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Greetings and a warm welcome to all families and friends to the start of a new school year. I hope and pray that the Christmas break was relaxing and filled with happiness for you all. In preparation for 2021 I sent an email to parents and guardians last week outlining several points that would be of interest. I ask that if you didn’t receive this email that you check your spam folder first prior to contacting the Main Reception for support.

Within the communication I mentioned the operational guidelines that are in place to support our current COVID Safe Plan. This plan acknowledges that we are not yet free of all restrictions placed upon us and recognise the need to have continued established protocols to support the people, places and programs of the college. Despite many operations returning back to normal there are still several activities that are not permitted. One example of this includes external guests attending indoor events where numbers exceed the one person per two square metre density rule. With this in place it unfortunately means that visitors will not be permitted into college facilities such as the MPC where additional numbers exceed the density rule. In such circumstances, and where appropriate, a video recording will once again be taken so families are able to watch the event at their leisure. This will be the case for our whole college chapel planned for this coming Monday. I understand that at the start of the year this can be disappointing for many, but I give thanks for your continued support at this point in time.

This year we welcome nine new staff to HTLC, along with the new students in Foundation and other year levels. As we commence the school year I pray that their time with us over the coming weeks, and years, is filled with joy. The staff installation and dedication service at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church will take place this coming Sunday 31 January, commencing at 9.30am. Along with the members of our church community I look forward to formally welcoming all staff back to the college during this time.

Next week we will officially welcome all families to our Welcome and Information Evenings. The evenings are planned for Wednesday 3 February (Middle and Senior School) and Thursday 4 February (Junior School), both commencing at 7pm in the MPC—with the previously mentioned density rules applied. The format of the evening will start with a formal welcome followed by discussions with teachers. At the conclusion of the classroom visits all participants will be invited to attend our welcome supper, with drinks and nibbles kindly provided by the PTFA. This was a wonderful event last year and provided staff and families the time to mingle and get to know one another. Given the nature of this event, the evening will be for adults only and it is asked that students and young children do not attend. However, if families must bring children to this evening, and will require care for them during the welcome evening event, please contact Main Reception for details on how this can be arranged.

Wishing you a blessed week.
Mr Daniel Weller, College Principal
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Seen and loved (from LCA, read Mark 1:14–20)
In today’s reading, we see Jesus at the very beginning of his earthly ministry, assembling the group who would become his 12 disciples. These are the ones who would spend the next three years travelling with, eating with, living with and learning from him.

Three of them would become part of his inner circle, including Simon. It seems this might not have been his first encounter with Jesus. The Gospel of John records that it was Simon’s brother Andrew who had first introduced them. Over the next three years, though Jesus and Simon were master and servant, they also became close friends. Jesus renamed him Peter, and he was the first disciple to recognise Jesus as Messiah, the one promised by God to save his people.

No matter the exact timing or circumstances of their meeting, Simon Peter’s story began with being seen by Jesus as he toiled away at his everyday job. He saw into Peter’s heart, which was capable of great love but also deeply flawed, and called him anyway. The beginning of Peter’s life-changing kingdom adventure was being seen in all his humanity and loved despite his imperfections.

It’s no different for you and me. Jesus sees you toiling away at your everyday tasks. He sees you, and calls you into deep and intimate friendship with him and then on into his kingdom work. Where does he see you today? Perhaps you are not a fisherman but employed in some other vocation? Or you are retired or struggling to find work? Jesus issues you the same invitation. Might he be saying to you, ‘I see you; I know you; I love you. Come; follow me, and take part in what I’m already doing in the world. Come on a life-changing kingdom adventure …’

Thank you, Lord, that you see me where I am today, and you love me. Your seeing of me frees me into life. Help me take up your invitation to friendship and join, with joy, your kingdom work in the world. Amen.
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Welcome to the beginning of the 2021 school year. We pray you have all enjoyed the summer break and your first week of school has been positive. We extend a particularly warm welcome to the students, staff and families who are joining our school community. 47 Foundation students commenced their primary school education with us this week, 8 students in Years 1 to 6, and Kimberley Crabtree, Bethay Harris, Rebecca Fletcher, Andrea Risson, Maria Deleeuw and Rebecca Roy have joined our staff team. Welcome!

