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A warm welcome to families and friends of Holy Trinity Lutheran College.

In the beginning of this week the Victorian Premier, Mr Andrews, stated that at the start of Term 4 (Monday 5 October), all VCE and VCAL students will be permitted to attend onsite for the General Achievement Test (GAT) and to prepare for other essential assessments occurring during the term. It was also announced that students from P–10 will be returning to onsite learning from Monday 12 October. This was welcomed news for our college community and we look forward to having students back on site next term. Further details for students to return to face to face learning will be provided to families next week.

Despite the change to the AFL Grand Final Eve public holiday from Friday 25 September to Friday 23 October, I remind families that the previously scheduled holiday on 25 September will remain, providing an additional day for our valued administration and grounds staff with a day of rest and recuperation.

After 20 years of service to our school community we will be farewelling Ms Sue Starbuck at the end of this term. It is with sadness that we will see Sue leave us but look forward to taking some (socially distanced) time celebrating with Sue on her final day next Friday. Our school community is encouraged to also farewell Sue but ask to be respectful of the current COVID-19 restrictions that are still in place.

The school term will finish at the end of next week with a virtual closing service made available to students prior to the school day concluding at 2.20pm. We look forward to welcoming students back to school with the aforementioned staggered start to Term 4. Wishing you a blessed week.
Mr Daniel Weller, College Principal
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Thank you God for our fathers
We have just remembered and celebrated another Father’s Day. In very different circumstances this year. It may be that some of you were not able to have any fun time with your dad this Father’s day. That is sad. For there is nothing like a hug from dad. The feeling of his strong arms around us makes us feel loved and safe.

For us at college it has also been a different Father’s Day. The Friday before it would normally be our footy day with the fun of sharing lunch and some time with our dads before the staff versus students footy match. We are truly blessed to have the great dads and male role models that we have in our college community. Not just those dads who are our teachers and parents, but also the good men we have in our fellowship.

Our earthly fathers can be an example of our perfect heavenly Father’s love. The love of our fathers is reflected in the way they protect and provide for us. They teach us so many important life lessons that become the foundation for our lives. There is nothing like the connection between a good dad and his children. God’s Word refers to this special relationship. 'He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers' (Malachi 4:6).

Children, remember your dads. Love them and honour them. Dads, love your children. They are God’s precious gift to you.

Father God, we thank you that you are our dear Father. Thank you for your love and care of us. Thank you for our earthly fathers. Thank you for the things they do for us, and especially for the time they spend with us. Help us to honour, love and respect them at all times. Please be with those who have no father or were not able to spend time with their dad this year. Amen.
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News on remote learning and return to onsite learning
This week we have heard the Victorian Government’s plan for a steady and safe plan to ease us out of COVID-19 restrictions. Primary students in rural Victoria will be continuing with remote learning until the end of Week 1 Term 4, with a return to onsite learning on Monday 12 October for all year levels. Students who have been attending onsite may continue to do so and onsite learning attendance registrations will be rolled over into Week 1. Please notify the college office if your child’s attendance needs will be different for the first week of Term 4.

Welcome Maddi Morgan
This week we have welcomed Maddi Morgan as a student teacher to HTLC. Maddi will be working under the supervision of Mark Busbridge with the Year 2B class for the remainder of the term. It is a very unique time to be completing teaching rounds, and it has been wonderful to see Maddi quickly developing positive relationships with students onsite, engaging with students learning at home and planning lessons with Mark. We hope Maddi enjoys her two weeks with us.

Last day of Term 4 (Friday 18 September)
Next Friday will be the last day of Term 3, and students, staff and parents will all welcome a holiday! The Junior School will conclude the term with a special Backyard Safari theme day. We will be having a special virtual guest, Chris Humfrey from Wild Action, prepare videos specifically for HTLC with a focus on creatures, critters and creepy crawlies found in Wimmera backyards and bush lands. At 12pm Chris will be taking our school community through a virtual private tour of his zoo and answering students' questions. Our school community has done such an amazing job throughout this second period of remote learning and it will be a delight to end our term on a high.

