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Greetings to members of HTLC. On Thursday morning I emailed families with details regarding the Victorian Government’s announcement of new state-wide restrictions following a recent COVID-19 community transition case in Melbourne. In the email I mentioned that the Department of Education and Training has issued new guidelines for schools that include the wearing of face masks when indoors. Mirroring the directive that was in place late last year the college now requires individuals aged 12 and over to wear a fitted face mask when indoors at school, unless there is a lawful reason not to. All other aspects of the current Schools Operation Guide still remain unaltered with an updated version of the guide anticipated to be released within the next day or so. Once any updated information relating to changes in the operations of the college is received I will email families directly when it becomes available.

During the week, our information and welcome evenings took place for all families in our three sub-schools. Both nights were once again very well received by those who attended and I give thanks to the families who joined us. I pray that the evenings enabled a feeling of joy and empowered to our parents and caregivers in becoming encouragers, supporters and co-creators in their student’s learning and development during the year. I look forward to further strengthening our family-school partnership and seeing how this collaborative approach can positively influence the student in our care. Additionally, it is with gratitude that I thank the PTFA for their involvement in the evening by providing the supper for our guests. Well done to our PTFA president, Carmen Driden and the other members of the PTFA who made it such an enjoyable night.

Despite the recent addition of restrictions placed on our lives, I commend our school community on how positive the start to the school year has been. As we come to the end of the second week of term I give thanks to staff, students and families for their willingness to begin the year with such optimism and hope; cooperatively working together to make the first few weeks so enjoyable. We are blessed to have such a supportive community and I give thanks for that. Wishing you all a blessed week.
Mr Daniel Weller, College Principal
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As the memories of Christmas 2020 begin to fade and we roll into a new year with all its busyness, we do well to take message of Christmas into the new year with us. After the interrupted year that 2020 was, it was good to hear about ‘the divine interruption’ of God’s good news breaking into this fallen world in the person of his only Son, Jesus of Nazareth. It was good to be reminded that one of Jesus’s names was Immanuel, meaning ‘God with Us.’
It was good to be reminded that God came to dwell among us to offer sinful human beings his ever-present forgiving grace and favour, his peace and hope in the messiness of life in this world – and joy forever in his eternal presence. Even as we recalled painful memories of physical or spiritual separation caused by the pandemic in 2020, it was comforting to hear the Apostle John remind us of the one who ‘became flesh and dwelt among us’ (John 1:14), and to hear the Christmas angel saying to us, “Do not be afraid… the Lord is with you.” It was good to be reminded that God was truly present with us, in Jesus, despite the physical absences we experienced.
Now as we begin 2021 and as we gather once again in our church and school communities, we do so with the assurance that Jesus is, “God Still with Us.” As we gather, we meet a Saviour who promises, “Where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them” (Matt 18:20). Even though we no longer see him in person, Jesus is present with us through his Holy Word, by the power of the Holy Spirit. He joins himself to us in the word and water of baptism. He is ‘really present’ in the bread and wine of Holy Communion. That is where we meet God face-to-face, in human form, still today. That is where we experience his love, forgiveness, humility, wisdom and compassion in our own daily struggles. He is still present with his promise that, whatever happens in 2021, we who put our trust in Jesus can rest assured that, “nothing can separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Romans 8:39).
As we look to whatever 2021 may bring and to whatever the future might hold for us, God reminds us of the promise Jesus made just before he withdrew his physical presence from this world. He said, “behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age” (Matt 28:20). That is the promise that we take with us into this new year – the good news that Jesus is, “God ‘Still’ with Us!
Pastor Lester Priebbenow – District Bishop, Victoria and Tasmania
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Information Evening
Thank you to everyone who came along to the Welcome and Information Evening last night. It was terrific to have such a wonderful attendance. The positive relationships we enjoy between the school and homes helps to maximise the learning of our students. We encourage parents to continue to make regular contact with classroom teachers throughout the year.

We will have our first Junior School Assembly for 2021 on Monday morning in the MPC, where students elected as class representatives for the SRC and our House Captains will be announced and presented with their badges. Unfortunately, due to density limits, we are unable to invite parents and friends to attend. Assembly will be recorded and made available to parents on request. Subsequent assemblies this term will be via a Google Meet, which can be accessed by parents through the events calendar.

