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Warm greetings to all in our community. As we come to the end of the first week of our staggered return to onsite learning I would like to acknowledge the joy and excitement that was felt by many in our community. I must admit that during the past few days it has been wonderful to see our learning spaces across all sub schools come to life with both student and staff connection and collaboration taking place. In the months ahead I welcome the opportunity for students, staff and families to further come together as restrictions ease across the state, and we look to finish the year strong.

On Tuesday the college will farewell our Year 12 students as they complete their classes prior to final examinations and assessment tasks. This is an exciting time for our senior students and I wish them all the best as they prepare for their final weeks of secondary education. I encourage all in our community to include these students in your prayers.

With the upcoming deadline of mandatory vaccinations for anyone wishing to work onsite on Monday 18 October, I acknowledge that this directive has posed some difficulty for a few. Like many schools, our college will not be immune to the staffing issues that have been created by this mandate but I assure our community that our mission of providing quality Christian education and care still remains. As we navigate the complexities of the departure of several staff over the coming weeks I ask for the support of families as the logistics of this complex situation are being finalised. Families will be contacted via email if any changes are to be made to the staffing of any particular class. This information will be provided well in advance of when all students will conclude remote learning and return to onsite learning on Tuesday 26 October. Thank you for your patience and understanding at this time. Wishing you a blessed week.
Mr Daniel Weller, College Principal
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Inspiring generosity
By Pastor Stephen Abraham
Since I was young, I have been like a father to the orphans. I have not let anyone die for lack of clothes or let a needy person go without a coat. (Job 31:18,19)

Have you ever witnessed generosity that inspired you? Some years back, my family and I went on a day tour across to Mexico from San Diego, California. Our guide knew lots of the local flavour, and although a US citizen, he had a love for the people of Mexico. We requested not to do traditional tourist trap things but meet local people and get a taste of what life was like south of the border. One thing that instantly became apparent was that our guide was generous to the poor. He would give to every beggar. He was generous to every street vendor. As we waited to cross the border, a young man came selling Spanish doughnuts. Our guide overpaid by 200 per cent. He explained later that the young man was doing this every day to pay for his education. On our trip home, I asked him about his generosity. He said, ‘I have been given so much in this life. These people have been given so little. I see it as my responsibility to help them as much as I can’.

As I read about Job’s generosity and care for the poor and in need, I am reminded of our tour guide and his generous heart. Job’s example of generosity flows in all avenues: to those who work for him in his household (verse 31) to widows without support (verse 16) to orphans (verses 17 and 21), and the poor in general. Back in Job’s day, there was no Lutheran Care, Lutheran World Service or government social security. It was up to God’s people to provide for those in need, according to the Torah. Read Deuteronomy 15:1–11. Maybe we don’t see ‘beggars on the street’ where we live, but that doesn’t mean we can’t reflect the grace and generosity that God has given us or reflect that back in our dealings with our workers, those we meet who are doing it tough, or by giving to our care organisations. We don’t do this to win brownie points to get to heaven; we do this because we are going to heaven!

So, my sisters and brothers, as Hebrews 10:24 says, ‘Let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds’. Let us shine the light of our salvation and show the world God’s heart for those in need by being generous with our time, talents and possessions.

Almighty God, giver of all good things, we thank you for your eternal generosity to us. Spur us on to give to those in need. Holy Spirit, guide us in our giving. We offer to you our organisations that work tirelessly to give and guide those in need. Thank you for all your blessings to us each day. Amen.
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Staggered return to school
It has been wonderful to have all students back, albeit on specific days, this week. Next week we will have students attending on the same days as this week. Please note the following details for the week ahead and beyond:
  • Foundation to Year 2 will be onsite each day.
  • Year 3 and 4 will be attending onsite on Tuesday and Wednesday. They will continue learning remotely on Monday, Thursday and Friday.
  • Year 5 and 6 will be attending onsite on Thursday and Friday. They will continue remote learning on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Revised specialist timetable.
  • Monday 25 October Foundation to Year 2 students will be onsite, Year 3-6 will be learning remotely.
  • All students will return to face to face learning on Tuesday 26 October (Week 4).
  • Our first Assembly for Term 4 will be Monday 1 November at 9.05 via Google Meet. This will also be our Book Week Dress Up Day.
Face masks
As communicated earlier this week, it is now a requirement for students in Year 3 and above to wear face masks when they are inside at school. Students from 12 years old are required to wear face masks both inside and outside. Masks are also highly recommended for students in Foundation to Year 2. Please continue to contact our College Nurse (courtney.mcdonald@htlc.vic.edu.au) if your child has an exemption. Thank you.

