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Greetings to all at HTLC. As we come to the end of the second week of remote learning I give thanks to all staff, students and families who have once again made the adjustments to engage in the education and care of our students. I acknowledge that this is not always easy for everyone and emphasise the importance of communication and a collaborative approach. We will all face struggles at times but I assure the community that staff are working tirelessly to provide the quality education and support that is expected of our college, within a very different and sometimes trying learning environment. I encourage families to get in touch with staff for both the positives and challenges your child is facing so we may continue to provide support where we can.

During the week an email was sent to Year 12 students and their care givers explaining the Victorian Government's announcement on how they would adjust the current ATAR system to support students studying VCE this year. As we continue to feel the impact of a challenging year, the information provided by the Minister of Education, Mr James Merlino MP, and the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA), recognises the current struggles facing our Year 12 students and outlines the processes put in place to ensure integrity and fairness is achieved for all VCE students. Information on VCAL has also been provided and outlines the changes made to ensure all students have the ability to successfully complete the program. It is reassuring to know that processes are now in place to support our senior students and that each individual will not be disadvantaged as they complete their final year of schooling. More detail on this can be found in this week’s Head of Senior School newsletter report.

On behalf of the Holy Trinity Lutheran College community I would like to thank Mrs Carmen Dridan and the PTFA for their effort in organising and running the annual HTLC Pie Drive this year. Despite the restrictions placed on our lives, it was wonderful to see our community get behind this initiative and support the school. This year, due to the pandemic, the PTFA is generously donating 50% of the profits from the Pie Drive to the Christian Emergency Food Centre. I thank them for this kind gesture and their willingness to help those in our community. Well done, and thank you, to all who participated in the Pie Drive this year.

Wishing you a happy week.
Mr Daniel Weller, College Principal
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You can do it!
Here we are, back into remote learning once again! While I was hoping it would not get to this, I was expecting it to come with the rise in the numbers of people testing positive to COVID-19.
I am so grateful that we could complete Term 2 and then begin Term 3 with 3 weeks of face to face learning and teaching. It was so good to have you all on campus, and for you to be able to be together with your mates and friends, sharing the fun and banter that makes us community.

We have been through this before. Draw confidence from that, knowing that we can do it again, and even learn from the previous experience. Keep positive and keep active. Get busy with the tasks that need to be done and don’t give the opportunity for too much thinking time to become your enemy.

Keep connected as much as possible, seek help as you need it. Sometimes just talking and sharing with others brings peace to troubled hearts. As much as possible keep your sense of humour. The reality is there is so much in our lives and in our region to embrace, celebrate and give thanks for.
Others are there for you, and they only want the best for you. Do what you can to also be there for them. Your encouragement and strength is in the Lord. ‘I have commanded you to be strong and brave. Don’t ever be afraid or discouraged! I am the Lord your God, and I will be there to help you wherever you go’ (Joshua 1:9). Keep your eyes on Jesus. When we see how big our God is, we will see how small our problems really are.

Thank you, Lord, for your being with us in all situations and circumstances. Help us to live and work with joy and confidence, knowing that all things are possible through you, because you are always giving us the strength. Bless all students, teachers and families across Victoria as they now work together for the best interests of children. Please keep us patient, give healing to those who are sick or in hospital and bring an end to the fear and suffering of the pandemic. Amen.
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Remote learning
As I reflect on this first full week of remote learning for Term 3, I am amazed by the way our community has responded to the situation once again. Our students, parents and staff have very quickly adapted to the routine routines of remote learning both at home and on-site. Thank you! What a blessing it is to be part of a community so committed to supporting one another and helping our students continue their educational progress in such difficult times. The partnership between home and school is very important to us at all times, but especially during remote learning. In the coming week classroom teachers will be making contact with families by phone to discuss what is working well and what has been challenging for you and your children. This will help us reflect on the way we present information, how we can support students and families, and to answer any questions you may have.