Junior School Captains
It is with great pride we announce our school captains for 2021: Lucy Bunworth, Edward Jones, Emma Streeter and Jack Kelly. Congratulations! We pray God’s blessings for you as you step into these important leadership roles. These students will be inducted into their leadership roles following opening service on Monday morning. Thank you and well done to all the students who nominated in December last year.

Welcome and Information Evening
The Junior School Welcome and Information Evening will be next Thursday 4 February. The evening will begin in the Multi-Purpose Centre at 7pm with a welcome from our Principal, Mr Weller, and general information will be shared. Class teachers will then present specific information for each year level in classrooms. There will be two sessions for parents, repeating the same content in each class, commencing at 7.20pm and 7.40pm. We encourage all parents and carers to join us for supper hosted by the PTFA following the information sessions. Please remember the supper will be a child free event. Parents are encouraged to notify Main Reception if you will require child care during the evening.

As we begin a new school year, we can often find our children have grown or items have disappeared over the summer holidays. There is also now the option of navy shorts for girls. Please email our uniform shop if you require items sent home, or come into school on Tuesdays (9am–4pm) or Fridays (9am–2pm). If your child is out of uniform when attending school, please ensure you send a note to explain the reason and when they will return to wearing the full college uniform.

Student leadership
Year 6 students who would like to nominate to be a House Captain for 2020 will be making their speeches next Friday afternoon. Each class from Year 3 to Year 6 is also in the process of electing two students to serve on the Student Representative Council this year.
Student Progress Meetings (formally parent teacher interviews)
Junior School staff are eager to meet with parents and carers to discuss how we can support your children in their learning journey at Student Progress Meetings in Week 3. Details on how to book a meeting through the School Interviews website will be sent home next week.

New playground equipment
Our Junior School students were very excited to find new playground equipment in the sand pit area this year. Thank you to the PTFA for providing this equipment for our students to enjoy.
Mrs Fiona Friberg, Head of Junior School
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Welcome back
Welcome back to all new and existing families of Holy Trinity Lutheran College. I trust that the holiday period was a time of rest, relaxation and possibly travel for our families and the 126 Middle School students are feeling refreshed and ready to return to school. I pray that your involvement with the college this year will be a blessed one.
Yr 7 12
Year 7 transition
The first students to enter the Middle School grounds for 2021 were our Year 7 students who had their orientation day on Wednesday. The day commenced with a shared breakfast involving Year 7 and 12 students and their parents. It was fantastic to be able to gather together and share in some fellowship and a delicious spread provided by ‘Gourmet Food and Flower’. The Year 7s spent their day interacting with the Year 12 students in the morning, meeting with their House Coordinators and classroom teachers, setting up their Chromebooks, learning about organisational structures and interacting with each other.
This time of the year can provide a variety of emotions for our Year 7 students as they prepare to make the adjustment from Junior School to Middle School. The Transition process is different for everyone and our experienced staff are well equipped to ease the settling in period for our Year 7s. An important step in fast-tracking the transition period is the Year 7 Transition Camp which will be held next Thursday and Friday at Tandara, Halls Gap. Students will participate in team-building activities, study sessions, orientation activities, leadership discussions as well as plenty of opportunity for bonding and fun!

Welcome and Information Evening
An Information Evening will be held next Wednesday 3 February in the Multi-Purpose Centre and Middle School buildings for all Middle School families. All parents are invited to attend and hear about core subjects, special programs and activities as well as have the opportunity to meet and greet with new and existing staff in an informal setting. All parents are invited to stay afterwards for drinks and nibbles. I look forward to seeing many of you there next Wednesday.
  • 7–7:15pm: Principal's address in the Multi-Purpose Centre
  • 7:15–8pm: Subject rotation in the Middle School and Specialist Precinct
  • 7:45–8:30pm: Social drinks and get together in the Middle School courtyard
Mr Jason Przibilla, Head of Middle School
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Welcome back
Welcome back to all parents and students for the 2021 school year! We have a busy term and year ahead of us, both in and beyond the classroom with the implementation of new and engaging curricular and extra-curricular programs in the Senior School.

Welcome to new staff
We welcome our new staff to the Senior School: Jenna Argall (Chemistry and Science), Jesse Kuchel (Head of Sport) and Meg Cashin (Health and Physical Education and Maths). Loretta Martin will be covering classes for a short time as we complete the interview process for additional staff members. They have been looking forward to meeting their new students and are all keen to make the new year one that offers meaningful, authentic learning experiences.

