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With a phased approach, this coming week we will welcome our Foundation, Year 1, Year 2, VCE and VCAL students back on campus. We look forward to those students returning to school. During this time it will be an expectation that when students are cleared to return to school, then those year levels must return to school. The current remote learning platform for those students will not continue when this occurs. The Victorian Government has stated that we, as a school, are not expected to continue remote learning once a year level has been instructed to return on-site. This directive will obviously be assessed differently for those students who need to stay home due to medical advice. Please contact myself or the relevant Head of Sub-School if you have any questions relating to this.

To support the college's minimisation strategy against the spread of COVID-19, parents are again reminded that until further notice they will not be permitted to enter the school grounds unless to visit one of the reception areas, or to go to the uniform shop. Parents should not accompany their child to their classroom, or wait outside of classrooms at the end of the school day. It is asked that students are to be dropped off and collected from the designated drop-off and pick up areas at the school. If a student is to be walked to the front of the school grounds with their parents, a staff member will be present to provide support from that point on. Your cooperation in this matter will be greatly appreciated.
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Finding the good things in life
In these different and challenging times, it is helpful for us to keep looking for the good things we still have in life. When we can do that, we will find out how good our God is, and how richly he is blessing us. Every day, all the time! After some cold and windy days, along with the frosty mornings, what is better than a calm day and the gentle kiss of the autumn and winter sun? Last Saturday was so good to be outdoors, doing some work in the garden. The only trouble with that is when you complete one task, you see all the others that can be tackled. After that, a long walk along the river with someone special.

We are all born into families. I know that our families are not always perfect, but they do give us so much for our journey in life. Above all, the important sense of belonging. Extending from our family is our wider circle of family and friends. The community we become part of through schooling, sport or work becomes our ‘family’ that again offers us so much and blesses us with important life lessons.

Strong and healthy bodies are such a blessing when many others have health challenges in life, that may require special care or even hospitalisation. We have clean air and water, and an abundance of good healthy foods to delight and nourish our bodies. We still have the ability to learn and grow and pursue our dreams in life, even if for now we are called on to do things differently.

Best of all, we have a God who loves us; yes, delights in us and calls us his ‘precious family’. There is no way we can escape God’s goodness and love. Who would want to anyway? Just consider God’s goodness toward you, toward the whole world! 'He who did not spare his own Son, but freely gave him up for us all—how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things?' (Romans 8:32). Keep looking for the good things in your life. When you do, you will be surprised how blessed you are!

Thank you, loving God for giving us all good things. Thank you for the gift of your dear Son, Jesus, who brings us into your family. Help us to see how good you are and how richly we are blessed. Keep us returning to you, and to others, in thankfulness for every blessing. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.
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Return to school
We are very excited to be welcoming our Foundation to Year 2 students and all staff back for on-site learning next Tuesday, following the student free day on Monday. The remote delivery of Foundation to Year 2 programs will not continue from next week. Students in Year 3 to 6 will continue their remote learning from home until 9 June. We will continue to support vulnerable families and essential workers by offering on-site schooling to students in Years 3 to 6 who require this over the next fortnight. Please ensure you have contacted the administration team if you need to register your child to attend. Please remember to send a drink bottle filled with water to school every day, as shared drinking fountains will not be in use.

Student arrival and departure from school
Please talk to your children to help prepare them to farewell parents and carers from the car or at the school entrance and walk independently to their classrooms. Parents are reminded that they are only to come into the school if they are visiting reception or the uniform shop and are not to walk students to classrooms. This is for the health of all of our school community and we thank you for your support.

Assessment and reporting
This term we will be administering a modified assessment schedule, to ensure that our students' return to school is positive and focuses on their wellbeing and reestablishment of school routines. For this reason, student portfolios will not be sent home this term. Our Semester 1 reports will be sent home on Wednesday 22 July, rather than at the end of Term 2. This is to provide time for teachers to work with students to complete assessments and prepare accurate and informative reports. We encourage you to contact your child’s teacher if you have points to discuss prior to the end of Term 2.

Return of loaned Chromebooks (Foundation to Year 2 students)
As Foundation to Year 2 students return back to school next week, can any loaned Chomebooks (plus chargers) please be returned to your child's classroom teacher during the first week back.

Students are now required to wear their winter uniform, including long pants for boys. The uniform shop is open Tuesdays from 9am to 4pm and Fridays 9am to 2pm if you need to purchase new uniform items.

We sincerely thank our parents for their support and commend students for their engagement and application over the period of Remote Learning, and look forward to welcoming our youngest students back to school Tuesday.
Mrs Fiona Friberg, Head of Junior School
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Middle School Virtual Information Evening
The choice of secondary school for Year 6 students is an important decision that should be given the necessary time and attention. With many options available in the Wimmera, it is important that families do their research in order to ensure they select the school that will best provide for the learning needs of their child.

