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Greetings to all in the Holy Trinity community.

As we are one week away from the end of the school term I acknowledge that we have all faced trying times over the past month. It has been worrying but, in all of the uncertainty, I must start my newsletter this week with also acknowledging the wonderful things that are still happening within our community each and every day. I applaud the efforts of those students who have continued to strive to be their best, and to those who have a support to others when they have needed it. We have a very special community at HTLC and it makes me thankful for what we have.

Despite the ever changing restrictions being placed on our lives at the moment I give thanks for the innovative learning opportunities that are continuing to be provided in our classrooms; further supporting our young men and women to challenge and extend themselves. I am particularly thankful for the involvement of staff, who not only have to carry the burden of looking after themselves and their own families, but are asked to also ensure that students at our college are safe and cared for. At this time, families are asked to continue to be supportive of our staff as the uncertainty of what will happen next is creating an elevated level of stress and anxiety for all of us.

Over the coming days the college will continue to provide support and information in different ways. Additional to the newsletter and notes sent home by the school, we will be regularly using electronic notifications to communicate with our community. All families are asked to have access to the app and our Facebook page. The college will continue to communicate across multiple platforms where appropriate and would require you to have access to all of these.

Please note that all camps, excursions and events planned up until the end of May have been cancelled. Where possible they will be rescheduled with information going to relevant families about when that may be. If this were to occur, I ask for your patience while that information is confirmed.

I ask families to take the time to read their relevant sub-school news in this week’s newsletter. Important and relevant notices are provided for your information and we require you to be informed on what is occurring.

Finally, next Friday 27 March is the last day of Term 1 and school will conclude at 2.20pm. There won't be a whole college closing service this term. School resumes again after the holidays on Tuesday 14 April.

Blessings to you and your family.

Mr Daniel Weller, College Principal
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Dedication of new and refurbished classrooms
Last Tuesday afternoon the new and refurbished Junior School facilities were dedicated to God’s glory. This included classrooms for the Foundation students and Years 1 and 2, as well as the Technology room and the staff lounge. We thank God for these new and upgraded rooms and the Federal government financial support that makes them possible.

This is all part of our mission in answering God’s call to ‘feed my lambs’; and ‘take care of my sheep’ (John 21:15-17). The classrooms, resources and personnel we have are here for the benefit of the children of our community. They exist for their growth and development. To prepare them for their life in the world, so that they too, may become positive contributors, living and working to make a better world.

Until now our focus has been on growing our Middle and Senior School campus. That was our obvious priority as we expand. We thank God for his people who planned and worked for this College to become a reality. In their vision they could see with the eyes of faith what we have today. We are privileged to be a part of their story in building on teaching and learning they hoped and prayed for.

May God’s promise be fulfilled in what we do, and may his words become a reality for our community. The wisdom of the Proverbs encourages us with this outcome: ‘My child, remember my teachings and instructions and obey them completely. They will help you live a long and prosperous life’ (Proverbs 3:1-2). May God in his love and mercy grant that to us all.

Lord God, we thank you for the wonderful facilities we have at our college. We thank you especially for the teaching and support staff who ensure we have a safe and caring environment in which to grow and learn. Thank you that your blessing is on our college, our buildings, our lives and our learning and growing. Help us to do our best and to care for each other, for their good, and may it be to your glory. Amen.
College worship services
Junior, Secondary and whole-college worship services are suspended until further notice.

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church services, Sunday 22 March
Church services will continue in a modified format at this stage, although Kids' Time won't be running until further notice. Services will be held at 9am, 10.30am and 7pm.
The MATES Mentoring Program provides positive role models who mentor, assist, target, engage and enhance the skills and life experiences of young people. MATES matches young people (mentees) with a volunteer (mentor) from the local community.

