co-parent successfully? What steps and strategies can parents take to overcome their strong feelings of hurt, betrayal, and pain, and genuinely work together to do the best for their children?

Join Dr Justin Coulson for this special webinar conversation with Dr Vanessa Lapointe, a successful survivor and thriver following her own separation and divorce, as they discuss the big questions every couple in crisis considers.

HTLC have partnered with Happy Families to offer College families a FREE premium membership! To sign up for the Happy Families resource you can go here: members.happyfamilies.com.au/holytrinity.
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