Additional notes for the last day of term:
  • Students may wear free dress to school and are encouraged to come dressed in a Backyard Safari theme.
  • Students will be virtually attending closing service at 1.45pm.
  • School will finish at 2.20pm.
Pastor Gus, Mr Busbridge and some students have prepared our worship for this week, based on Luke 10:33-37, the story of the Good Samaritan. This story encourages us to ‘love our neighbour’ and be kind and helpful to each other. God also provides us with people to look after us when we are in need.
Mrs Fiona Friberg, Head of Junior School
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Remote learning
On Sunday, Premier Daniel Andrews announced his road map for all Victorians to follow in order to ease current restrictions. Included in this announcement, was the news that all students in regional schools would return to face to face learning from Monday 12 October (Week 2 of Term 4). Existing remote learning processes and procedures will remain in place with Week 1 of the new term following the Week A Timetable, beginning with Home Room at 9am on Monday 5 October.

Cyber safety discussion
By now many of you have been made aware of the distressing news about a graphic video which has appeared in popular social media sites and apps such as Tik Tok and Snapchat over this past week. These sites (which are incredibly popular with adolescents) were specifically targeted by trolls who planted the videos with the intention that young eyes would see them, often without even having to directly search for them. As disappointing as this news was, unfortunately this is all part of learning how to navigate life in a digital world for our teenagers. Hopefully events of this past week have provided an opportunity for you to talk to your children around expectations when using social media. Now would be an ideal time to remind them what to do if they come across inappropriate content whilst online:
  1. do not open/view the message/link
  2. delete immediately
  3. report to someone you trust or the service provider.
Following these simple steps is the most effective way in which individuals can limit the damage/spread of harmful content when graphic material is distributed online.

Whilst we endeavour to provide opportunities within the curriculum to educate our students around responsible digital citizenship and cyber safety, these conversations need to be had regularly at home as well. There are many great resources out there, two that I commonly use and can recommend are:
Both sites have plenty of resources to help guide parents when talking about this important subject with their children. If students do come across material online which they are struggling to deal with, please don’t hesitate to contact the college for additional support options and services.

Interim reports and parent/teacher interviews
Interim reports will be available for collection from the Senior School Agora on Thursday and Friday of next week (between 8:45am and 4:30pm). Included with these reports will be information on how parents can book parent/teacher interviews online. Interviews will be held on Tuesday 13 and Thursday 15 October (Week 2, Term 4)

Resiliency Project
Today, students in Years 7, 8 and 9 had the opportunity to participate in a Zoom Presentation led by Martin Heppel from the Resiliency Project. The presentation was titled ‘Discovering Resiliency’ and was offered to students in the Wimmera.
Mr Jason Przibilla, Head of Middle School
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VET enrolment for 2021—closing soon
VET enrolments are due to close at the end of the term. Please ensure that your child has been enrolled if they are intending to commence a course, or re-enrolled if they are commencing the second year of their course.
VET delivery for Term 4
Next term VET providers are planning an intensive program of delivery to ensure students have the opportunity to attain competency in the practical skills that have not yet been assessed. This is essential for students to successfully complete their course. It will therefore be important for students to attend each of their sessions. An updated timetable will be forwarded prior to the end of term.

VTAC applications
The closing date for timely applications is drawing closer. Special consideration due to the impact of remote learning should be considered by all students, with any additional concerns being forwarded to the college as previously requested.

VCE and VCAL essential assessments
No trial exams will be running on site over the holiday break as in previous years. Teachers will however be offering study sessions to students online. A pack of previous exams has been provided to students to support their preparation. A timetable for holiday sessions will be forwarded to parents shortly.

All students completing a Unit 3/4 study are required to complete the GAT. This will be held on Wednesday 7 October from 10am to 1:15pm. The GAT forms an essential part of assessment procedures for the VCAA (Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority). Students will be meeting with Mrs Schneider in Period 5 on Wednesday 16 September to assist students in their preparation for the GAT. Past papers have been provided to students and resources collated on a Google Classroom. Mrs Schneider is available for tutorial sessions and students are encouraged to submit practise papers for marking.
Important dates
Term 4
  • 30 September: closing date for course applications
  • Week 1: 7 October 10am to 1.15pm: VCE GAT (for students undertaking Unit 3/4 study)
  • Week 1: 9 October: SEAS and scholarship applications close
  • Week 4: 30 October: Final day for Year 12 (final assembly and Year 12 breakfast)
  • Week 6: 9 November: VCE written exams commence
  • Week 9: 4 December: Final day of classes for Year 10 and 11
Summer holidays:
  • 30 December: ATAR and VCE results released to students
  • 4 January 2021: closing date for change of preferences
  • 14 January 2021: first round offers
Mrs Sally Kuchel, Head of Senior School
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Junior School Sport

