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I would like to start by wishing our Year 12 students all the best as they come to the end of their examinations next week. I hope and pray that their final days are of value to them, ensuring they achieve their best. I would also like to wish our Year 7–11 students all the best as they commence exam preparations next week for their exam week commencing Monday 16 November.

School photos (Foundation to Year 6) will be taken on Monday 8 November. Details on how to order photos can be found at the bottom of the newsletter. As photos are portraits, we will be using ID photos of secondary students that were taken earlier in the year, with students who were absent on that day being given the opportunity to get a photo on Monday.

Over the past several weeks it has been wonderful to see the involvement of our upcoming Foundation students as they prepare for school through our transition program. Due to restrictions, this program has needed to include two remote learning activities, with their attendance moving to small group activities on site until the end of the year. From all reports it appears that the virtual sessions have been very well received by the children and we look forward to them visiting our school this coming Tuesday. I would like to take this opportunity to give thanks to the families, teachers and our Head of Junior School, Mrs Friberg, for their support of these future young men and women of our college. I pray that the coming weeks continue to provide joy as they prepare to commence their formalised schooling in 2022.

As we draw close to the end of another school year, I would like to wish all our students well as they conclude their educational programs and move into examinations and transition programs over the coming weeks. This year has again provided us with twists and turns, but I look forward to supporting our students to finish well while preparing them for the future. Further information regarding exams and transition programs will be provided by relevant Heads of Sub-schools over the coming weeks. Wishing you all a blessed week.
Mr Daniel Weller, College Principal
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How did God show his love for us?
By Pastor Glenn Crouch
This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us. (1 John 4:10).

Notice how much John uses the word ‘love’ in this passage. In fact, he tells us that ‘God is love’. Love is not an optional extra for us as followers of Jesus. If we have been made children of God through our baptism, we should take after our Heavenly Father. Thus, we should love. John points out here, we love because God first loved us. God sent his one and only Son to die for us – to be our Lord and Saviour. His initiative, his plan, and he did all the work – because he loves us.
Thus, when we look at ourselves, do we see this life of love that we are reading about here? I find I have a long way to go, and I need my loving, patient Father to do more work on me. I need to daily go back to my baptism, receive his forgiveness. I need the regular reminder of all that Christ has done for me: I need to hear his word, and I need to partake in his supper.
Sometimes, the evil one can take passages like this and cause you to despair – how far you are from being that loving person you should be. However, don’t forget the good news here. God first loved you and sent his Son for you – surrender all and put your trust in him, as he will do a good work in you.

Merciful Father, forgive me and soften my hard heart. Let me better see those around me as you see them. I do so desire that your love flows through me to those around me. Thank you that you first loved me and that you sent Jesus to die for my sins. Help me to be your child. Amen.
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Book Week Dress Up Day
It was wonderful to see everyone’s book character costumes and hearing the laughter of students and staff on Monday. What a great way to start our week! Thank you to everyone who helped to prepare outfits for the day.

Foundation 2022 Story Time session
We are looking forward to welcoming our 2022 Foundation students on site for the first time next Tuesday. Students will be attending with one adult carer for Story Time #3 in small groups.

Excursions and camps
We are very pleased to be providing some off campus activities for students again!
  • Yesterday our Year 6 students went on an excursion to an underground house in Duchembegarra as part of their sustainable living unit of inquiry. Students learnt about how the climate is controlled naturally, water is collected and heated by solar and fire, and electricity is generated through solar and wind in this eco-friendly home.
  • Next Monday our Year 5 students will be going to Roses Gap for an action packed day in lieu of their camp this year.
  • Our Year 3 classes will be in Halls Gap on camp from Wednesday to Friday next week.
VCAL Carnival
Thank you to everyone who sent in donations for Australian Lutheran World Service for our VCAL Carnival today.

An Aussie Adventure musical
We are currently bringing the final pieces together for our Junior School Musical, An Aussie Adventure. Given the interruptions to the school year, we will be recording the performance during Week 7 to share with families. Our Foundation to Year 2 students will be treated to a live performance on Friday 19 November. Please send costume items to school by Friday 12 November. Thank you.

