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Greetings to all members of our college community. With the further easing of COVID-19 restrictions occurring from 6pm tonight, the requirements of our daily operations will also be changing. Yesterday I emailed families with details pertaining to visitors on site. Please get in touch with me, the relevant Head of Sub school or Main Reception if you have any queries. As the college continues to work to quickly adjust to what is expected we will be in touch with families highlighting specific changes that will impact our daily lives at school. As we look forward to the further easing of restrictions over the coming weeks I give thanks for your support and patience as we finish another school year.

With busy weeks ahead, I would like to take this opportunity to highlight several calendar reminders that I ask families to keep in mind for the coming weeks.
  • Students have until 1 November to transition from winter uniform into summer uniform.
  • The Melbourne Cup holiday is this coming Tuesday 2 November, with school continuing for the remaining days of the week. Our college buses, along with the town and country buses, will also continue as normal on these days.
  • School photos (Foundation to Year 6) will be taken on Monday 8 November. Additional details and reminders will be provided to families via email and the college app. As photos are portraits, we will be using ID photos of secondary students that were taken earlier in the year, with students who were absent on that day being given the opportunity to get a photo on Monday 8 November.
  • Our final student free day for the year is scheduled for Monday 22 November. This day is our planned report writing day for staff and provides valued time for teachers to collate feedback and report on student outcomes.
Finally, it is with joy that I announce that last week Mrs Aletha Gulvin gave birth to her first child, Lorenzo Robert Gulvin. Congratulations to Alethea and Chris, and I wish them God’s richest blessing as they settle into parenthood.
Mr Daniel Weller, College Principal
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Made whole
By Pastor Jim Strelan
Great crowds came to him, bringing the lame, the blind, the crippled, the mute and many others, and laid them at his feet; and he healed them. (Matthew 15:30)

Can you imagine the scene? Perhaps Jesus sitting on a rock on the mountainside and the crowds bringing to him ‘the lame, the blind, the crippled, the mute and many others’. Expectations. Anticipation. And Jesus heals them. Lives changed forever. Imagine the wonder as things happened that they never thought would happen. Imagine the joy, both for those who were healed and for those who had brought them to Jesus. Amazing.
We’ve seen in the past few days of devotional readings how Jesus brought sight to the blind. Today’s reading shows us that he healed many others. That’s what God promised the Messiah would do and what Jesus was doing. God’s ultimate desire, acted out in Jesus, is that this broken world be made whole. That you are made whole – in your body, spirit and relationships. Not just you but all of creation – made whole as God originally intended it to be.
Some of that ‘making whole’ God does directly. He still heals miraculously in ways we can’t explain. God still mends us when we are riddled with guilt and shame, and God turns our eyes to the cross. He still allows nature to take its course as he intended – for example, by returning life after devastating bushfires. Doctors, surgeons, scientists and amazing people like Fred Hollows, who brought sight to so many blind people, all do God’s work of making whole. And we wait in anticipation for that time when all things will be made new, complete and whole (Revelation 21:1–5).
Don’t let Jesus just be someone captured in the pages of a book that describes long-ago events. He is with us always, for all time. And he still wants to make you whole. Place yourself at his feet, as did those who brought their sick to Jesus on that mountainside.

Lord Jesus, make everything in me that is broken whole, and equip me to be an agent of healing to those around me. Amen.
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Book Week Dress Up Day
This coming Monday (1 November) we will be celebrating Book Week with a dress up day. We are looking forward to seeing all of your wonderful costumes!

Foundation 2022 Story Time session
On Tuesday our 2022 Foundation students engaged in their second story time activity from home, as part of our transition program. Mrs Harvey read the story Koala Lou by Mem Fox, and students created their own koala puppet, and Mrs Fletcher took our new students on a virtual tour of the library. Thank you to all of the families who sent photos into the college. We look forward to welcoming our 2022 Foundation students on site in small groups for Story Time #3 on Tuesday 9 November.

VCAL Carnival
On Friday 5 November the VCAL students are preparing a carnival for all students in the Junior School. This will be a free dress day for Junior School students. All students are asked to bring a donation for Australian Lutheran World Service. Students will have the opportunity to visit stalls and participate in activities at specific times in the day. All money raised will be used to purchase Gifts of Grace, so I encourage families to give generously.

School photos
School photos will take place on Monday 8 November. All students are required to wear their formal summer uniform.