Student Progress Meetings
Next week Junior School Student Progress Meetings (formally Parent Teacher Interviews) will take place on Tuesday and Thursday after school. You can book a time to meet with your child’s teacher through the School Interviews website using the code 2tzkx. We encourage all families to take up the opportunity to share specific information about your children with classroom teachers.
Dropping off and picking up children
Students’ safety is the highest priority for our school. Please remember to be patient when driving in and out of the school car park areas and follow all road rules. We also ask that students do not arrive at school until after 8.30am, as our staff are not available to supervise them until this time. We also ask that children do not play on the playgrounds after school, as again these are not supervised by staff and can entice other students to play before going to the bus or pick up areas. We thank you for your support.
Mrs Fiona Friberg, Head of Junior School
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Year 7 transition
Our Year 7 students have continued their transition into Middle School this week, establishing routines, organising lockers, figuring out locker codes, familiarising themselves with teachers, subjects and rooms as well as building connections and relationships with each other. The group has settled-in extremely well with many teachers making positive comments about how they are coping with the changes and attitudes to learning.

The Transition Camp provides a great opportunity for our Year 7s to take time-out (after completing their first week of school), to focus on applying strategies to assist with the settling in process. Whilst on camp this week, the Year 7s participated in a number of activities aimed at taking them out of their comfort zone. High ropes courses and team initiative challenges encouraged them to support each other in order to reach a common goal. Study sessions allowed the students the opportunity to plan the year ahead and prioritise their time to ensure a balanced lifestyle is achieved. A time of bonding through unstructured play was also emphasised which allowed the students time and space to get to know each other and discover common interests and passions.
I look forward to the year ahead and after spending some time in class with the Year 7s this past week, I can assure you that they are adjusting well and are going to be wonderful contributors to the college in 2021 and beyond. Please continue to have them in your thoughts and prayers as they year goes on.

Secondary Welcome and Information Evening
The Secondary Welcome and Information Evening was held on Wednesday night. This night was attended by a group of enthusiastic parents from Years 7 to 12 who took the opportunity to hear a welcome address from the Principal, were briefed by the Department Coordinators, met with subject teachers, received subject information and enjoyed a cold drink and nibbles generously provided by the PTFA. Thank you to those parents who attended and created a great atmosphere on the night.

Year 9 Rite Journey
The Year 9 Rite Journey program has commenced with students spending the first week being briefed on a major project—the iDesign project. This project always generates a lot of interest amongst the students and I encourage parents to read the information that has been sent home and posted on the Google Classroom in order to be across all that is involved. An Information session will be held for all Year 9 parents later in the term and this will provide an opportunity to find out all about this exciting program and what will be involved over the course of the year.
Mr Jason Przibilla, Head of Middle School
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College Ball 2020
A meeting to commence organisation and planning for our College Ball will be held on Wednesday 10 February at 7pm. All Year 11 and 12 parents are welcome to attend. Students are asked to submit the form indicating their intention to be involved in the Ball by this date also.

Students who have entered the Senior School this year are reminded that blazers can be ordered from the Uniform Shop. These are a required item of the formal Senior School uniform. Ties will be presented to Year 10 students later in the term.

Study Centre
The centre will be open for both supervised private study and teacher-led tutorials from next Monday, 8 February. Senior students are encouraged to take advantage of these times and to establish positive study habits early in the year.

VETis (Vocational Education and Training in Schools)
Our VET students commenced their first day of classes for the year on Wednesday. This year we have students undertaking courses in: Agriculture, Automotive, Building and Construction, Community Services, Screen and Media, Kitchen Operations and Health Support Services.

VCAL students have commenced their first project for the year and have undertaken the challenge of running a BBQ at the Swimming Carnival to be held next week. Students undertaking Structured Work Placement are reminded that this needs to be confirmed as soon as possible.
Mrs Sally Kuchel, Head of Senior School
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Junior Sport

Important sport dates
  • Year 4–6 Swimming Carnival: 19 February 2021 at the YMCA
  • Team Vic try outs deadline: 1 March 2021 (visit www.ssv.vic.edu.au) for details.
    (This is only for those elite athletes who wish to try out for the Schools Sport Victoria Teams for AFL, Netball, please let the school know if you intend on attending as the school needs to approve and sign off on these try outs).
  • Little Desert Swimming: 3 March
  • Little Desert Tennis: 17 March
  • Greater Western Swimming: 19 March
  • Foundation to Year 2 Athletics Day: Tuesday 23 March
  • Year 3 to 6 Athletics Day: Thursday 25 March
  • HTLC Cross Country Tuesday: 27 April
Swimming Carnival
This year we will be having a Junior School Swimming Carnival on 19 February. All Year 4–6 students will be attending the YMCA Horsham Aquatic Centre for the day to compete in swimming strokes and team/novelty events.

Students were given the opportunity to nominate for events during the week under the guidance of parents and teachers. A program for the day will be generated and will be available soon. We encourage all Year 4–6 students to dress up in their house colours for the day. There will also be prizes for best dressed: Fashions by the Pool.

More information will be available soon.

