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Greetings to all in the HTLC community. With the changes to COVID restrictions made by the Victorian Government today around the use of masks indoors, an update will be provided to families via an email and app notification to clarify what our requirements will be. I'll make it a priority to pass the information on once I've received it. Thank you for your patience.

Several weeks ago Mr Chris Surridge announced to staff that after 35 years in Lutheran schools he will be retiring at the end of this term. At the time it was a sad moment for staff but as a community we recognised the joy that goes with a new stage in his life. Mr Surridge has faithfully served been both as a teacher and a Principal, and has notably developed so many positive relationships with influence on staff, students and families. He will be truly missed. Despite his desire to not be placed in the spotlight we will, however, be taking time to recognise Mr Surridge and his achievements over the coming weeks.

Our College Chaplain, Mrs Alice Lamb, will be completing her time with us this coming Wednesday 3 March. I give thanks to Alice for her involvement in the Wellbeing Team and for her support of our students and families. God’s richest blessing to Alice as she commences a new role over the coming weeks. We will welcome Mrs Rhiannon McKinnon back from maternity leave on Tuesday 9 March as she will recommence as our College Chaplain.

This week we welcomed Miss Loretta Martin to staff as she joins us for the year in the English and Psychology faculties. I pray that Miss Martin’s time with us is filled with joy and I look forward to her support and guidance of our secondary students this year.

Congratulations to Mallee House for successfully winning both the Primary and Secondary House Swimming Carnivals. This was such a fine effort given the competitiveness of the events. Well done to all of the students who participated on the day and made it such a fun and closely contested carnival. It is with excitement that I look forward to upcoming athletics carnivals that takes place toward the end of this term.

The application process for the Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) is still available to members in our college. Details about the application process for eligible families can be found in the link below. I strongly encourage families to apply for this funding.
Mr Daniel Weller, College Principal
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From the Daily Devotions (LCA) by Sue Westhorp
'Because he himself was tested by what he suffered, he is able to help those who are being tested.' (Hebrews 2:18)
Have you ever had the experience of telling someone a part of your story and had them react with the words ‘I know exactly how you feel’? Perhaps it is a phrase you use to show that you understand and feel empathy for the other person. Sometimes this can be helpful for us, creating a sense of solidarity that helps us to feel less alone. Sometimes we might question whether it is actually possible for someone to know exactly how we feel. After all, we are all unique human beings with unique experiences, aren’t we?
The reading outlines God’s plan for salvation through Jesus. Jesus is described as the pioneer of our salvation who is made perfect through suffering and ‘tastes death for everyone’. And in doing so, he claims us as his sisters and brothers, because he became human like us. It’s a pretty amazing concept, isn’t it? God had the power to swoop in triumphantly and save humanity, and yet he chose to become one of us, to experience life as one of us, and ultimately to die—something God could not do unless he was human.
And the story doesn’t end after the death and resurrection, for Jesus continues to help us in our times of testing and suffering. He doesn’t sit at a distance from us, no longer involved now that the work of salvation has been completed. No, he comes alongside us, identifying with our human experiences and helping us to work through them, not as an impartial observer but as one who knows what we are going through.
As you pour out your heart to God in prayer, in lament, and in sighs beyond words, know that Jesus has gone before you, enduring testing and suffering for our sake. And as he listens to you, he says, ‘My sister/brother, I know exactly how you feel, and I will help you through’.
Loving God, you have gone before us, enduring suffering and the cross for our salvation. Help us to remember that no matter what testing and suffering we endure, you are there with us, ready to help us in our time of need. Amen.
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STEM challenge
On Monday, 16 Year 6 students participated in the Wimmera Science and Engineering Challenge Discovery Day. They worked in teams to compete against other schools from our region. Students were challenged to think critically, solve problems and use their Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths skills. We were very excited to hear on Wednesday that our school won the challenge! Congratulations to all students who participated!
Picking up students
Each afternoon there are staff members supervising students as they are collected from school. The areas that are supervised are the pick up area (roundabout near the Middle School, Trinity Drive crossing, the area near the Junior School reception and the Pepper Tree Lane Crossing. Please note that the Helipad and overflow car park on the oval are not official pick up areas and parents are asked to ensure students are not waiting in these areas unattended. Thank you.

