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After the conclusion of remote learning last week, it has been great to see all students back on campus. From all reports it has been a very settled return, with an excellent attendance rate from all year levels. I must say that it has been fantastic to have the buzz of student activity around the college and I look forward to the next two weeks of learning left of this term.
A reminder to families and students that next Friday 19 June is the scheduled Semester 1 report writing day for staff. This will be a student free day for all students, providing a long weekend to prepare for the eleventh and final full week of Term 2. This has been a change to what was originally advertised at the start of the year, however, given the challenges and complexities of this term it had to be moved. As a result, Semester 1 reports will now be distributed to families during the second week of next term. Hear more...
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Welcome back!
Welcome back to the Year 3 through to Year 10 students this week! It is really good to now have everyone back for face to face learning once again. You have all been missed. We thank you for your patience and for getting through these weeks of remote learning in the positive way you have.

May your transition back into regular college life go well for you. Be mindful of each other and be ready to encourage and support anyone who may be struggling a bit. If you are anxious or scared, share your feelings with a teacher or a trusted friend. Understand that we all deal with change and challenges in life differently.

People who care for each other will notice how others are going. Lean on others when you need to. Be there for others when they need a friend. The Word of God encourages us to do this. ‘My friends, when you meet together, do everything for the good of everyone there. That’s how it should be when someone sings or teaches or shares what God has said’ (1 Corinthians 14:26). In our life and work together, let us always be looking for ways to do what we do even better. For the good of everyone here, and also to God’s glory.

Through my different conversations with parents, I am getting consistent feedback that many of you now have a new appreciation of our teachers and what they are doing for your children. Challenges will both bring the best to the fore, and bring the best out in people. That has been true for us all during these months of remote learning. For our students, teachers and parents alike. Well done!

Along with you, I thank God for the team of teachers we have. They are passionate about their work, they value your children, and they are committed to bringing the best out in them.
God’s blessing is on our continuing life and work together.

Thank you, Lord, for the opportunity for all students to now resume face to face learning at our college and in all Victorian schools. Please be with them as they settle back in to complete Term 2. Thank you for the way students, teachers and parents worked together during the time of remote learning. Bless us with the wonder of your presence and the power of your love. Amen
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Welcome back to all students!
It has been wonderful to have everyone back at school. What a busy place our Junior School is with all students back on campus! I have enjoyed walking around the classrooms and playground and seeing students settling back into school routines so well. Thank you to students and parents for adhering to the new drop off and pick up procedures. Please continue to be patient when using the ‘pick up’ area and move safely and quickly to vehicles.

It was terrific to start our on-site learning again with an assembly on Tuesday morning. Thank you to the parents who linked in too! Next week we will present class awards and the Jing Award to students. Any parents or community members who would like to ‘attend’ assembly can find the link on the HTLC public calendar or join at the link below.
Diagnostic testing
This semester we will be running a reduced assessment schedule, to support students as they return to on-site learning. Next week students will complete reading, spelling and maths assessments in their classrooms. Please avoid making appointments during school hours next week. Thank you.

Report writing day
Please remember next Friday (19 June) is a student free day as teachers will be writing students’ reports.

Uniform—Keeping warm
The mornings are certainly very chilly at the moment! Please note that students wearing non-uniform outer garments, such as puffer jackets and beanies, will be asked to remove them when they get to school. HTLC navy jackets, beanies and scarves are available for purchase from the uniform shop.

The Junior School Chapel services are continuing to be delivered online each Friday morning. This week’s Chapel service shares the message of how strong healthy bodies and healing are blessings from God, based on the bible reading Acts 3:6-8. Pastor Gus also encouraged us to bring help and healing to others through our words and actions.
Mrs Fiona Friberg, Head of Junior School
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Middle School students return
What a welcome sight it was on Tuesday as a steady flow of students re-entered the school grounds, the majority of them for the first time in over 70 days. There was great excitement as friends were reacquainted after a long period of isolation and enthusiastic greetings were the norm. The teachers especially couldn’t contain the smiles on their faces as they eagerly greeted the students as they entered Home Rooms. The school had been an unusually quiet place for the best part of eight weeks, and it was fantastic to see the place alive and buzzing again with students. At the end of the first week, I can report that it has been a settled week for Middle School students. I commend them for the way they have adjusted back to face to face learning. Although there was some anxiety and nerves at the beginning, and a few yawning students as they got used to the early starts again, the students acquitted themselves well. We now look forward to continuing to establish routines and positive work habits over the next couple of weeks.

Middle School student survey
During the final week of remote learning, all students in Years 7, 8 and 9 were given an opportunity to provide feedback on their remote learning experience. Some of the questions asked of the students included:
  • What have been the positives of remote learning?
  • What have been the challenges of remote learning?
  • What would you like to see from remote learning continue when you return to face to face learning?
  • What have you missed most about face to face learning?
  • What did teachers do well to support you in remote learning?
  • What questions do you have about returning to on-site learning?
The students were honest and open in their feedback and the responses will be analysed and used to help guide leadership and staff as we make future decisions on student learning.

As the students returned to school this week it was interesting to see the physical change in them with many experiencing growth spurts over the last 2–3 months. This has caused some issues with winter uniforms not fitting from the previous year. A reminder to families that all students are expected to be in full winter uniform. Parents are encouraged to visit the uniform shop on Tuesdays (9–4) or Fridays (9–2). Non-uniform items are not permitted to be worn, however parents are asked to send a note or email to Home Room teachers if there are any issues/questions regarding uniform. A reminder that the uniform policy can be accessed from the college website and app.
Mr Jason Przibilla, Head of Middle School
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Return to school
It has been exciting this week to have all students once again in attendance and returning to their daily class routine.