We need volunteers who are:
  • over the age of 18
  • are able to spend one hour a fortnight with a young person for one year
  • already have or are able to obtain a Working with Children check
If you wish to be a mentor or have interest in the program, please contact Rhiannon McKinnon at rhiannon.mckinnon@htlc.vic.edu.au.
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Blessings to all families and friends at this challenging time. I pray that you and your loved ones are well. Information has been sent home throughout the week to communicate the Junior School’s contingency plan in the event of a school closure. In summary, the following decisions and preparations have been made to maximise learning opportunities for students if this were to occur:
  • Google Classrooms have been set up for each class in the Junior School. You (if your child is in Foundation to Year 3) or your child (if your child is in Year 4 to 6) would have received information to access this platform. Please contact your child’s teacher if you have not received this.
  • Guidelines have been communicated to Junior School staff and families regarding what remote learning will include. As this will be heavily reliant on the internet, please start a conversation with your child’s teachers if you have concerns about your internet reliability, so other means of communication and information sharing can be arranged.
As always, I encourage families to contact their child’s teacher, or myself, if they need any support at this time.

As assembly was cancelled this week, I am very pleased to announce that this week’s Jing Award was presented to Edward Jones from 5G in class this week. Edward was nominated for being a kind and considerate student, who continually strives to achieve his best, his exemplary manners, and epitomising our school values, through his conduct and interactions with others. Congratulations Edward. This will be the last Jing award presented until assemblies resume.

Junior Red Cross
Congratulations to staff coordinators and members of the Junior Red Cross in 2019, who raised and donated $1500 to the local charity. It is wonderful to hear that we have had 46 students nominated to be part of this service program for 2020.

Congratulations to this week's award winners!

FG: Aiden Nitschke FL: Sage Carter, Jacob Collins FS: Berni Del Real, Jack Steadman 1D: Indi Walker 1H: Tex Edmonds, Peter Smith 2B: Camille Arthur, Milton Ellis 2H: Jasmine Kniebeiss, Greta Smith 2S: Lara Todman 3B: Lenny Carter, Matilda Smith 3L: Logan Kittel, Hudson Ryan 4F: Josiah Newlyn-Combe, Tom Wade 4I: Hannah Gabbe, Josh Kalms, Maverick Kerr 4R: Lara Bell, Grace Puls, Sammy Upadhyaya 5D: All of 5D, Thomas Rudolph 5G: William Koch, Justin Schwarz 5V: Eli Bailey 6N: All of 6N 6T: All of 6T Art: Jana van Heerden Art: Charlotte Matuschka Chinese: Rachel Reichelt, Emily Rudolph Digital Technology: Oliver McDonald Performing Arts: Ella Pohlner PE: Soren Foster Jing Award: Edward Jones
Mrs Fiona Friberg, Head of Junior School
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There has been a lot of discussion and preparation this week for the possibility of a school closure to prepare staff, students and parents for lessons to be delivered remotely. Earlier this week, a notice was sent to all Middle School families giving details about how we are planning to minimise the impact on student learning if a closure were to occur. The main points for parents to consider are:
  • Staff will set work for all subject areas in a modified timetable and in a format that is achievable for all students to complete at home. This may include online tasks (Google Classroom) and/or hard-copy worksheets and booklets.
  • Parents will be asked to make contact with the college if reliable internet access at home is going to be an issue.
  • Students will be asked to be prepared to take home pencil cases, work books, text books, novels and iPads in readiness to work from home if required.
  • Staff will be prepared to be contactable by email. Parents to ensure they have email addresses of staff. As a general guide, addresses are firstname.lastname@htlc.vic.edu.au, and contact information for staff members can be found on our app under the ‘staff contacts’ section.
The welfare and wellbeing of families is at the forefront of all decisions that are currently being made. Parents are asked to contact the college with any questions or queries they may have regarding the plans and directions of the college in these uncertain times.

Cancellation of events
In line with the direction of governing bodies, all external and internal extra-curricular activities, excursions and camps have been cancelled or postponed from the beginning of this week until the end of May. Please make sure you read the newsletter each week, monitor the app and notes home, and follow our Facebook page so you can keep up-to-date with any changes. Please contact the office if you have any questions.