HTLC Junior Tennis Team
Congratulations to the following students who made the HTLC Tennis team for 2021.
  • Girls: Emma Streeter, Lucy Bunworth, Hannah Heard, Nellie Driller (emergency)
  • Boys: Eli Bailey, Toby Uebergang, Liam Richardson, Fraser Shurdington (emergency)
Miss Davis and I would like to thank all the students who tried out for the team. It was lovely to see so many keen sports people attend and it really was a tough decision. We encourage those who didn’t make it to try out again next year. Team members will be receiving information about the event next week along with training dates.
Tarn McDonald
Mrs Tarn McDonald, Junior Sport Coordinator

Secondary Sport

The HTLC Swimming Carnival will be held at the Horsham YMCA on Friday, February 12. All students have entered their race preferences and are preparing to represent their house. This year the 'Fashions at the Pool' will kick-off the day, with students encouraged to dress in their house colours.

WestVic Academy of Sport students are beginning their year with Musculoskeletal Screenings on Monday, February 8. An Exercise Physiologist will be present to give the student-athletes an advanced summary on their movement patterns and help to identify areas of improvement to enhance their physical capabilities.

The HTLC Intermediate Boys will be representing the school at Black Ranges Cricket on Monday, February 8 at Dudley Cornell Park; going up against Horsham College and Stawell Secondary College. Intermediate and Senior Tennis teams will also be representing HTLC on Thursday at Stawell Secondary College. We wish all these students the best of luck!

8: Black Ranges Intermediate/Senior Cricket
11: Black Ranges Intermediate/Senior Tennis
12: HTLC Swimming Carnival
2: Black Ranges Swimming
18: Black Ranges Intermediate/Senior Volleyball
19: Greater Western Region Swimming
26: Pedal Prix Mount Gambier
29: HTLC Secondary Athletics
VCAL BBQ lunch at Swimming Carnival
The VCAL class are holding a BBQ lunch for students at the Swimming Carnival next Friday. All proceeds will go to the Christian Emergency Food Centre. Students are able to get a sausage in bread for $2 (payable in cash on the day).
jesse kuchel
Mr Jesse Kuchel, Head of Sport and Coaching
Wellbeing news-01
SPECIAL REPORT: Starting Year 7
Starting Year 7 poses many new challenges, but also offers exciting opportunities. It comes with a number of mixed feelings. Unfortunately for many Year 6 students, 2020 was marred with school closures and remote learning due to the pandemic and the overall impact of this is still unknown.

For many students regular orientation activities at the end of 2020 were less than ideal. Therefore, many students may be feeling a little bit more anxious than usual about their expectations of starting Year 7. Grasping new skills and establishing new study practices can quickly become daunting and overwhelming.

In this Special Report, there are a number of strategies offered that can make this transition period smoother and start things off on the right foot! We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this Special Report, and as always, we welcome your feedback.

If you do have any concerns about the wellbeing of your child, please contact the Wellbeing Team for further information or seek medical or professional help.
Holy Trinity Lutheran College has teamed up with Happy Families to help support our ongoing commitment to wellbeing. Our entire school community now has access to resources which will help families, staff and students to flourish. Every family at Holy Trinity Lutheran College now has access to their own Happy Families Premium Membership. These memberships contain a library of parenting resources to offer calm assurance, vision, direction and solutions you can trust.
Premium Memberships are usually $170 per family per year, but each family has full access to the membership for the next 12 months for free.
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The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund
The Victorian Government's Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) provides schools with payments for eligible students to attend camps, excursions and sporting events. To be eligible for this funding, families must hold a valid means-tested concession card. CSEF eligibility will be subject to the parent/legal guardian’s concession card being successfully validated with Centrelink on the first day of either Term 1 or Term 2. CSEF applications for 2021 are now open.
Masks on school buses
A friendly reminder for all students aged 12 years and older that face masks are to be worn when on public transport and school buses, unless the student has a lawful exemption. This requirement is set by the Department of Health & Human Services and the Victorian Chief Health Officer. Thank you for your cooperation.
Middle School Homework Club
Homework Club runs at 3.30–4.30 each Monday and Wednesday afternoon until the end of the term. It will be held in room MGLA1 in the Middle School.

Lunch orders
Lunch orders will be resuming in Week 4 (from Tuesday 16 February), supplied by Gourmet Food & Flowers, and can be ordered on Tuesday or Thursday (depending on year level).
  • Foundation to Year 4: Tuesdays
  • Year 5–Year 12: Thursdays
A menu and paper bags will go out to each student next week. Please ensure that correct money is sent with orders, as no change is able to be given.
2021 ski trip
Secondary students have the opportunity to go on ski trip to Mt Buller from Sunday 4 July to Friday 9 July 2021. The cost for the week is $2050 which includes transportation, ski and clothes hire, ski school lessons, accommodation, meals and ski lift ticket.

If you child would like to go on ski trip, please email Mr Weller (daniel.weller@htlc.vic.edu.au) by Friday 12 February.
Junior Squash Comp
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