Online safety
During this period of remote learning, children will be spending more time online than usual. They may be seeking ways to interact with their friends through online chats and gaming. We encourage parents to have conversations with children about online safety and set clear expectations about online behaviour. Please remind your children to talk to you if there are any concerns and let us know at school if there are breaches to the HTLC Digital Technology Acceptable Use Agreement, which students and parents signed at the beginning of the year. More online safety advice for parents is available through the eSafety website.
Year 4R and Pastor Gus prepared Chapel for us this week on the theme of forgiveness. This was based on the Bible reading from Matthew 18:21-22, the parable of the unforgiving servant. Pastor Gus reminded us that as humans we do sometimes make mistakes and hurt others, but God freely forgives us because of Christ’s sacrifice. We are also called to forgive others, not just once, but as many times as needed.
Mrs Fiona Friberg, Head of Junior School
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Remote learning
One week into remote learning and it has been a relatively smooth transition from face-to-face to remote delivery. The ability of staff and students to quickly adapt has been encouraging to witness, and no doubt made easier due to the fact that this is everyone’s second attempt at this form of teaching and learning. Whilst we understand that there are going to be a range of emotions and feelings towards the decision that was made by the State Government, the important part is that we continue to move forward together and focus on the job at hand. The staff of HTLC have definitely taken this approach and have been working tirelessly to once again provide quality learning experiences for all students in all subjects.

The implementation of remote learning last week, with minimal preparation time, certainly presented its own unique challenges. Behind the scenes, there has been a lot of work and effort gone into preparing for classes. Many staff have been using their weekends and late nights to prepare videos, presentations and support material to give a multitude of learners the opportunity to engage with subject content. The resource and activity packs have once again been prepared to an outstanding quality, with every little detail being considered as to how the packs can best support quality and relevant learning experiences. Parent summaries and individualised timetables have been prepared in advance so they are accessible to families on the Monday morning, which gives all students the opportunity to prepare for the week ahead. Processes have been rapidly implemented to monitor student attendance and welfare as we look at ways to support students navigating what can be a difficult learning environment.

HTLC staff take great pride in the way they prepare for virtual delivery and this was evident throughout the last remote learning experience, and has once again been visible in the first week of remote learning, second time around. The staff have risen to the challenge and embraced the opportunity to creatively deliver a remote curriculum.

The hard work and dedication of the teaching staff has also been matched by that of the students, who have again quickly embraced their remote learning requirements. Attendance, organisation and engagement has once again been a feature of the first week of this experience. The challenge will be to maintain the energy levels for the duration of this term and I look forward to seeing the HTLC community work together to once again achieve positive outcomes.

Parent phone calls
One way in which we can achieve the goals mentioned above is to keep the lines of communication between home and school open. Next week, Home Room teachers will be making a courtesy call to parents and carers to enquire as to how individual students and families have transitioned back to remote learning. An email outlining details of these planned calls was sent home on Thursday of this week. I look forward to receiving the parent and carers feedback.
Mr Jason Przibilla, Head of Middle School
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Results of the GAT (General Achievement Test), while not counting directly towards a student’s VCE results, can be used to validate the accuracy of school-based and external assessments. In the case of a situation where a student is not able to sit a VCE exam (e.g. due to illness), their GAT results may be used in the calculation of a Derived Examination Score. The GAT may also contribute to statistical moderation of school-based assessment results.

VCAA Consideration of Disadvantage
This year, the VCAA (Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority) will introduce a new Consideration of Disadvantage process to calculate VCE scores. The impact of COVID-19 on each student will be taken into consideration, along with information provided by schools about students’ expected achievement levels, assessments completed prior to remote learning and the GAT.

VCAL outcomes for 2020
Given the flexibility of VCAL delivery and the diversity of contexts in which the program is delivered, teachers are able to modify and apply a range of strategies to support students in the continued achievement of student outcomes. VET programs are being adjusted to accommodate the current restrictions and, as theoretical components have been addressed in most courses, facilitators are considering more intensive, practical delivery in Term 4. In the situation where SWL forms an essential component of assessment, alternative means may be used by teachers.