This week Year 5D led our Junior School in worship with a recorded Chapel based on Luke 11:28. The focus of our service was on growing in obedience to God.
Mrs Fiona Friberg, Head of Junior School
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End of year details
As we enter the second half of the term, the structure of each week will vary slightly.
  • Week 6: Normal timetabled lessons—some time dedicated to semester revision
  • Week 7: End of semester tests to be issued, final assessment pieces collated
  • Week 8: Year 8 and 9 special program (details to come), Year 7 Camp
  • Week 9: Head Start Week (Year 7–11 students)
  • Week 10: Activities Week
More information detailing the structure of each week will be sent to parents in the near future.

Parent information sessions for 2022 Year 7 families
A parent information session will be held for all 2022 Year 7 families on Wednesday 10 November. This will be held in the Senior School Agora at 7pm, with a link to the live recording to be made available for families wishing to watch from home. The session will cover important details which will help families prepare for a successful transition into Year 7 in 2022.

The majority of Middle School teachers have decided not to set end of semester examinations due to the interruptions experienced through remote learning. A topic or semester test will be set in place of a more formal examination. A timetable is currently being developed and will be sent to parents once it is finalised.

New staff member
Welcome to Ms Mackenzie Connelly who has recently been granted Permission To Teach (PTT) as a graduate teacher. Mackenzie has joined the HTLC staff after spending her last two teaching placements at the College. Mackenzie will be working in Middle School English and Humanities classes for the remainder of the school year. Welcome Mackenzie!

School photos
School photos are scheduled for next Monday 8 November. There are approximately 70 secondary students who didn’t get their ID photo taken earlier in the year and will need to present for a photo on Monday. These students have been notified and will need to be in full summer uniform. For all other students it will be a normal school day.

ICAS competitions
The ICAS Science Competition will be held on Wednesday 10 November at 10am.
Term 4 key dates
1519 November (Week 7): Exam Week
22 November: Report Writing Day (Student Free Day)
23–26 November: Year 7 Camp
29 November–3 December (Week 9): Head Start Week
6–9 December (Week 10): Activities Week
9 December: Last day for Middle School students and secondary closing service
Mr Jason Przibilla, Head of Middle School
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Year 12 Graduation Service and Celebratory Dinner
We are extremely pleased, with the recent changes to restrictions, to be able to acknowledge the efforts and achievements of our Year 12 students with a worship service and dinner. The event will be held at the Town Hall next Friday 12 November. As our timeline for preparations is brief, Year 12 parents are asked to respond with names and contact details of their guests and special food requirements to Main Reception, no later than 4pm today.

College Captains 2021
Congratulations to those students who have submitted written applications for leadership positions in 2022. It is affirming to see the number of students within our Senior School who are willing to assume positions of additional responsibility. These students participated in interviews last week and will be presenting to the student body next week. We wish them well in their preparations as they reflect on the ways in which they value our school and community.

VCE exams
This week, students have continued with VCE external examinations as we conclude our second week. It has been pleasing to see the commitment to study shown by many of our students who are spending time in the Senior Centre. Well done also to our Year 11 students who are completing accelerated studies in addition to their Year 11 studies. Their final exam is Health and Human Development next Tuesday and VET Community Services is the following Wednesday, 17 November. After completing their exam, Year 11 students are to resume usual classes.

Senior School exams
Senior School exam revision week is from Monday 8 November to Friday 12 November. Regular school attendance is vital during this time as work from throughout the semester will be reviewed and students will have the opportunity to seek additional support prior to undertaking their exams. Exam week runs from Monday 15 November to Friday 19 November. All Year 10 and 11 students will be sitting exams during this time. Teachers will provide guidance on the content during exam revision week. The usual class timetable will continue to run around the exams.

