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A warm welcome to all families and friends of HTLC.

During our time in remote learning, our focus has always been on the quality Christian education and care that we provide to all members of our community. Even more so in this challenging world we live in, we recognise that the wellbeing of all individuals is vitally important. During the week I attended a webinar run by clinical psychologist Dr Tom Nehmy, that explored the most common psychological problem we face today - anxiety. Recognising that we live in a broken world (even before the introduction of COVID-19) the webinar looked to demystify mental health and build a greater understanding of what anxiety is, where it comes from, and what to do about it. I found the session to be of great interest, particularly when looking at it through the lens of what makes a caring Lutheran school. I noted that the fundamental link between overcoming anxiety and building resilience in all individuals was to not remove ourselves from situations that involve anxiety but to recognise them as an opportunity to learn how to respond and grow from such circumstances. Too often we look for a quick fix of removing anxiety altogether, however, as a college we regularly look for opportunities for students to take safe risks and to be stretched in their learning. As we continue to engage in remote learning, I encourage you all to foster a culture of care and support that proactively strengthens a growth mindset, where individuals in our community positively respond to the presence of challenge in their lives. In doing so we can build grit and resilience in our leaders of tomorrow.

This week we welcome Mrs Alice Lamb to the Wellbeing Team at HTLC. I wish Alice all the best as she commences the role of Chaplain at our school.

I hope you all have a blessed week.
Mr Daniel Weller, College Principal
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Take two!
Well done as together we navigate another time of remote learning across the state of Victoria. It requires every single one of us to play our part and do their role for this to happen well. Students must again adjust to different ways of learning, whether at school or in the home. It’s really up to them to be motivated and put in. That, in itself, is good preparation for later life. Parents need to be regularly checking in on their children to support them, not just in their learning, but to ensure their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Teachers obviously need to be proactive in providing learning opportunities for everyone on a new platform, as well as supporting their wellbeing. We are all in this together. When we first moved to remote learning, there was a new appreciation for what teachers are doing. We are truly blessed at Holy Trinity with a team of teachers and support staff who place the wellbeing of all students in their care front and centre.

The real difference in a Christian and Lutheran college is not just that we acknowledge God’s presence and blessing, but we actually actively practice it in our daily routines. How can God’s presence begin to be real, if it is not first practiced? Hear what God says to us: 'I have chosen you and have not rejected you. So don’t be afraid. I am with you. I will strengthen you and uphold you; I will protect you with my right arm and give you victories' (Isaiah 41:9-10). With such a promise we can confidently live and walk in God’s presence and boldly face the challenges that are before us.

All the best as we continue our roles of teaching, learning, encouraging and supporting each other.

Thank you, Lord, for your being with us in all situations and circumstances. Help us to live and work with joy and confidence, knowing that all things are possible through you, because you are always giving us the strength. Bless all students, teachers and families across Victoria as they now work together for the best interests of children. Please keep us patient, give healing to those who are sick or in hospital and bring an end to the fear and suffering of the pandemic. Amen.
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Remote learning
Thank you everyone for your ongoing efforts with remote learning. As a parent of three students attending our college, I know first hand how thin many of our parents have been stretched by this pandemic. Your perseverance is appreciated! I encourage you to keep in contact with classroom teachers, use the time allocations and starred tasks to prioritise on challenging days and be mindful of your own and your children’s wellbeing. I continue to be very grateful to our amazing staff who are working hard to support our students who are working from home and on-site. Thank you!

Pastor Gus prepared chapel for us this week based on the Bible reading from Luke 14:16-20, the parable of the wedding banquet. We are reminded that we are all invited to be part of God’s family and to follow him. We all like invitations, but sometimes we can make excuses and think other things are more important. To follow God and accept His invitation we need to continue doing our best in these difficult times, look for ways to help others and show appreciation for things other people do for us.
Mrs Fiona Friberg, Head of Junior School
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Remote learning
As we draw to the end of the third week of remote learning and stage 3 lockdown restrictions, I sincerely hope that families are navigating the challenges faced. We certainly don’t underestimate the uniqueness of this situation and understand that people will respond differently to the circumstances we all currently find ourselves in.
As a way of extending our support to the families of Holy Trinity, Home Room teachers have been making phone calls home to check in on the students, parents and carers during this time of remote learning. If you missed your phone call this week and would like a follow-up call, please email your Home Room teacher or myself (jason.przibilla@htlc.vic.edu.au) so we can arrange a suitable time to touch base.