SRC Crazy Hair Day—save the date
Our Student Representative Council had their first meeting for 2021 last week. They have set the date for our Crazy Hair Day for 2021, which will be on Friday 19 March. Students will be asked to bring a gold coin donation and proceeds raised will be given to the Leukaemia Foundation.

Assembly next Monday will be delivered via Google Meets. The Meet Link is available on the HTLC public calendar.

This morning 5G led chapel with a focus on taking time to rest, based on Mark 6:31–32. In this verse we are reminded that Jesus made time for himself and the disciples to rest, even during busy times. Next week Year 2S will be leading our Junior School worship. Please encourage your child to bring a small offering.

Congratulations to this week's award winners!

FL: Isla Greene, Maggie Kelm FS: Romy Olston, Nixon Smith 1C: Edie Hallam, Chelsea Smith 1D: Ryder Ellis, Angela Koh 1I: Mia Hately 2B: Vivan Bhandari 2S: Evie Kalms 3B: Zara Przibilla 3K: Sophia Gerdtz 3L: Kobe Hallam 4F: All of 4F 4R: Lauren Rudolph, Ava Watson 5D: Georgia Foster, Hannah Heard, Sienna Treloar 5G: Olly Clarke, Bonnie Grieger 5H: Jana van Heerden, Hannah Gabbe 6G: Emmanuel Amilegbe, Deagan Fischer 6H: Adelyn Penny 6N: Ella Johns Digital Technology: Charlotte Matuschka Performing Arts: Jayla Ellis, Isla Greene Library: Axal Henskes Jing Award: Eliza Brown
Mrs Fiona Friberg, Head of Junior School
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Year 9 Rite Journey Parent Information Evening
Thank you to all the parents who came along to support their child’s commencement of the Rite Journey Program by attending the Information Session and Departure Ceremony on Thursday night. It was a real highlight to watch the interactions as parents shared and discussed items of significance form their child’s younger days. The letters of gratitude were well received and goals for the year discussed before the parents said goodbye for the night.
After a sleepover in the MPC and library, the Year 9 students rose early Friday morning before trekking to Mt Arapiles for the ‘Calling’ Ceremony. As the sun rose over the Wimmera, students took time to reflect on their journey thus far, focusing on their life up until this point before looking forward to the future and all the possibilities that await them this year. The Rite Journey is the significant Pastoral Care program of the Middle School and every year offers opportunities for students to reflect on what it means to be a healthy man or woman. I look forward to sharing more details about the program throughout the year.
Student leadership positions for 2021
Congratulations to these students on being elected to leadership positions in the Middle School for 2021. An installation service will be held at an upcoming assembly.
  • Middle School Ambassadors and SRC: Abbey O’Connor, Eva Drendel, Jed Pohlner, Harrison Daniell
  • Year 8 SRC: Prue Heard, James Pfitzner, Steph Wundke
  • Middle School Captains and SRC: Jessica Flett, Armani Scollary, Jacob Matuschka, Jackson Gabbe
Homework Club
A reminder that Homework Club is running on Monday and Wednesday nights from 3:30–4:30pm in MGLA1. All students are welcome to attend.
Mr Jason Przibilla, Head of Middle School
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New building progress
Our new building is quickly taking shape as the exterior façade and roof draw close to completion. Internal walls, fittings and fixtures of our Sports Science facility, gymnasium, additional general classroom, specialist science room and locker room will soon be well underway. We look forward to being able to use the building and to further enhance the holistic learning experiences we are able offer our students to support their growth and development and preparation for future pathways.
Wimmera Science and Engineering Challenge
Thirty-two Year 10 students participated in the 2021 Rotary Club Science and Engineering Challenge where they competed against teams from other schools to complete design challenges. The program aims to provide students with further knowledge about Science and Engineering and in so doing, inspire them to investigate this as a potential future pathways option.
Careers Newsletter
Our careers newsletter will be sent out weekly this year to all students in the Senior School. Both parents and students are strongly encouraged to access these editions as they contain valuable and relevant information about work experience, career options, university programs and open days.
College Ball 2021—change of training time
Training is progressing well and it has been pleasing to see students making an effort to attend each session. Training will be held on Sunday afternoon from 1–2:30pm this week. Both groups will be training together at this time until further notice. A meeting for interested parents will be held at this time in the Library.
Students are expected to be in college summer uniform at all times. Sport uniform is permitted to be worn on one full day. On other days, students are required to change. Make-up is not to be worn to school and jewellery for girls can consist of one pair of sleepers or studs and a small cross on a chain.