Trick Shot finalists
A huge congratulations to all students who took the time and effort in submitting a trick shot entry. It was great to see so many entries—43 to be exact! I hope you enjoyed being active and filming your amazing tricks, you all should be very proud of yourselves. I will be catching up with all participants to give them a small gift for participating. Staff have voted and I can tell you that the votes were very close! Our five finalists are:
  • Arkie Mackley 3B
  • Hannah Gabbe 4I
  • Lennix Nelson 6N
  • Javier Baker (headstand) FL
  • Eli Bailey and Remi Bailey 5V and 6N.
Congratulations to these six students. Please check out our Facebook page over the coming week for the finalists' trick shot videos. Next week all Junior School classes will be placing their class votes to decide the winner. All classes will rank these five trick shots with scores. Winners will be announced on Friday. Good luck and again, thanks to all for participating.

School Sports Victoria (SSV) Virtual Track and Field event
School Sport Victoria are hosting a Virtual Track and Field event and primary children are able to get involved. Virtual Track and Field offers a selected number of disciplines including:
  • Sprints: (60m, 80m, 100m, 200m, 400m)
  • Run or walk: (800m, 1500m)
  • Jumps: (standing long jump and standing triple jump)
  • Throw: (tennis ball shot put)
  • Combined event: 100m sprint, standing long jump, tennis ball shot put and 800m run.
Get more information about each event. Remember to follow the specific instructions on how to perform each event very carefully. Students can take part in one or all the events. We encourage you to warm up before attempting any of these activities. Always have an adult supervisor and ensure you are competing in a safe environment.

Click here to enter your results. Please select HTLC as our school and Greater Western as our region. You can also use my email address tarn.mcdonald@htlc.vic.edu.au for contact details.

Some important things to remember:
  • Warm-up before you participate to minimise the risk of injury.
  • Be sure to have the correct footwear, clothing and equipment.
  • Make sure you are doing each of these activities outside.
  • Make sure you have mum or dad's permission, they can help with timing or measuring.
  • Remember we are not looking for the best, we are looking for students to give it a go.
  • Check and adhere to the current Department of Health and Human Services information for sport and exercise relevant to your local area. View the current restrictions for regional Victoria.
I hope to see some entries from HTLC. Good luck!
Mrs Tarn McDonald, Junior Sport Coordinator
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Wellbeing support
Use the form below to contact the Wellbeing Team (which includes the Provisional Psychologist, Chaplain and Pastor). Once the form has been received, your inquiry will be discussed within the Wellbeing Team. A follow-up phone call will be made to provide consultation about your inquiry and determine an appropriate course of action. This may result in a referral to outside professionals. Please note the College Principal may be informed of your inquiry as necessary. Responses will be within 48 hours. If it is an urgent matter, please contact the College Principal or Head of School.
Welcome to TRP@HOME
A hub of activities and ideas to bring Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness to day-to-day life: from kitchen table conversations, to bedtime stories and backyard expeditions.

@HOME LEARNING is for parents and carers who are homeschooling. Here you’ll find age-specific home-based activities and lesson plans to support school curriculum and family wellbeing.

@HOME FOR EVERYONE is for adults and young people alike! Head here for wellbeing tips and ways to build resilience and happiness for yourself, family and housemates.
Blog and Parenting sections are coming soon!
Wellbeing Team message for end of Term 3
Mrs Alice Lamb (Chaplain) has been settling in and got busier towards the end of term, like all the school staff, this is part of the school routine. Then the reward is the school holidays, that I am sure everybody, including families, are looking forward to. Take time to renew, recuperate and reflect. Think about what you have achieved this term, you have all done an amazing job. Well done, stay safe and see you all in Term 4, bright eyed and bushy tailed.
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The uniform shop
For the remainder of Term 3, the uniform shop will be open by appointment only. Please email uniformshop@htlc.vic.edu.au if you would like to make an appointment. Alternatively, submit an order form (attached) rather than attending the shop.

We also now have white, cloth face masks available to purchase for $10. They have adjustable earloops and are great to wear with glasses. Contact the uniform shop by email if you would like to make a purchase.
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