VTAC applications for Year 12 students
Students should by now have created a VTAC account and be working towards sequencing their preferences. Each student is asked to book a Google Meet appointment by the end of this week to discuss their applications along with SEAS, course information, preferences and scholarships.

SEAS (Special Entry Access Scheme)
SEAS is the special consideration program used by most tertiary institutions in Victoria. It relates to the circumstances beyond your control which have negatively affected your education and allows selection officers at institutions to grant special consideration for course entry to applicants. This year, Category 4 (Difficult Circumstances), provides an opportunity to students to indicate the level of disadvantage they have personally experienced.

Specialist Sport Program
Our Specialist Sport Program students and their families now have access to live fitness and strength sessions. These sessions will be presented on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5 to 5:40pm while Stage 3 restrictions are in place and have commenced this week under the instruction of Scott Talpey, Senior Lecturer in the Strength and Conditioning Masters program at Federation University.
Important dates
Term 4
  • 30 September: closing date for course applications
  • Week 1: 7 October: VCE GAT (for students undertaking Unit 3/4 study)
  • Week 1: 9 October: SEAS and scholarship applications close
  • Week 4: 30 October: Final day for Year 12 (Final assembly and Year 12 breakfast)
  • Week 6: 9 November: VCE written exams commence
  • Week 9: 4 December: Final day of classes for Year 10 and 11
Summer holidays:
  • 30 December: ATAR and VCE results released to students
  • 4 January 2021: closing date for change of preferences
  • 14 January 2021: first round offers
Mrs Sally Kuchel, Head of Senior School
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Junior School Sport

HTLC Trick Shot Challenge
The Junior School is searching for the best sports skill trick shot. Do you think you have the skills?
Why not enter? Record (video) yourself performing any sport trick shot of your choice. It could be an impossible Table Tennis shot or a spectacular Basketball goal. It doesn’t have to involve sporting equipment so why not get creative and use what you have around the house. For example a pair of socks being thrown into the washing basket.

This competition is open to all students from Foundation to Year 6 and will run for the remainder of this term. The final day for video submissions will be Monday Week 9 (Monday 7 September). Staff will choose the top 5 videos to be finalists and then each year level class will have an opportunity to vote for their favourite trick shot.

Winners will be announced on the final day of Term 3 and there will be prizes up for grabs. Entries need to be emailed to Mrs McDonald at tarn.mcdonald@htlc.vic.edu.au.

School Sports Victoria (SSV) Virtual Track and Field event
School Sport Victoria are hosting a Virtual Track and Field event and primary children are able to get involved. Virtual Track and Field offers a selected number of disciplines including:
  • Sprints: (60m, 80m, 100m, 200m, 400m)
  • Run or walk: (800m, 1500m)
  • Jumps: (standing long jump and standing triple jump)
  • Throw: (tennis ball shot put)
  • Combined event: 100m sprint, standing long jump, tennis ball shot put and 800m run.
Get more information about each event. Remember to follow the specific instructions on how to perform each event very carefully. Students can take part in one or all the events. We encourage you to warm up before attempting any of these activities. Always have an adult supervisor and ensure you are competing in a safe environment.

Click here to enter your results. Please select HTLC as our school and Greater Western as our region. You can also use my email address tarn.mcdonald@htlc.vic.edu.au for contact details.

Some important things to remember:
  • Warm-up before you participate to minimise the risk of injury.
  • Be sure to have the correct footwear, clothing and equipment.
  • Make sure you are doing each of these activities outside.
  • Make sure you have mum or dad's permission, they can help with timing or measuring.
  • Remember we are not looking for the best, we are looking for students to give it a go.
  • Check and adhere to the current Department of Health and Human Services information for sport and exercise relevant to your local area. View the current restrictions for regional Victoria.
I hope to see some entries from HTLC. Good luck!
Mrs Tarn McDonald, Junior Sport Coordinator
Wellbeing news-01
A SPECIAL REPORT: Riding the Corona Coaster
Across Victoria, students and their families are experiencing challenging times with the state being in various stages of lockdown yet again. However, this second wave of the pandemic is now also beginning to impact other areas of Australia and New Zealand. Riding this corona coaster and navigating the ups and downs of the current reality is proving to be confronting for many people. The coronavirus has turned our lives upside down with some students returning to remote learning and parents continuing to juggle the home environment.