Welcome Foundation 2022 students!
On Tuesday morning our Foundation students and their families participated in their first Story Time session, delivered remotely. Our newest students had received a welcome and learning pack in preparation for the session in the mail. Miss Lienert had prepared videos welcoming them to HTLC, reading the story of 10 Little Monkeys and showing them how to complete a craft activity based on the book. Thank you to all of our families who sent in beautiful pictures of your ‘school work’!

Year 2S led us in worship this morning, with a recorded service reminding us on how prayer helps us to grow closer to God. The Bible reading was 1 John 5:14. We were reminded that we can pray for ourselves and also for other people.
Mrs Fiona Friberg, Head of Junior School
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Student return
This week we welcomed back Year 7, 8 and 9 students to the Middle School. After a period of time away remote learning, it was inspiring to see the school come to life with students interacting and engaging with each other. To help with the transition back to school, the Year Level Coordinators prepared a morning of ice-breaker and team-building activities, and some refreshments for the students to enjoy whilst they spent time reacquainting themselves with each other. There was certainly a renewed energy within the school as the students settled back into face-to-face learning and it is something which I continue to pray will become normal routine once again.

Student remote learning experiences
Recently I was reading an article which was describing the wide range of experiences that students felt during their time remote learning.

'Some students who struggled in class thrived, submitted their work on time and to a good quality. Others really missed the collaboration in class and the bouncing ideas off of others. Some loved the unstructured day and being home with families, and yet others struggled with the home environment and relationships became strained.'

As I was reading these reflections, I could certainly resonate with the multitude of experiences that students felt whilst learning remotely. A question was asked of the Year 9 students as part of their ice-breaker activity, which did they prefer, remote learning or face to face learning? The results were close to a 50/50 split (albeit some of the students choosing remote learning as their preferred option may have had an ulterior motive!). The challenge for us as educators and parents is to continue to look for ways in which we can bring the positive elements of a remote learning classroom into the face-to-face schooling experience, as we know many students thrived and excelled in this environment. The world has changed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and it will be the responsibility of schools and homes to navigate these changes to meet the needs of the young people in our care.

A reminder that students have until the 1 November to transition from winter to summer uniform. After this date, all students will be expected to wear their summer uniform only. As it is now Term 4, all students are required to wear hats when outside.
Term 4 key dates
19 and 20 October: Years 8 and 9 students learning on-site
26 October: Years 8 and 9 students return to on-site learning
1519 November (Week 7): Exam Week
22 November: Report Writing Day (Student Free Day)
23–26 November: Year 7 Camp
29 November–3 December (Week 9): Headstart Week
6–9 December (Week 10): Activities Week
9 December: Last day for Middle School students and secondary closing service
Mr Jason Przibilla, Head of Middle School
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Year 12 breakfast
Next Friday morning, Year 12 students will enjoy a breakfast prepared for them by staff and students, prior to departing from the college to spend a day together reflecting on relationships that have been established during their years of schooling at Holy Trinity and the exciting pathways and opportunities that lay ahead.

Year 12 farewell chapel
Following breakfast, a recording of their final chapel, led by the Year 12 students with the assistance of Mr Polack, will be viewed by all classes throughout the school. This will also be made available to parents at this time.

College Captains
All students have the capacity and ability to develop their leadership skills and each is a leader in some way, regardless of their ability to stand in front and share their vision. Leadership is nurtured throughout the college and our Captains assume an important responsibility in their roles. They are ambassadors who support the values of the college and play an active role in all aspects of the community, working with those around them to achieve positive outcomes. Our College Captain positions for 2022 will be opening shortly and students are encouraged to consider the gifts they have to bring to such a position.

VCAL attendance
Students seeking to leave school prior to the conclusion of programs should apply in writing to the Principal for an exemption. The Education Act requires young people under the age of 17 to be in full-time employment or education or a combination of employment and training.

Independent Schools Victoria – The Parents Website
How to thrive and survive in tests and exams: Leading clinical psychologist Andrew Fuller provides strategies for students to cope with exam anxiety and perform at their best.
Senior School important dates
Tuesday 19 October: Final day for Year 12 students
Wednesday 27 October, 9am–12:15pm: VCE English exam
Monday 8–Friday 12 November: Exam revision week
Monday 15–Friday 19 November: Exam Week
Monday 22 November: Report Writing Day
Tuesday 23 November–Thursday 2 December: Head Start Week
Friday 3 December: Final day of school for Year 10 and 11 students
Elevate Education Time Management Techniques Webinar
Elevate Education is hosting a free webinar series for parents and guardians on assisting students in the final stretch before exams in 2021.
Elevate is a global education organisation that helps over 1 million students to improve their study skills and boost academic performance. You can learn more about them at https://au.elevateeducation.com or follow them at https://www.facebook.com/ElevateEd/.
Mrs Sally Kuchel, Head of Senior School
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Junior Sport

Foundation to Year 3 swimming lessons
We are currently waiting for a reply from the YMCA as to how we can possibly still get our swimming lesson program up and running. Unfortunately the current restrictions at the YMCA in terms of density limits are making it difficult. Once we have worked through this, further information will be communicated home.