Elevate Education study skills sessions
Throughout this week, all Middle and Senior school students have participated in workshops led by Elevate Education, Australia’s leading study skills provider. Elevate Education is based in Melbourne and because of lockdown restrictions, the presenters were not able to attend on-site, meaning their presentation was delivered remotely via Google Meets, a forum that proved to be effective. The engaging presenters talked to the students about how they can effectively use strategies to help them study more efficiently, clearly outlining practical tips and techniques which can easily be utilised by the students. The focus for each year level was as follows:
  • Year 7: Study Skills Kickstart
  • Year 8: Junior Time Management
  • Year 9: Memory Mnemonics
At the end of each session, students were given access to the study portal where they can find additional resources to assist with their study preparation. These details will be emailed out to HTLC families at the end of this week. Follow-up work will be done with students where they will have an opportunity to complete activities which will support the workshop content. The presenters were highly complimentary of the level of engagement shown by the students and the way they actively participated in the sessions. It was fantastic to receive this feedback and I congratulate the students on their conduct throughout the week.

Middle School camps
Earlier this week the decision was made to postpone the Year 9 camp (originally scheduled for Week 2 of Term 4). The new dates for the camp are now from Saturday 31 October to Friday 6 November. Events of this year are making it difficult to put concrete plans in place, especially with recent developments in Melbourne and now regional Victoria. This additional time will allow Tandara and HTLC the opportunity to assess the coronavirus situation, Government recommendations and enforced restrictions before making a final decision that is in the best interest of the health and safety of students and staff. It is our intention to offer safe and meaningful camp experiences for our students in Years 7, 8 and 9 and staff of HTLC and our camp providers are working closely to try and make this happen. I will continue to communicate with parents and carers in the lead-up to all camps planned for Term 4.
Mr Jason Przibilla, Head of Middle School
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VCE and VCAL essential assessments
All Unit 3 & 4 VCE and VCAL students are permitted to attend school during Stage 3 restrictions for School-assessed Coursework and School-assessed Tasks for all studies and strands. Specific health controls have been issued by the Department of Health and Human Services, which we are required to follow during these times. These measures are in place to enable us to continue to provide support for our senior secondary students completing both VCE and VCAL.

VTAC applications – Year 12 students
During the week, a further VTAC presentation has been forwarded to parents and students and parents to provide additional advice about the process of establishing a VTAC account. Interviews are now well underway, with a few remaining students still needed to book their appointments. Please do not hesitate to contact the college with any questions or queries regarding course applications, SEAS, course information, preferences and scholarships.

SEAS (Special Entry Access Scheme)
SEAS allows selection officers at institutions to grant special consideration for course entry to applicants.
  • Category 1: Should be completed by all students, it requires no additional documentation.
  • Category 2: Disadvantaged financial background
  • Category 3: Disability or medical condition
  • Category 4: Difficult circumstances e.g. disruption to living situation, affected by illness or death of relative/friend, natural disaster, refugee status, impact of COVID-19 remote learning – this category should be completed by all students.
For more information about SEAS documentation, visit the VTAC website.

Registration for results
Year 12 students can register for the Results and ATAR Service. This is separate from a VTAC account, but you will need yor VCAA student number form your account. Year 11 students wishing to access a result for a Year 12 subject they have completed this year do not need to create a VTAC account. They can simply register for the Results and ATAR service. Please contact the college for your VCAA number.
Important dates
Term 4
  • 30 September: closing date for course applications
    • Week 1: 7 October 10am to 1.15pm: VCE GAT (for students undertaking Unit 3/4 study)
  • Week 1: 9 October: SEAS and scholarship applications close
  • Week 4: 30 October: Final day for Year 12 (final assembly and Year 12 breakfast)
  • Week 6: 9 November: VCE written exams commence
  • Week 9: 4 December: Final day of classes for Year 10 and 11
Summer holidays:
  • 30 December: ATAR and VCE results released to students
  • 4 January 2021: closing date for change of preferences
  • 14 January 2021: first round offers
Mrs Sally Kuchel, Head of Senior School
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Junior School Sport

HTLC Trick Shot Challenge
The Junior School is searching for the best sports skill trick shot. Do you think you have the skills?
Why not enter? Record (video) yourself performing any sport trick shot of your choice. It could be an impossible Table Tennis shot or a spectacular Basketball goal. It doesn’t have to involve sporting equipment so why not get creative and use what you have around the house. For example a pair of socks being thrown into the washing basket.