The uncertainty of not knowing what will happen next may have an impact on many students and their families. There is a concern that mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and substance abuse, will increase, especially amongst young people. In the coming weeks, it will be vital for adult carers to reduce the stress levels at home and make life seem more manageable.

As an adult carer, it will also be essential to look after your own wellbeing during this time. Ensure you make time to de-escalate your own nervous system and maintain your sleep routine, healthy eating habits, get some regular exercise and reach out virtually to friends and family.

In this Special Report, families are encouraged to embrace the guidance offered to help minimise the impact of this corona coaster.

We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this Special Report, and as always, we welcome your feedback.
If you do have any concerns about the wellbeing of your child, please contact the school for further information or seek medical or professional help.

Read the special report.
Wellbeing support
Use the form below to contact the Wellbeing Team (which includes the Provisional Psychologist, Chaplain and Pastor). Once the form has been received, your inquiry will be discussed within the Wellbeing Team. A follow-up phone call will be made to provide consultation about your inquiry and determine an appropriate course of action. This may result in a referral to outside professionals. Please note the College Principal may be informed of your inquiry as necessary. Responses will be within 48 hours. If it is an urgent matter, please contact the College Principal or Head of School.
Lightening the lockdown load
  • A free webinar for parents in Victoria.
  • Wednesday 19 August at 8pm
Join Dr Justin Coulson, one of Australia’s most trusted parenting specialists, as he shares 4 secrets to make it through the pain of the winter COVID-19 Victorian lockdown. By the end of this FREE webinar, you’ll:
  • feel reassured, with less stress and pressure around your kids, their schooling, and life
  • have concrete strategies you can start on immediately to make your family happier
  • know how to be on the same page as your partner
  • be able to develop habits and practices that will ensure your children – and YOU – can get your daily work done, even while everyone is stuck at home.
eSafety kit
The Office of the E-Safety Commissioner has developed a website specifically for kids to help keep themselves safe online.
eSafety_Ed Kids TT Poster
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PTFA Pie Drive results
The PTFA would like to express their sincere thanks to everybody who placed an order in our 2020 HTLC PTFA Pie Drive! The Pie Drive is always well supported by our college community and this year was certainly no exception with a total of 1053 pies ordered to the value of $8964.60. Well done everybody!

Each year Conways kindly donate vouchers to the top five orders and as this year we are not able to present these vouchers at assembly, we would like to take this opportunity to formally congratulate the following people:
  • $20 voucher: Payton-Rose Priestley $651.00
  • $10 voucher: Max Both $460.70
  • $10 voucher: Angus Norton $450.80
  • $10 voucher: Emily Liston $428.10
  • $10 voucher: Penny Eagle $363.20

With the money raised from this years Pie Drive, the PTFA will donate 50% of the profits to the Christian Emergency Food Centre to help those within our community. The Holy Trinity Lutheran College PTFA thank you very much for supporting our Pie Drive in 2020.
lawn tennis
Horsham Lawn Tennis club is calling for intention to play in a Saturday morning junior tennis competition for the 2020–21 season. Match play is available suitable for beginners. Coaching available (costs involved).

With COVID–19 restrictions, at this stage we are planning to go ahead with the competition but will be guided by Tennis Victoria and government regulations.

Names or further enquiries to Maree Thompson (0499 820 552) by 20 August. Or visit us on facebook: Horsham Lawn Tennis Club.
The uniform shop
For the remainder of Term 3, the uniform shop will be open by appointment only. Please email uniformshop@htlc.vic.edu.au if you would like to make an appointment. Alternatively, submit an order form (attached) rather than attending the shop.

We also now have white, cloth face masks available to purchase for $10. They have adjustable earloops and are great to wear with glasses. Contact the uniform shop by email if you would like to make a purchase.
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