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This week I had the pleasure to meet with the Year 10 students to officially present them with their senior tie for 2020. Traditionally done at the end of Term 1, and prior to the change to winter uniform, the presentation of the college tie is done to once again acknowledge these students as being a part of our Senior School. Due to the event of COVID-19 this had delayed the presentation from occurring earlier in the year but it was with pleasure that I was able to give the ties to the students during the week. I congratulate all Year 10 students for the semester they have had and wish them all the best as they continue their senior years of schooling.

A reminder to families that next Friday 26 June is the last day of Term 2. A virtual closing service will be provided to students at 1.50pm with the conclusion of the school day at 2.20pm. Term 3 will resume for all students on Tuesday 14 July.
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Well done!
It is a real joy to now have all our students back at college. Once again there is a buzz of activity in our classrooms. Along with the laughter, fun and banter on the oval and playgrounds. Well done to all of you for making the return to face to face learning go so well over the last two weeks. Keep at it in the week that remains in Term 2. When we work together well with others there is a good outcome for us and for everyone else. This also honours and pleases God.

The mornings are cold, but the days have been good this last week. So continue to observe good hygiene practices, to keep us all well and healthy at this time and especially now as some restrictions are being lifted. Things are not back to normal. We are now living in what is a ‘new normal’.

With changes in life, we learn and grow, finding new ways of doing things better. Better for us personally, and better for us as a community. Thank you all, for your presence and contribution is making Holy Trinity a great place to be. So live out these words of encouragement today, tomorrow and always: ‘let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith’ (Hebrews 12:1-2). God is with us to bless us as we do.

Thank you, Lord, that we now have all students back at College. Be with us and all schools as we complete the remaining week of term 2. Keep us focused, diligent and helpful as we live, learn and play at school once again. Thank you that you are with us, blessing us with the wonder of your presence and the power of your love. Please help us to be faithful to you and others, as in love you are faithful to us. Amen.
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Diagnostic testing and reports
This week students have completed diagnostic assessments in Spelling, Reading and Mathematics. Teachers are currently marking and analysing these to inform students’ reports and plan for Term 3. Semester 1 reports will be sent home on Wednesday 22 July.

Assembly will continue to be held via a Google Meet each Monday morning at 9.05. Any parents or community members who would like to ‘attend’ assembly can find the link on the HTLC public calendar or join at the link below.
Thank you to students and families for your efforts to have everyone in their full winter HTLC uniform. We had a number of students who had grown considerably since last winter, and with the period of remote learning, there was a high demand for new uniform items. Thanks Kim for your help in the uniform shop during this busy time!

End of Term 2
Please remember school will finish at 2.20pm next Friday, as it is the last day of Term 2.

Junior School students ‘attended’ Chapel on Thursday morning in their classroom using the online resources provided by Pastor Gus and Mrs McKinnon, our College Chaplain. This week’s Chapel service reminds us how God uses the Bible to guide us and how at times we need people to explain what the scripture means for us, based on the bible reading Acts 8:30, 34-35. Students were encouraged to share God’s love with others and be a positive influence in other people’s lives.

Congratulations to this week's award winners!

FG: Lachlan Kafegellis FL: Cooper Steadman FS: Dakota Mutimer 1D: Leni Johnstone, Abel Neumann 1H: Indi Finn, William Starks 2B: AJ Cullen, Sienna Nitschke 2H: Sapphire Schirmer, Matilda Smith 2S: Halle Shurdington 3B: Eden Dunn, Jack Urquhart 3L: Hudson Ryan 4F: Myah Meadows, Maya Przibilla 4I: Sam Nurse, Cody Stewart 4R: Jesse Jolley 5D: Georgie Schilling, Link Smith 5G: Amelia Friberg, Jack Kelly 5V: Emmanuel Amilegbe, Joel Mock 6N: Amalie Wilkins 6T: Bodey Wilde Digital Technology: Alyssa Stewart Performing Arts: Zeagan Young PE: Tristan van Zyl Jing Award: Alyssa Stewart
Mrs Fiona Friberg, Head of Junior School
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2021 Year 7 interviews
Earlier this term, a virtual information session was held for existing and new families, providing information about the Middle School. Following on from this, interviews have been scheduled for all current Year 6 families and new families who have expressed an interest in enrolling in Year 7 for 2021. These interviews are proving to be a fantastic opportunity to get to know the students as a learner and a person, whilst also giving families the opportunity to ask specific questions about how the Middle School can support their child’s educational needs. Interviews will continue for the remainder of this term and will conclude in the first week of the holidays. Following this, letters of offer will be extended to all families. This is an exciting time of the year and I pray for all families as they prepare to make decisions on their secondary education pathway.

Year 9 Morrisby Testing
Our Year 9 students have also been undergoing interviews to discuss Senior School Pathways which include VCE, VET and VCAL options from Year 10. In order to support the students with their decision making, all Year 9 students will undertake Morrisby Careers Testing next Tuesday 23 June. Morrisby uses scientific profiling of abilities, personality, interests and motivation to help people discover their own unique characteristics. With this awareness they can ensure they keep their future options open and are able to make great choices from a considered range of options. Previously, the testing and subsequent interviews have been relevant and beneficial for students and families as they begin the process of planning potential career paths. An information letter has been sent home to all Year 9 families further detailing this process.