A new way of life
With so many organised, structured activities and social gatherings cancelled, it has left us all feeling a little uncertain as to how to navigate this temporary new world. I came across a post on Facebook which gives some advice on how to deal with what is occurring… Let’s embrace what we have:
  • Getting outdoors–not cancelled
  • Music–not cancelled
  • Family time–not cancelled
  • Reading–not cancelled
  • Board games–not cancelled
  • Singing–not cancelled
  • Laughing–not cancelled
  • Hope–not cancelled
A timely reminder to focus on what we have, rather than what we don’t have, at this time.
Mr Jason Przibilla, Head of Middle School
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Senior School
This week has seen the cancellation of many college events. Some have been larger, annual events involving our community of parents, grandparents, relatives and friends. Others have been incursions or excursions, carefully and intentionally planned to support the learning of our students. It is important at this time of such rapid change and uncertainty to reassure our senior students that we are currently working closely with VCAA (Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority) to ensure that each student has the opportunity to complete the requirements of their VCE or VCAL studies.

There is considerable flexibility in delivery of learning and the administration of assessments throughout VCE and our staff are working to maintain continuity in delivery of programs. At this stage in their academic development, our students are assuming increasing responsibility for their learning, a skill that will be essential to their continued learning beyond school and invaluable should school closure or self-isolation occur.

At this stage VET and SWL placements are continuing. We will be notified of any change to VET delivery but SWL placements may be cancelled at the discretion of the employer and largely dependent on the industry. In the event that your child’s work placement is cancelled, please note that classes do not run for VCAL students on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
Look Good Feel Better
Last week, two of our Year 10 students were invited to attend the Look Good Feel Better Program run by the Cancer Patients Foundation and dedicated to teaching cancer patients how to manage the appearance-related side effects caused by cancer treatments. Zyla Nelson and Chanel Scollary appreciated the opportunity to experience such a valuable program that is currently run by volunteers for women of our community.
Mrs Sally Kuchel, Head of Senior School
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A reminder that all HTLC supported activities, including HTLC Junior School Secondary Athletics (24 March) and HTLC Secondary Athletics Day (23 March), have been postponed. HTLC students will not be participating in any external sporting events until the end of May. We will keep you updated as the situation changes.

Additionally, WestVic Academy of Sport training sessions at the YMCA will be postponed until further notice. Wishing you all a healthy and safe week, thank you for your understanding during these challenging times.
Mrs Tarn McDonald, Junior School Sport Coordinator
Mr Matthew McLoughlin, Secondary Head of Sport
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WHO helping children visual
Uniform shop: now open on 27 March
We previously advertised that the uniform shop would be closed on Friday 27 March. It will now be open for the usual hours of 9am–2pm.
Holy Trinity Racing are selling two trikes and and EEV. See details below and contact Chloe Davis (chloe.davis@htlc.vic.edu.au) or Matthew McLoughlin (matthew.mcloughlin@htlc.vic.edu.au) for more information.
Old Hurricane
Old Thunder
  • Green Trike, Hurricane, $2250
    Bought in 2010, trisled fastback chassis, 8 speed Shimano gearing, Disc Brake, 16inch wheels, 5mm corflute fairing, 4 point safety harness, swing steering.
  • Orange Trike, Thunder, $1950
    Bought in 2008, trisled fastback chassis, 8 speed Shimano gearing, disc brake, 16/18 inch back wheel (note: does not come with 16 inch front wheels), 5mm corflute fairing, 4 point safety harness, swing steering.
  • EEV, Vortex, $4800
    Bought in 2015, trisled fastback hybrid spec chassis, 9 speed Shimano gearing, dual cable actuated front disk brakes, cable actuated rear rim brake, 5 level power assist, 5mm corflute fairing, 4 point safety harness, swing steering. Comes with extras including: batteries, chargers, spare rear/front wheels, and electronic spares.
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