This competition is open to all students from Foundation to Year 6 and will run for the remainder of this term. The final day for video submissions will be Monday Week 9 (Monday 7 September). Staff will choose the top 5 videos to be finalists and then each year level class will have an opportunity to vote for their favourite trick shot.

Winners will be announced on the final day of Term 3 and there will be prizes up for grabs. Entries need to be emailed to Mrs McDonald at tarn.mcdonald@htlc.vic.edu.au.
School Sports Victoria (SSV) Virtual Track and Field event
School Sport Victoria are hosting a Virtual Track and Field event and primary children are able to get involved. Virtual Track and Field offers a selected number of disciplines including:
  • Sprints: (60m, 80m, 100m, 200m, 400m)
  • Run or walk: (800m, 1500m)
  • Jumps: (standing long jump and standing triple jump)
  • Throw: (tennis ball shot put)
  • Combined event: 100m sprint, standing long jump, tennis ball shot put and 800m run.
Get more information about each event. Remember to follow the specific instructions on how to perform each event very carefully. Students can take part in one or all the events. We encourage you to warm up before attempting any of these activities. Always have an adult supervisor and ensure you are competing in a safe environment.

Click here to enter your results. Please select HTLC as our school and Greater Western as our region. You can also use my email address tarn.mcdonald@htlc.vic.edu.au for contact details.

Some important things to remember:
  • Warm-up before you participate to minimise the risk of injury.
  • Be sure to have the correct footwear, clothing and equipment.
  • Make sure you are doing each of these activities outside.
  • Make sure you have mum or dad's permission, they can help with timing or measuring.
  • Remember we are not looking for the best, we are looking for students to give it a go.
  • Check and adhere to the current Department of Health and Human Services information for sport and exercise relevant to your local area. View the current restrictions for regional Victoria.
I hope to see some entries from HTLC. Good luck!
Mrs Tarn McDonald, Junior Sport Coordinator
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Welcome to our new College Chaplain!
This week, we welcome Mrs Alice Lamb to Holy Trinity Lutheran College. Mrs Lamb will be College Chaplain for the duration of Mrs Rhiannon McKinnon's parental leave.
Alice grew up in the area on a farm in the 1980s and moved away with her family in the early 90s, only recently returning to the area a few years ago. She lives with her husband and two young children. Alice’s husband was from the Ballan area in Victoria and were married at St John’s in Ballan. Alice is also a Registered Psychologist, mostly focusing on School Psychology over the past 17 years.
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Coping during COVID times
Message from Mrs Alice Lamb, Chaplain.
Many of us may be feeling isolated during Stage 3 and 4 COVID- Restrictions in Victoria. During these times it is important to stay connected to family, friends and other supports. We are all getting used to using technology to do this given that our face-to-face interactions have been limited. Remember to pick up the phone, use Zoom or another video call platform or send a card or care pack to somebody you are thinking about or perhaps missing.

It is also important during these times to prioritise what is most important. We must remember we cannot do everything. For example, your child’s academics may not be as important at this time as other factors that need attention such as, your child’s feelings of safety and security and their need for attention and quality family time. Try to work out what is most important at this time for you and your family members and allocate the most time and energy to what is most important in the present moment. You will be able to get back to other matters at a later time, take care of what is most important and the rest may take care of itself.
Wellbeing support
Use the form below to contact the Wellbeing Team (which includes the Provisional Psychologist, Chaplain and Pastor). Once the form has been received, your inquiry will be discussed within the Wellbeing Team. A follow-up phone call will be made to provide consultation about your inquiry and determine an appropriate course of action. This may result in a referral to outside professionals. Please note the College Principal may be informed of your inquiry as necessary. Responses will be within 48 hours. If it is an urgent matter, please contact the College Principal or Head of School.
The Parents' Website
Don’t forget the Independent Schools Victoria Parent’s Website for helpful ideas about ways to cope during COVID-19. There is also a section from Andrew Fuller (Clinical Psychologist).
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The uniform shop
For the remainder of Term 3, the uniform shop will be open by appointment only. Please email uniformshop@htlc.vic.edu.au if you would like to make an appointment. Alternatively, submit an order form (attached) rather than attending the shop.

We also now have white, cloth face masks available to purchase for $10. They have adjustable earloops and are great to wear with glasses. Contact the uniform shop by email if you would like to make a purchase.
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