Head Start program
Head Start for Senior School students commences on Tuesday 23 November and runs through until Thursday 2 December. During Head Start students will be provided with an outline of the content, assessment and expectations of the studies they have selected to undertake in 2022. All students are required to be in attendance this week as VCE, VCAL and Year 10 programs will be running.
Senior School important dates
Monday 8–Friday 12 November: Exam revision week
Monday 15–Friday 19 November: Exam Week
Monday 22 November: Report Writing Day
Tuesday 23 November–Thursday 2 December: Head Start Week
Friday 3 December: Final day of school for Year 10 and 11 students
Elevate Education Time Management Techniques Webinar
Elevate Education is hosting a free webinar series for parents and guardians on assisting students in the final stretch before exams in 2021.
Elevate is a global education organisation that helps over 1 million students to improve their study skills and boost academic performance. You can learn more about them at https://au.elevateeducation.com or follow them at https://www.facebook.com/ElevateEd/.
Commercial Cookery Apprenticeship (1)
Mrs Sally Kuchel, Head of Senior School
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Junior Sport

Hoop Time Year 3/4 teams
Best of luck to our Year 3 and 4 Hoop Time teams who competed today. Results will be in next week's newsletter. Thank you to all volunteers on the day.

Hoop Time Year 5/6 teams
Congratulations to the following students who will be representing HTLC in the Year 5/6 Hoop Time Basketball competition. Please note that this event will be held on Thursday 18 November, not Friday as previously stated in the permission notes.
  • Boys teams:
    Team A: Malakai van Buuren, Link Smith, Charlie Hopper, Liam Richardson, Sid Kingston, Brodie McIntosh, Harry Hicks, Rhylee Olsten, Andy Mbati, Cody Stewart
    Team B: Rory Johnston, Eli Bailey, Toby Uebergang, Riley Polack, Lachlan North, Jardy Ellis, Lj Kafegellis, Sam Nurse, Josh Kalms, Maverick Kerr
  • Girls teams:
    Team A: Lani King, Maya Przibilla, Emma Uebergang, Nellie Driller, Lucy Bunworth, Ellita Scollary, Kirrily Dandy, Zahra Ellis, Emma Streeter
    Team B: Shilani Treloar, Sienna Treloar, Hannah Heard, Amelia van Buuren, Lizzie Holmes, Charlie Rethus, Georgie Schilling, Ella Johns
SSV Virtual Track and Field competition
School Sport Victoria (SSV) are running a virtual Track and field competition. Get more information on the competition and how to enter.

School Sport Victoria Student Leadership program
School Sport Victoria (SSV) is on the hunt for students to join SSV's inaugural Student Leaders Group. The aim of the Student Leaders Program will be to provide feedback and advice to School Sport Victoria to help guide and shape the future of school sport. SSV will select a group of up to 20 students ranging years 5 to 12, with students of all backgrounds, abilities, genders, and schools encouraged to apply. Applications close on 8 November 2021. Get more information about the program and information on how to apply.
Term 4 sport dates
  • Year 5/6 Hoop Time: 18 November
Tarn McDonald
Mrs Tarn McDonald, Junior Sport Coordinator
Wellbeing news-01
Building better connections with our kids
For years, Dr Justin Coulson has reminded parents that 'just like dollars are the currency of our economy, connection is the currency of our relationships.' But what does a good connection look like? And why is connection so important for both parents and children? Plus, what are parents supposed to do if their child doesn’t want to connect… or doesn’t know how to connect? This 60-minute webinar is all about helping you rediscover the keys to connection within your family.
Happy Families has just launched a new website.

Because we're on a brand new platform, you'll need to re-register for your free Happy Families Premium School Membership through Holy Trinity's unique URL. (Note that if you are already logged into our website, this link won't work. Sign out, and click the link again.) If you have any issues, please let us know at info@happyfamilies.com.au. We're here to help.
Let's Talk Body Confident Children and Teens (FREE)
This webinar provides information and practical tips on promoting positive body image and healthy behaviours in the home for parents/carers of primary and secondary age children:
Body image influences | The importance of positive body image | The power of positive role modelling | Reducing toxic body talk | What to do if concerned

Date: Monday 22nd November 2021
Time: 7–8pm (AEDT), plus 15mins for questions
Format: Live, via Zoom (no recording)
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School photos
School photos will be held on Monday 8 November. Photos can be ordered online at the Leading Image website, using access key BY4F3NRZ. (Please note, family photo orders were required to be in by 1pm on Friday 5 November.) If you have previously ordered photos this year, your order will be carried over to this date.
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