Representative uniforms
Please remember to return your representative sports uniforms, washed, either to the front office or if you are at school please place them in the grey basket in the MPC foyer. We need all uniforms to be returned so that an inventory can be completed.

HCPSSA Badminton
Unfortunately the HCPSSA Badminton tournament has been cancelled for Term 4. It is getting very hard to reschedule events when we are still under interschool sport restrictions.
Term 4 sport dates
  • HCPSSA Badminton: Cancelled
  • HCPSSA Cricket: Scheduled for 20 October, to be confirmed
  • HCPSSA Golf: Scheduled for 26 October, to be confirmed
  • F–3 Swimming Program: Scheduled to begin Monday 1 November, to be confirmed
  • Year 3 /4 (5 November) and Year 5/6 (18 November) Basketball Hoop Time Competition: To be confirmed
Tarn McDonald
Mrs Tarn McDonald, Junior Sport Coordinator
Wellbeing news-01
Why We Yell At Our Kids... And How To Break Free
It's a familiar story. You've asked politely. You've asked again. You've patiently waited. You've even made a threat. But now, you're yelling at your child: "If you don't do what I asked you to do RIGHT NOW, I'll... I'll... I'll", and then we threaten an uncomfortable consequence to coerce our children into listening to our requests and complying with our demands. What's going on with your children? Can't they hear us? Are they actually ignoring us? How do we get our children to listen?

In this practical webinar with Dr Justin Coulson, you'll learn:
  • The 5 reasons your child isn't listening to you despite your repeated requests
  • How our children train us to repeat ourselves - and yell... and why
  • Strategies for getting the kids to pick up their mess, put their plates in the sink, leave the park without tantrums, and hang their towels - all without you yelling
  • 10 pro-tips and listening hacks that will LITERALLY change your life
If you want to break free of the screaming spiral and really get your kids to listen - this webinar is the game-changer. It's for parents of children aged 2 to 22. HTLC have partnered with Happy Families to offer college families a FREE premium membership! To sign up for the Happy Families resource you can go to members.happyfamilies.com.au/holytrinity.
In this edition of SchoolTV: School refusal
School refusal, sometimes called school avoidance or school phobia, is not uncommon. It is different to ‘wagging’ or truancy and is often related to worry or anxiety-related issues about going to school. School refusal may start gradually or happen suddenly. Although it is normal for a child to occasionally miss a day of school, parents should only be concerned if a child regularly complains about feeling sick or often asks to stay home due to minor physical complaints.

School refusal is a complex issue as there is rarely a single cause. It affects children of all ages across primary and secondary levels. It can often occur during times of transition at school. More recently, the Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the educational experience of all students, affecting some more than others. Dealing with a school refusal child can affect the whole family, adding pressure to an already challenging time. School refusal is not considered a formal psychiatric diagnosis. It’s a name given to an emotional and/or behavioural problem.

In this edition of SchoolTV, adult carers will learn how best to approach this issue and work towards a solution. We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this Special Report, and as always, we welcome your feedback. If you do have any concerns about the wellbeing of your child, please contact the school for further information or seek medical or professional help.
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Lunch orders
Due to unforeseen circumstances with our lunch order supplier, unfortunately lunch orders will no longer be available for the reminder of the year. We will communicate early next year when lunch orders resume.
Bookclub brochures (Issue #7) have been distributed. All orders should be placed by Monday, 18 October. Cheques should be made payable to ‘Scholastic Australia’. Credit card payments may also be made using the online system, the LOOP. By indicating ‘gift’ on your online order, the books will be kept at school for you to pick up if you do not want your child to see your purchase. For more information, please contact Jaci Gabbé Library Assistant.
Art Club for Kids, Teens and Online
Art Club is about exploring, discovering and connecting young artists via 6 weekly sessions, held after school. Participants in Art Club will explore a variety of art techniques/ideas and is strongly linked to the current exhibitions in the Gallery.

Art Club schedule:
  • Tuesday October 19 to November 23 for Kids (7–11 years) cost $72
  • Wednesday October 20 to November 24 for Teens (12–16 years) cost $72
  • Online sessions:
    Monday October 18 to November for Kids (10–14 years) cost $42 (purchase own materials from a list of supplies)
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