Excursions and camps
We are very excited to be finalising plans for excursions and camps for many of our students, which are now permitted.
  • Next Thursday our Year 6 students will be going to an eco-friendly terradome home in Duchembegarra as part of their sustainable living unit.
  • On Monday 8 November our Year 5 students will enjoy a day jam packed with activities and fun at Roses Gap, given their camp could not go ahead last week. These students will get their school photos taken before they leave for the day.
  • The Year 3 camp has been confirmed and will take place from 10 to 12 November in Halls Gap.
  • Unfortunately, the Foundation to Year 2 Swimming program has had to be cancelled for this year.
We pray all students, families and parent helpers enjoy these out of school activities.

This week Year 3K led our Junior School in worship with a recorded service based on 1 John 1: 9, ‘If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.’ We also acknowledged Reformation Day which is this Sunday October 31.
Mrs Fiona Friberg, Head of Junior School
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Parent information sessions for current Year 8 families
A parent information session will be held for all current Year 8 families on Wednesday 17 November. This will be held in the Senior School Agora at 7pm with a link to the live recording to be made available for families wishing to watch from home. The session will cover developmental needs of Year 9 students, academic pathways and subject selection, curriculum outline, senior school preparation, elective choices, West Vic Sports Academy, Athlete Development Program, camps and excursions, end of year details and more.

Parent information sessions for 2022 Year 7 families
A parent information session will be held for all 2022 Year 7 families on Wednesday 10 November. This will be held in the Senior School Agora at 7pm with a link to the live recording to be made available for families wishing to watch from home. The session will cover important details which will help families prepare for a successful transition into Year 7 in 2022.

Camps update
The most recent Operations Guide has said that camps and excursions can proceed from 1 November. This is great news for our Year 7 students who have their end of year camp booked in at Cape Bridgewater from 23–26 November. Information will be sent home to families next week with all camp details. Unfortunately for our Year 9 students, after rescheduling the camp three times and each time having to postpone due to Covid restrictions, it appears that we will find it difficult to fit the camp into both Tandara’s and HTLC’s busy end of year schedule.

Examinations are scheduled for Week 7 of this term. Due to the extended run of remote learning, some subject teachers have decided not to set an end of semester examination, whilst others have decided to modify the exam and set a topic test instead. Students will be notified of what assessment they will be required to complete so they can adequately prepare.

ICAS competitions
The ICAS Mathematics Competition will be held on Wednesday 3 November at 9am. The ICAS Science Competition will be held on Wednesday 10 November at 10am.
Term 4 key dates
1519 November (Week 7): Exam Week
22 November: Report Writing Day (Student Free Day)
23–26 November: Year 7 Camp
29 November–3 December (Week 9): Head Start Week
6–9 December (Week 10): Activities Week
9 December: Last day for Middle School students and secondary closing service
Mr Jason Przibilla, Head of Middle School
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Good luck to our Year 12 students
We wish our Year 12 students well as they either complete VCAL units or commence external VCE examinations. With the recent lifting of restrictions, we have commenced planning a Graduation worship service and celebratory dinner at the Town Hall on Friday 12 November to both formally acknowledge achievements, and the conclusion of secondary education. Further details and information will be forwarded to parents shortly.

Study preparation – Year 11
Year 11 students have been provided with several days to assist in their preparation for Unit 3 & 4 exams. These additional days are to support students in managing the continuation of their Year 11 subjects whilst preparing adequately for an external exam. Staff have also provided class time for students to independently study. It is important that students maximise these times and use them effectively.

Finishing dates for courses will vary this year due to the disruption to classes during the year and lack of opportunity to undertake practical assessments. Students will be informed by their VET instructors of tasks remaining for assessment and anticipated completion dates.

Permission to leave college grounds during the day
Students needing to depart from the college campus during the day to attend appointments, may do so when permission is provided to College Administration by parents. In this situation students are required to sign out on departure and in again when they return.

The Parents Website: Year 12 exam anxiety: 4 ways to help your child.
As Year 12 students head into final exams after another tough year, Einmear Quigley provides strategies for parents to help their student manage anxiety.
Senior School important dates
Monday 8–Friday 12 November: Exam revision week
Monday 15–Friday 19 November: Exam Week
Monday 22 November: Report Writing Day
Tuesday 23 November–Thursday 2 December: Head Start Week
Friday 3 December: Final day of school for Year 10 and 11 students
Elevate Education Time Management Techniques Webinar
Elevate Education is hosting a free webinar series for parents and guardians on assisting students in the final stretch before exams in 2021.
Elevate is a global education organisation that helps over 1 million students to improve their study skills and boost academic performance. You can learn more about them at https://au.elevateeducation.com or follow them at https://www.facebook.com/ElevateEd/.
Youth Reference Group Flyer_Page_1
Youth Reference Group Flyer_Page_2
Mrs Sally Kuchel, Head of Senior School
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Junior Sport