Year 12 2021
Our senior students enjoyed the chance to start the school year sharing breakfast with the incoming Year 7 students and the parents of both student groups on Wednesday. As classes commenced for the day, they undertook the challenge of assisting the Year 7s with their new locks and daily routines and procedures, and enjoyed the opportunity to share their personal experiences and memories of the beginning of secondary school. Many relationships began throughout the morning and our school leaders had the opportunity to reflect on their roles within the college. They spent the rest of the week at Halls Gap for their Year 12 Retreat, two days that will prove an important time for both personal and group reflection and an opportunity to look to the year ahead.

FedUni WestVic Academy of Sport 2021
We congratulate the following students on their entry to our Specialist Sport Program, running in partnership with Federation University and West Vic Academy of Sport. The following students will be undertaking their individual programs early in the term following physical assessments which will be conducted in Week 3: Madalyn Toet, Nathan Rokebrand, Codi Kenny, Jordan Friberg, Henry Kinsman, Dana Haughton, Delta Wardle, Alexandra Salter, Sebastian Le Roux, Cameron Brito-Mutunaygam, Sabian Panozzo, Ryan Pfitzner, Jacob Matuschka and Ryan Brito-Mutunaygam.

College Ball 2021
Due to the cancellation of our College Ball in 2020, we will be holding two celebration evenings this year. The Year 12 College Ball will be on Friday 7 May and the Year 11 College Ball will be on Friday 14 May, given that COVID restrictions allow gatherings of this size. Thank you to the many enthusiastic Year 12 parents who indicated their willingness to assist last year, hopefully the plans and ideas discussed can be carried over to this year. Further information will be forwarded in the near future to both Year 11 and Year 12 parents, to begin planning and preparations for the evening. The first training session will be held on Wednesday 10 February in the MPC.

Year 10
We extend a very warm welcome to our Year 10 students for 2021 as they embark on the significant first phase of their senior secondary journey. In the coming years, these students will begin to make important decisions and to develop pathways towards their futures beyond school. During this year, they will begin career planning and undertake work experience. Year 10 is an exciting year for students in developing their own sense of identity. It is a year to take advantage of all the opportunities that our learning community has to offer and begin to assume roles of responsibility.

Our VET students will commence their first day of classes next week on Wednesday 3 February. Work placements will commence on Thursday 4 February. Students are reminded to ensure that all paperwork has been completed and returned and that safe@work modules are completed prior to this time.
Mrs Sally Kuchel, Head of Senior School
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Junior Sport

Welcome back to school! This year looks promising with a return to 'Covid normal' sporting events. Our 2021 sporting dates for the Junior School have been added to the HTLC calendar. Please have a look and make note of important Term 1 dates below:
  • Year 5 and 6 Tennis try outs for the HTLC Tennis team: Monday 1 February
  • Victoria Hockey Clinic, Years 3–6: 17 and 18th February
  • Year 4–6 Swimming Carnival: 19 February 2021 at the YMCA
  • Team Vic try outs deadline: 1 March 2021 (visit www.ssv.vic.edu.au) for details.
    (This is only for those elite athletes who wish to try out for the Schools Sport Victoria Teams for AFL, Netball, please let the school know if you intend on attending as the school needs to approve and sign off on these try outs).
  • Little Desert Swimming: 3 March
  • Little Desert Tennis: 17 March
  • Greater Western Swimming: 19 March
  • Foundation to Year 2 Athletics Day: Tuesday 23 March
  • Year 3 to 6 Athletics Day: Thursday 25 March
  • HTLC Cross Country Tuesday: 20 March
Year 4–6 Swimming Carnival
This year we are excited to run a Year 4–6 Interhouse Swimming Carnival. We encourage students in Years 4, 5 and 6 to dress up in their house colours. There will be prizes for best dressed on the day.

Students will be emailed a nomination google form to submit. Here is a link for parents to have access also: https://forms.gle/wN4U3QesicfgipYE7. Entries need to be submitted by Wednesday 3 February. Only one form is required to be filled in for each student. We suggest that the parents sit down with their child and select which events they would like to enter together. Please consider your child’s swimming ability when they are filling out this form. Please note this is an ‘opt-in' carnival. We are not forcing students to enter events but highly encouraged them to have a go. This is good preparation for when they reach Middle School.