Middle School camps and excursions
Last weekend, Premier Daniel Andrews announced the further easing of Victorian coronavirus restrictions from June 22. In the statement, Mr Andrews revealed that shared facilities at camping grounds, including school campgrounds, will be reopened with protocols put in place to reduce the risk of transmission. This week I was in contact with the manager of Cape Bridgewater Coastal Camp, confirming that the Year 7 Camp scheduled for the 24–27 November will proceed as planned, with some modifications. The camp has to undergo a process to become ‘COVID Accredited’, which basically means it needs to meet certain expectations around health and hygiene. Activities such as snorkelling will not be offered, and increased cleaning and other health and safety practices will be implemented. Further information around this will be forwarded to parents when camp notes are sent home at the beginning of Term 4. With so much of the year interrupted by COVID-19, it is encouraging to see that steps are being put in place to return life to a new ‘normal’. At this stage, the Year 8 and 9 camps (scheduled for Term 4) will also proceed as planned.
Mr Jason Przibilla, Head of Middle School
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careers expo2
West Vic Careers Expo (Year 10)
The Western Victorian Careers Expo is the largest in country Victoria. It offers a comprehensive seminar program of career and course exhibitions, manufacturer and trade activities, apprenticeship , traineeship and tertiary information. The 2020 expo is being conducted online next Tuesday 23 June from 9:30 to 3:00pm. Year 10 students will be attending online seminars throughout the day and VCE students will have the opportunity to attend seminars of interest. Following the expo, recordings of most seminars will be available for parents and students to view on the Western Victorian Careers Expo website.
Road Smart (Year 10)
Year 10 students have found the government funded Road Smart program conducted this week, engaging and relevant. A wide variety of interactive and collaborative activities helped students to learn more about road trauma, the Toward Zero vision and the importance of a staged approach to learning to drive. Road Smart also provides supervising drivers with an eLearning module, featuring practical information and advice to help them in their role as a mentor, and to ensure the learning to drive experience is as stress-free as possible.
Year 10 College tie presentation
This week, Year 10 students have been presented with their College ties. As a Senior School winter uniform item, the tie, which symbolises and signifies the commencement of Senior School, is worn with pride by our senior students throughout the winter months and on formal occasions with the white shirt and college blazer.
Year 10 ties
Independent Schools Victoria Parent Website
Independent Schools Victoria has recently launched The Parents Website which contains valuable, relevant information for parents in current articles and a bank of reference material. The article posted this week is particularly relevant to our Year 12 students and is titled: Should I take a gap year? Things to consider.
Elevate study skills
At the beginning of next term, senior school students will participate in workshops led by Elevate Education. In the first week of Term 3, students in Years 10, 11 and 12 will attend seminars designed to help improve their study skills, increase motivation, build confidence and lift exam performance.

Important dates
Term 2:
  • Week 11: Term 2 concludes at 2:20pm on the last day
Term 3:
  • Week 2: Reports sent home
  • Week 3: Tuesday 28 July and Thursday 30 July: Parent/teacher interviews
  • Week 9: September 9: VCE GAT
Term 4
  • Week 6: 9 November: VCE written exams begin
Mrs Sally Kuchel, Head of Senior School
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School Sport Victoria are hosting their own Virtual Cross Country. It follows a similar format to HTLC’s Virtual Cross Country. How to participate:
Please email Mr Mcloughlin (Secondary: matthew.mcloughlin@htlc.vic.edu.au) or Mrs McDonald (Junior: tarn.mcdonald@htlc.vic.edu.au) if you need assistance with anything.
Mrs Tarn McDonald, Junior Sport Coordinator
Mr Matthew McLoughlin, Head of Sport (Secondary)
Wellbeing news-01
In this edition of SchoolTV: Youth Anxiety
Most young people today experience anxiety at some point in their life. Sometimes that slight rush of anxiety that occurs prior to an exam or sporting event, can enhance their performance. However, experiencing too much anxiety, over long periods of time, can be extremely damaging to their health and wellbeing. There is a difference between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ anxiety.

Statistics show, that the psychological health of young people today is far worse than it was a generation ago. This is having an adverse affect on children in both primary and secondary levels. Some of their issues of concern include stress, school, study, body image and friendship.

Parents need to be aware of the warning signs of ‘bad’ anxiety. There are preventative measures parents can implement as well as teaching kids the skills to cope more efficiently with their anxiety.

If you have any concerns regarding your child then please contact one of our wellbeing team members (Anne Penny, Rhiannon McKinnon and Pastor Gus.) Alternately please fill out our wellbeing referral form (available on our app) and one of our team members will contact you within 24–48 hours.
Strengths Spotlight free podcast
Join Institute of Positive Education Trainer and Consultant, Cat Lamb, as she explores each of the 24 character strengths in this podcast series.

Designed for parents, carers and educators, each episode will introduce you to one of the strengths individually, with examples, stories and activities that will help support a wellbeing focus for you and those around you. Sign up to receive a new episode every three days, along with an email summary and suggested resources.
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PTFA Pie Drive
The Conways Pie Drive has always been a hugely anticipated and well supported fundraiser for our college and the PTFA were adamant that COVID-19 was not going to stop them from running it again in 2020! It has taken a lot of work to negotiate the logistics of organising a pie drive in the current climate, but we are so excited to announce that you will be able to place your orders for the delicious Conways pies in Term 3! Further details will be distributed in the first week of Term 3.

Uniform shop
The uniform shop is back operating normal hours (Tuesday from 9am to 4pm and Friday from 9am to 2pm). You are also able to submit an order, please do this by using the attached order forms only. Please note that you are able to make your way to the uniform shop directly and don't need to sign in at the office beforehand.
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Art Is Festival
The Great Gizmo's Everyday Circus School
Join online for this FREE workshop on Sunday 21 June 1pm.

Check out the rest of the Art Is Festival program.
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