Specialist Sport Program
The season launch will be held at HTLC on Monday 1 March from 7:30–8:15pm in the Senior Centre Agora. Notes should have been returned today.

Distance Education
Students who have chosen to undertake a Distance Education subject this year are reminded of the importance of personal organisation, ensuring that tasks are completed within the required timeframe. All students should by now have made contact with their DECV teacher and their supervising teacher at HTLC to organise tuition and support times.
Mrs Sally Kuchel, Head of Senior School
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Junior Sport

Swimming Carnival
Congratulations to everyone who participated in our very first Primary swimming carnival. We were blessed with lovely weather and it was a fun day all round. Check out photos of the day.
Congratulations to Mallee, who were our House Shield winners for 2021! It was great to see all of our houses score well over the day. Our overall House Points were:
  • 1st: Mallee on 514 points
  • 2nd: Lowan on 480.5 points
  • 3rd: Wimmera on 461.5 points
Well done to our Age Champions:
  • 9–10 years: Lauren Jones & Hylton Penfold
  • 11 years: Ellua Boyd & Soren Foster
  • 12–13: Ellita Scollary & Edward Jones
It was also great to see the splash of colour and creativity with students dressing up. Our Fashions by the Pool winners went to: Charlotte Matuschka, Imogen Dunn, Lucy Bunsworth and Jesse Jolley. Winners receive a HTLC canteen voucher and a free swim pass to the YMCA.
We would like to thank the parent helpers, along with our VCAL students, Mr Lloyd, Mr Lawson and Mrs Rogers, for their assistance throughout the day cooking the BBQ, assisting with the team novelty events, catering and timing.

Little Desert Swimming Carnival
Congratulations to those whose swim times were fast enough to qualify and progress to the next level—the Little Desert Swimming Carnival. These students will swim against other schools in our region next Wednesday 3 March here at the Horsham Aquatic Centre. We wish them all the best.
  • Lauren Jones, Ellua Boyd, Poppy White, Malaya Willmore, Charlotte Matuschka, Cody Stewart, Jemma Hoffmann, Jack Urquhart, Hannah Gabbe, Kirrily Dandy, Soren Foster, Isaac Hogan, Elita Scollary, Edward Jones, Matilda Smith, Zoe Wilson, Charlize van Zyl, Maya Przibilla, Emma Streeter, Rachel Reichelt
These students will be bused to and from school and the YMCA on this day. Please ensure students bring food and drink as we have been informed that the canteen may not be running.

Our Athletics Days are fast approaching. This year we will be having two days. A Foundation–Year 2 day held on Tuesday 23 March. A Year 3–6 day will be on Thursday 25 March.

In preparation for this day the Foundation students will be doing their sprint trials next Friday 5 March, please have your child wear PE uniform on this day. These sprint times allow your child to be put in the correct heat for sprints and hurdles on Athletics Day.

Year 1–6 will do their sprint and hurdles trials in the coming weeks, a time will be sent home in your child's diary to inform you when they will require their PE uniform. If you are able to come and be a parent helper with timing please contact tarn.mcdonald@htlc.vic.edu.au.