Please note that a student CANNOT enter 50m events and 25m events—it is either one or the other. The 50m events are aimed at those who are competent swimmers and students who enter these events could be chosen to represent HTLC at the Little Desert competition if their swim time meets the required entry cut off times. They will still receive house points for their House team. Team events will be determined by how many many entries we receive.

We will also be looking for some parent helpers on the day of our swimming carnival. If you have a signed copy of the HTLC Parent Helper Form (these can be obtained from either Reception area or from the app) and have your Working with Children Check, please email me at tarn.mcdonald@htlc.vic.edu.au if you are interested in volunteering with a copy of these documents. I will get in touch if you are required to assist. More information on the running of this day will be available closer to the date.

Hockey clinic
Years 3–6 will have the opportunity to participate in a Hockey clinic run by coaches from Hockey Victoria. Students are required to wear their PE sports uniform on this day. A timetable of these clinic times will be available closer to the date.
Tarn McDonald
Mrs Tarn McDonald, Junior Sport Coordinator

Secondary Sport

2021 is set to see the return of a huge year in sport at Holy Trinity Lutheran College. Term 1 is always a sport-filled term, with Black Ranges Tennis and Cricket underway for Years 9–12 in Week 3. Our WestVic Academy of Sport students also begin their year with Musculoskeletal Screenings on Monday, February 8. Term 1 is sure to be an exciting one at Holy Trinity Lutheran College, as we encourage all students to participate in school sporting events!

This week, students have been asked to complete a Google Form containing their sport nominations for the year ahead. This form will provide the basis for selection for all team events in 2021, so it is very important that students submit this prior to the beginning of Week 2. This form also plays an important role in selections for Holy Trinity Racing, which is our Pedal Prix team.

The HTLC Swimming Carnival will be held at the Horsham YMCA on Friday, February 12. All students from Year 7 to Year 12 will be competing on the day in various competitive and novelty events. This has been a fantastic event over the past three years, bringing out the colour and vibrancy of all three houses as students dress up in their costumes and participate in team challenges. The carnival is shaping up to be an exciting one, with Wimmera, Mallee and Lowan all eager to start the year off with a victory.

8: Black Ranges Intermediate/Senior Cricket
11: Black Ranges Intermediate/Senior Tennis
12: HTLC Swimming Carnival
2: Black Ranges Swimming
18: Black Ranges Intermediate/Senior Volleyball
19: Greater Western Region Swimming
26: Pedal Prix Mount Gambier
29: HTLC Secondary Athletics
jesse kuchel
Mr Jesse Kuchel, Head of Sport and Coaching
Wellbeing news-01
How to set your child up for school success
Every parent wants their child to succeed at school. But finding the magic formula for making it happen can be challenging.

Join Dr Justin Coulson for this one hour webinar to explore the five critical things every child needs to do well at school—and you’ll be surprised to know that almost none of them are about studying. Plus also discover the three most helpful things we can do to help our children do their work so they get the best grades they can—without you having to fight them to 'go to your room and do your schoolwork!

This webinar is just one of many parenting resources offering calm assurance, vision and direction and solutions you can trust from the Happy Families team. Holy Trinity Lutheran College has teamed up with Happy Families to help support our ongoing commitment to wellbeing. Our entire school community now has access to the entire library of parenting resources offered through Happy Families (usually $170 per family per year).
Check out their Lighten the Load series and video library for some useful tools to help take the pressure off as we get back to school and work after the summer break.

Create your account to claim your free premium membership, and access How to Set Your Child Up for Success and many other Happy Families resources.
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The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund
The Victorian Government's Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) provides schools with payments for eligible students to attend camps, excursions and sporting events. To be eligible for this funding, families must hold a valid means-tested concession card. CSEF eligibility will be subject to the parent/legal guardian’s concession card being successfully validated with Centrelink on the first day of either Term 1 or Term 2. CSEF applications for 2021 are now open.
All students are to wear a hat while engaging in school activities outside during Term 1 and Term 4. Please make sure your child packs their named hat each day for school.

Sustainable School Shop
Thanks to the PTFA, second-hand school textbooks and uniforms can be traded through the Sustainable School Shop website. This website is a one-stop-shop to buy and sell second-hand uniforms and textbooks year round. The PTFA is providing this service so there is no cost for families—each family that registers on the Sustainable School Shop will be given a subscription. You can also access the Sustainable School Shop website from the Uniform page of our app or the Uniform Shop page on the HTLC website.
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