Next Tuesday, 26 May, a Middle School Virtual Information Evening will be held for all Holy Trinity families and other interested members of the community. Throughout the night, information about the Holy Trinity Middle School will be presented, including:
  • differentiated learning
  • Genesis Accelerated Learning Program
  • curriculum
  • Middle School philosophy of teaching and learning
  • needs of the adolescent learner
  • Pastoral Care programs
  • extra-curricular opportunities
  • sporting opportunities
  • Senior School pathways and future directions
  • the enrolment process.
The night will begin at 7pm. Please register at the link below.
Genesis Accelerated Learning Program
The Genesis Accelerated Learning Program is an academic accelerated learning program in English and Mathematics for Middle and Senior School students. The program aims to provide the opportunity for students to explore complex concepts and to move through the curriculum at an accelerated rate in either, or both, of the offered subjects. The Genesis Program supports the aim to provide engaging programs for the diverse range of needs and abilities of our students. It is a challenging and exciting pathway for all students involved and, over the years, has helped many students to prepare for VCE pathways. Information on how Year 6 families can nominate for the Genesis Program will be discussed at the Information Evening on Tuesday.

Remote learning
Earlier this week, an email was sent to all Middle School parents and carers, outlining details for the return to on-site learning. The information for parents was focused on the key areas of health and hygiene, access to college campus, learning spaces and practices, school activities and assessment and reporting. All parents are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the content of this email in preparation for a return to school on the 9th June.
Whilst it is encouraging to know that a return to face to face teaching is not far away, I urge students and parents to remain engaged and motivated throughout the next two weeks of remote learning, to ensure that learning opportunities continue to be accessed and prioritised.

Mr Jason Przibilla, Head of Middle School
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Return to school
Next Tuesday 26 May, Year 10, 11 and 12 VCE and VCAL students will resume classes on site, in face to face classes. Whilst the learning environment may be somewhat altered as physical distancing and hygiene practices are implemented, it will be good to return to normal. We sincerely thank our senior school parents for their support during this period of remote learning. Our senior students have faced many additional challenges in their learning in recent weeks and have needed to be more independent and assume increased management of their learning.

Blended learning for Year 10 students
Many of our Year 10 students will commence a program of blended learning in the coming weeks, until Tuesday 9 June when all remaining students return to school. Year 10 students currently studying VCE subjects are able to attend school for those classes and may stay for the day if that is the most suitable arrangement. Some Year 10 students may now need to attend for additional days. Parents are asked to register their child’s attendance with Reception.

Important dates
Term 2:
  • Week 7, Tuesday 26 May: Year 10—12 VCE and VCAL students resume
  • Week 9, Monday 8 June: Queen’s Birthday public holiday
    Exam revision week
    Tuesday 9 June: Middle School students return to on-site learning
  • Week 10: Exams Years 10—12
    Friday, 19 June: Report writing day, student free day (Fri 19 June)
  • Week 11: Term 2 concludes at 2:20pm on the last day
Term 3
  • Week 2: Reports sent home
  • Week 3, Tuesday 28 July and Thursday 30 July: Parent/teacher interviews
Virtual Information Evening
Our Senior School Virtual Information Evening, held at 7pm on Wednesday 27 May, will offer parents and students information about the commencement of Senior School and the scope of learning experiences and pathways available throughout VCE and VCAL at Holy Trinity Lutheran College. Packs of information relevant to the evening are now available for Year 9 parents to collect from the Senior Centre Agora.
Mrs Sally Kuchel, Head of Senior School
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HTLC students and staff continued the push up challenge over the past week, and have now logged over 50,000 push ups and raised over $1,200 for headspace Horsham! Australia-wide, fundraising has passed $3.2 million dollars in support of the work that headspace does in supporting young people aged 12–25 with their health and wellbeing. Find out more information about the push up challenge, and more information about the work that headspace does. If you would like to donate to the fundraising efforts (all funds raised go directly to headspace Horsham), you can visit our staff team page, senior students team page or middle students team page.
Mr Matthew McLoughlin, Head of Sport (Secondary)
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Wellbeing assistance
The college's Wellbeing Team is available to assist parents and caregivers who are worried about the welfare of their child. This might include social, emotional and behavioural concerns. To receive assistance, please complete the attached form and a member of the Wellbeing Team will be in touch.
Positive Partnerships
Positive Partnerships have created a short video to support families on transitioning back to school.
Return to school next week
The Wellbeing Team has created a video showing the changes to our school environment. For this and other topics related to student wellbeing please check out the 'HTLC Pets' series.
SchoolTV Special Report: Coronavirus—the transition back
As lockdown restrictions are slowly being lifted to varying degrees, we enter a time of transition and adjustment. The circumstances of this situation have significantly impacted us all. For some it has been an opportunity to reflect on what is important, whilst others have embraced the opportunity to learn new things.

Many young people may be excited at the prospect of restrictions being lifted; others may feel mixed emotions. Reactions will differ depending on how well they cope with stress and change. Keeping a check on your child’s mental health and wellbeing as they adjust to new routines, will be vitally important.

There is still a lot of uncertainty ahead of us, so focusing on the things you can control or enjoy doing or even value, can help establish predictability and familiarity for the whole family. Adult carers need to provide young people with reassurance by acknowledging any concerns and fears they may have at this time. Consider this to be a normal reaction, however it may be best to focus more on their feelings and emotions, rather than the practicalities at this stage.

In this Special Report, we share a few ideas to help ease this time of transition and adjustment. We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this Special Report, and as always, we welcome your feedback.

If you do have any concerns about the wellbeing of your child, please contact a member of the Wellbeing Team (Anne Penny, Rhiannon McKinnon or Pastor Gus).
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Student uniform
Reminder that as students begin to return to school, they are required to wear Winter uniform. Read the Uniform Policy for more information on the winter uniform. If you need to purchase any uniform items, the uniform shop will reopen on Tuesday 26 May and operate the regular hours.
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