Important sport dates:
  • Team Vic try outs deadline: 1 March 2021 (visit www.ssv.vic.edu.au for details).
    (This is only for those elite athletes who wish to try out for the Schools Sport Victoria Teams for AFL, Netball, please let the school know if you intend on attending as the school needs to approve and sign off on these try outs).
  • Little Desert Swimming: 3 March
  • Little Desert Tennis: 17 March
  • Greater Western Swimming: 19 March
  • Foundation to Year 2 Athletics Day: Tuesday 23 March
  • Year 3 to 6 Athletics Day: Thursday 25 March
  • HTLC Cross Country Tuesday: 27 April
Tarn McDonald
Mrs Tarn McDonald, Junior Sport Coordinator

Secondary Sport

The results for the 2021 HTLC Swimming Carnival are finally in! Students anxiously awaited the count, which was announced at assembly this week. The finish was extremely close, coming down to just a handful of points. But, for the third year in a row, Mallee has taken out the coveted Swimming Carnival Trophy for 2021! Congratulations to all Mallee students who participated on the day. Coming a close 2nd place was Wimmera, followed by a 3rd place finish from Lowan.
Our age champions for the carnival all performed at an extremely high level for the duration of the day, so we would also like to congratulate all of the students pictured below.
  • 12–13 years: Mia Nuttall & Rosco Hair
  • 14 years: Tess Wilson & Tom Urquhart
  • 15 years: Sophie Pietsch & Jacob Matuschka
  • 16 years: Leah Eilola & Tulley Norton (tied) & Wil Tippet (all absent for photo)
  • 17 years: Zyla Nelson & Jordan Matuschka
  • 18–20 years: Alexandra Salter & Faith Eilola (tied) & Nathan Rokebrand
During the swimming carnival, an award known as the ‘Spirit of House Medal’ is also presented to one member of each house. This award represents students who have displayed a positive attitude, willingness to participate in events and assist whenever help was needed. These students also displayed great sportsmanship and were encouraging of their fellow peers throughout the event. We would like to congratulate the following students for being selected to receive this award:
  • Wimmera: Bodey Wilde
  • Lowan: Jessica Toet
  • Mallee: Olivia Heard
Upcoming events
2: Black Ranges Swimming
18: Black Ranges Intermediate/Senior Volleyball
19: Greater Western Region Swimming
26: Pedal Prix Mount Gambier
29: HTLC Secondary Athletics
jesse kuchel
Mr Jesse Kuchel, Head of Sport and Coaching
Wellbeing news-01
Parental as anything
Parental as Anything podcast—Tips for starting school
Parental As Anything is revisiting one of the most popular episodes of 2020—how to get your kids to school without the stress and tears. Maggie Dent and child and adolescent psychologist, Dr Kaylene Henderson, give you all the tips you need to help you and your child nail those first days and weeks at school. Maggie is back with all new episodes in March.
Happy Families—Lighten the Load
As the school year ramps up and the reality and pressure of everyday life hits us, it might help to Lighten the Load by remembering that: There’s always too much to do. And that’s not a bad thing.
Feeling swamped, overscheduled, and incapable of doing it all is part of the human condition (or it is for many of us). But when we make peace with this reality, it can actually be empowering. Why? It means that we are forced to choose, so we must choose wisely.

If you have 20 things to do today but only have time for 10, choose the 10 that matter most. It’s true that sometimes things will feel a little unbalanced, and we’ll have to let important things slide. But that’s not going to happen all the time.

The brilliant Stephen R. Covey taught that "things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least."

This week, be intentional about what you can accomplish in a day. Set your focus and priorities. And make sure the things that matter most (the children! Just in case you were unsure) aren’t at the mercy of things that matter least.
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The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund
The Victorian Government's Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) provides schools with payments for eligible students to attend camps, excursions and sporting events. To be eligible for this funding, families must hold a valid means-tested concession card. CSEF eligibility will be subject to the parent/legal guardian’s concession card being successfully validated with Centrelink on the first day of either Term 1 or Term 2. CSEF applications for 2021 are now open.
Taylors Lake Football Club
New and returning players from ages 5 to 12 are more than welcome to register for Auskick. Training will start 11 March, 5:15–6pm. Parents are highly encouraged to get involved!

Contact Trav on 0477925002 if you have any questions or would like to help as an extra coordinator (Working with Children Check is required).
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