Hoop Time Year 3/4 teams
Basketball Victoria has given us the chance to enter more students into the Year 3/4 Hoop time competition. With the lack of school sports this year it is important to give as many students as possible the chance to participate when they can. We are now entering two boys and two girls teams. Congratulations to the following students who were selected.
  • Boys team #1: Lenny Carter, Jack Urquhart, Cooper Inkster, Arkie Mackley, Zander Johnston, Zac O'Connor, Milton Ellis, Jed Fergusson
  • Boys team #2: Zack Pickering, Jack Arnel, Chayse Burns, Bryce McDonald, Vincent Brennan, Jessie Arthur, Vivaan Sharma, Nixon Broadbear
  • Girls team #1: Poppy White, Zoe Wilson, Greta Smith, Jemma Hoffman, Luella Burke, Malaya Wilmore, Roxie Knoop, Taylah Streeter
  • Girls team #2: Lauren Rudolph, Matisse Hose, Lydika Boyd, Penny Eagle, Ameika Engert, Audrey Jochinke, Alyssa Stewart, Eleanor Bouma
This event will be held next Friday 5 November at the Horsham Basketball Stadium. Unfortunately, at this stage, due to COVID restrictions there will be no spectators. If this changes, the school will notify families. We are looking for parent helpers, who are fully vaccinated, to assist with coaching and scoring. If you are able to assist please contact me via email tarn.mcdonald@htlc.vic.edu.au.
Permission notes were sent home yesterday and are due back next Wednesday. Students will have training on Monday lunchtime in the MPC. They will receive their representative uniform on this day.
Results will be announced the following week.

Foundation to Year 3 Swimming
Due to Covid government restrictions the YMCA are experiencing staffing issues and are unable to accommodate school swimming programs, therefore our F-3 program won't be running this year.

SSV Virtual Track and Field competition
School Sport Victoria (SSV) are running a virtual Track and field competition. Get more information on the competition and how to enter.

School Sport Victoria Student Leadership program
School Sport Victoria (SSV) is on the hunt for students to join SSV's inaugural Student Leaders Group. The aim of the Student Leaders Program will be to provide feedback and advice to School Sport Victoria to help guide and shape the future of school sport. SSV will select a group of up to 20 students ranging years 5 to 12, with students of all backgrounds, abilities, genders, and schools encouraged to apply. Applications close on 8 November 2021. Get more information about the program and information on how to apply.
Term 4 sport dates
  • Year 3 /4 Hoop Time: 5 November
  • Year 5/6 Hoop Time: 18 November (To be confirmed)
  • F–3 Swimming Program: CANCELLED
Tarn McDonald
Mrs Tarn McDonald, Junior Sport Coordinator
Wellbeing news-01
Supporting your child through the ups and downs of friendship!
Do you often find yourself at a loss for advice when your children come to you with their friendship issues? Don’t worry, you’re not alone and we’re here to help. URSTRONG provides simple but meaningful language and skills to open up a dialogue with your kids. To help parents manage the home-schooling requirement of the global pandemic URSTRONG made its membership free for life!
  • Watch our 8-session Language of Friendship video series with your child to learn lingo and strategies to foster healthy friendships.
  • With a growing library of over 100 resources, parents and carers can choose from videos, activities, worksheets, and art projects all year long.
  • Let us do the teaching for you with our URSTRONG Classroom! Our self-guided videos and live online workshops are designed for your child to learn independently.
  • To join for free go to https://urstrong.com/parents/
In this edition of SchoolTV: School transitions
Whether it is starting school for the first time, moving up to a higher grade or embarking on a journey through secondary school, there is no doubt that any school transition is a very exciting time for children and parents. It means your children are growing up!

However, transitioning is an ongoing process. It can continue long after students have entered their new environment and may encounter difficulties at a number of different stages. These stressors may appear as anxiety and frustration and result in negative or disruptive behaviours. Such behaviours can become problematic making the transitioning process even more difficult for children and parents.

In this edition of SchoolTV, parents will learn practical strategies to assist your child during the transition process and reduce stress and anxiety levels. We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this edition of SchoolTV and we always welcome your feedback. If you have any concerns about your child, please contact the College Wellbeing Team for further information or seek medical or professional help.
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School photos
We are excited to confirm that school photos have been rescheduled to Monday 8 November. Photos can be ordered online at the Leading Image website, using access key BY4F3NRZ. If you have previously ordered photos this year, your order will be carried over to this date.
Bus fares
Students who travel on town buses to and from school (buses 15,16 and 21) are reminded to please ensure they have either a valid ticket or money to buy a ticket onboard. Fares are:
  • $1.20 one way
  • $2.40 return
  • $11.20 weekly ticket (Monday to Friday).
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