Senior School pathways
Over the next few weeks, Year 9 students will be attending pathways interviews to discuss options for the commencement of Year 10. This precedes the commencement of our VCE subject selection process which takes place early in Term 3 for our current Year 10 students. In Week 2 of Term 3, our Virtual Subject Selection sessions will provide valuable information to our students and the opportunity to speak with staff, prior to their commencement of full VCE loadings.

Work experience
Please notify the college if your child will be completing their work experience during the final week of this term as originally planned.

VET students
There have been a number of changes to VET attendance. Some courses have not yet returned whilst others are recommencing with staggered attendance. Information has been emailed to parents as it is received but please contact the college if you have any queries.

Report writing day
Next Friday, students are not required to attend school. The day will allow for teachers to commence the preparation of student reports.

Important dates
Term 2:

  • Week 10
    Exams Years 10—12
    Friday, 19 June: Report writing day, student free day
  • Week 11
    Term 2 concludes at 2:20pm on the last day
Term 3:
  • Week 2
    Reports sent home
  • Week 3
    Tuesday 28 July and Thursday 30 July: Parent/teacher interviews
Mrs Sally Kuchel, Head of Senior School
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Junior Sport

Late in Term 1 our Schoolaerobics teams, Energetix and Supergetix, were training hard in preparation for their competition. Rather than performing their routine live, this year they submitted a performance by video.

We have just heard from competition organisers that both teams have progressed to the next round—the Victorian State Titles! This competition will be held later in the year with a date yet to be set.

Congratulations to the following team members:
Energetix: Lucy Bunworth, Nellie Driller, Milla Carter, Zara Adams, Gemma Freijah, Ellita Scollary and Emma Streeter
Supergetix: Zahra Ellis, Charlotte Matuschka, Bonnie Grieger, Kirrily Dandy, Myah Meadows, Maya Przibilla and Amelia van Buuren

The girls will start training hard at home in preparation for this event and look forward to training together next term. Thank you to all involved, parents, coaches, team assistants and especially head coach, Amanda Wik for all her support during this time. Congratulations to the girls in both teams and we look forward to your results in the coming future.
School Sport Victoria Virtual Cross Country
School Sport Victoria are hosting a Virtual Cross Country event and primary children are able to get involved. Primary age groups are: 5-8 years, 9/10 years, 11 years, 12/13 years (ages are calculated as of 31 December in the year of competition). Check the distances for each age group.

There are four steps to get involved
  1. Run/walk 1000m, 2000m or 3000m depending on your age and gender.
  2. Fill out this form to submit for each separate run. You can do multiple runs. Make sure you fill in everything accurately.
  3. (Optional) You ought to be very proud of your sporting achievement. You can now print out a Participation Certificate to show off your proud sporting moment. Print out a Participation Certificate.
  4. (Optional) Post a photo and description with your time included and submit it via the SSV website.
You will need to measure out the length of your own course. There are many Apps available on Smartphones, iPads or pcs such as Google Earth, Garmin, Fitbit, a GPS, Strava etc or go old school and use a trundle wheel or a tape measure. You could always get someone to measure the distance using a bike computer of a bicycle or a speedo of a car. It doesn't have to be exactly accurate. And of course, you need an accurate way of recording the time it takes to run/walk your distance. The main thing is to get out there to get active & have a run/walk.

You can do as many runs as you like but enter each separate run you do. It's free to enter.
It's open to all students from Prep to Year 12. It has been made so you can (virtually) run/walk in the same age group as you. Remember to warm up, stretch & cool down.

Get more information about School Sport Victoria's Virtual Cross Country.
Mrs Tarn McDonald, Junior Sport Coordinator

Secondary sport

School Sport Victoria are hosting their own Virtual Cross Country! It follows a similar format to HTLC’s Virtual Cross Country with two major differences:
  • Treadmill entries do not qualify.
  • All males only run 3000 metres.
How to participate:
Please email Mr Mcloughlin (Secondary: matthew.mcloughlin@htlc.vic.edu.au) or Mrs McDonald (Junior: tarn.mcdonald@htlc.vic.edu.au) if you need assistance with anything.
Mr Matthew McLoughlin, Head of Sport (Secondary)
Wellbeing news-01
In this edition of SchoolTV: Resilience
Resilience is one of those skills that all kids need and should have. It refers to their ability to cope and adapt in situations when confronted with challenges such as adversity, trauma, tragedy, or even stress. It is essential to their mental health and wellbeing as part of their journey to adulthood. It is a skill that can be learned from an early age through the support of an adult role model.

However, being resilient does not mean your child won't experience any difficulties, but it will better equip them to manage those situations. Over-protective parenting can be viewed as being unhelpful towards the building of resilience. Although this may be a natural instinct, potentially experiencing failure is all part of the process. Encouraging children to take healthy risks will help them trust their capacity to deal with uncomfortable situations and increase their capacity for courage.

In this edition of SchoolTV, parents will gain an understanding of how to support their child’s brave behaviour to help them adapt and build resilience.

If you have any concerns regarding your child then please contact one of our wellbeing team members (Anne Penny, Rhiannon McKinnon and Pastor Gus.) Alternately please fill out our wellbeing referral form (available on our app) and one of our team members will contact you within 24-48 hours.
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Year 10 immunisations
Year 10 immunisations, that were scheduled to be held earlier this year, have been rescheduled to Thursday 18 June at 10.45am. They will be held on site at the college.

Uniform shop
The uniform shop is back operating normal hours (Tuesday from 9am to 4pm and Friday from 9am to 2pm). You are also able to submit an order, please do this by using the attached order forms only. Please note that you are able to make your way to the uniform shop directly and don't need to sign in at the office beforehand.
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