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Christ has risen! He has risen indeed. Greeting to the HTLC community, particularly as we start this new school term. During the holiday break I was afforded some time to reflect on our past 12 months and naturally was drawn to the changes that have occurred to the world around us. The most obvious of these to schools has been the shift in educational thinking and the excitement around reimagining what schooling could be for us into the future. With the forced introduction of remote learning early last year, the college was proactive in establishing the ‘how’ and ‘what’ that was needed to provide relevant and meaningful educational opportunities for the students in our care. More importantly the leadership group was very conscious of establishing a vision that articulated the ‘why’ of what we do as a Lutheran school. Author and visionary thinker, Simon Sinek, explains that for individuals to be inspired, feel safe and fulfilled we must first start with the ‘why’. Our mission statement as a Lutheran school identifies our purpose in establishing a Christian community that is committed to providing a quality Christian education and the nurturing of young people for a life of faith and service. Our belief of why we do things is deeply rooted in a Gospel centred approach that is our lens for providing rich and dynamic opportunities for all individuals to thrive in this changing and challenging world we live in. Through our mission we aim to prepare students for pathways of their choice whilst shaping their confidence, capabilities and character. Our ‘why’ affirms us in how we provide quality Christian education and care of each and every member of our community. Understanding the ‘why’ of HTLC will lead us to the ‘how’ and the ‘what’, where we always aim to strive for excellence, encourage innovation, applaud effort and value the relationships in our community—our Strategic Intent (2020-2024) document and established programs reinforce this! Starting with the ‘why’ only strengthens our belief and provides focus and purpose for the ‘how’ and ‘what’. As we commence a new term I encourage all members of the Holy Trinity to also focus on the ‘why’.

This term we welcome Ms Kate Farnham (Secondary English and Psychology) and Mr Phil Creek (Technologies – Woodwork) to the teaching faculty. I wish both Kate and Phil God’s richest blessing as they commence with us.

From the start of Term 2, it will be an expectation that students will wear winter uniform. Due to the variances in the weather normally experienced over the coming weeks students will have a transition period until 1 May to make this change. Please refer to Uniform Policy for more information.

At the beginning of the week I sent an email to all families highlighting particular aspects of our COVID Safe Plan for this term. I ask that all families read this information and get in contact with the Main Reception if it wasn’t received. As we complete the first week of Term 2 I wish all families a happy and joy filled term or learning and growth.
Mr Daniel Weller, College Principal
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Because everyone who has been born of God overcomes the world (1 John 5:4a)
By Pastor Reid Matthias

If I write the word ‘conqueror,’ who first comes to mind? Throughout history, there have been military leaders who have, through often brutal means, enlarged their territory. Genghis Kahn, the Mongol leader, conquered territory from eastern Europe across the entirety of Asia to Japan on the east. According to history, his superior military tactics, along with the Mongols’ expertise on horseback and with bow and arrow, allowed him to subdue any group that tried to stand in his way.

From the Apostle John’s perspective, though, conquering the world is not about taking territory, but actually giving it up. Or, as the NIV translates, ‘overcomes’ the world. How does this happen? Is it by our superior tactics? Our war-like tendencies? Cutting the world down with weapons of destruction? No, it is by the power of God and his empowerment of love to his children. ‘Everyone who believes that Jesus is the Christ is born of God … and everyone who has been born of God [ie received the Holy Spirit] overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith’ (1 John 5:4,5).

This is the victory. Christ the Conqueror through love. The free gift of grace through our faith in Christ Jesus allows us to give up our aspirations of conquering territory and allows God to conquer the terror of sin, death and the devil. What kinds of things has the Holy Spirit helped you conquer in life? What are some things you’d like to ask for help with?

Heavenly Father, thank you for your amazing gift of faith. Thank you that it allows me to see that you have conquered the world so I might live freely in it. Your victory is immense! Praise Christ the Conqueror!
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Welcome to Term 2! We pray that you have enjoyed the holidays and managed to slow down for a few days, and took time to remember the amazing gift of forgiveness we receive through Jesus’ death and resurrection!

Cross Country
Congratulations to all students who participated in the Junior School Cross Country on Wednesday. Thank you to Mrs McDonald and staff for making this day possible. Please see Mrs McDonald’s sports report for details.

Anzac Day
This morning we recognised Anzac Day with a commemorative service attended by the whole school. Mrs Jessie Ferguson shared the story of your grandfather’s service for our country in World War II, and our College Council President, Bryan Matuschka, played The Last Post and The Rouse. All classes laid wreaths that they have made in class as they entered the MPC. Our Junior School Captains will attend the Horsham Rural City Council dawn service at the Sawyer Park on Sunday.

Student Leadership Day
Next Wednesday our Year 6 students who have student leadership roles as Junior School Captains, House Captains and Student Representatives will be attending a Student Leadership Day in Hall Gap. Students leaders from other Lutheran Schools in our district will also be attending. The day will be facilitated by Emma Graetz from Australian Lutheran College.

Junior School will now be held each week live in the MPC fortnightly on even weeks (Week 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10). As parents are still unable to attend due to COVID restrictions, our assembly will be recorded and made available to parents.

Foundation 2022
This week Mr Weller and I have begun to meet with students enrolled for Foundation in 2022. If you have a child at home who is starting school next year and you have not been called to arrange an interview, please contact the college office to ensure your child is enrolled.

School uniform
We are now transitioning from summer to winter uniform. All students are required to wear their winter uniform from Monday 3 May. Please note that students are asked to dress in their formal uniform unless it is their specified sports day, and that the sports jackets are not to be worn with formal uniforms. If your child requires an extra layer of warmth, Navy Jackets are available from the uniform shop. Black puffer jackets are not permitted.

This year all Year 3 and 5 NAPLAN tests will be administered online, with the exception of the Year 3 Writing test. The testing schedule will run for two weeks with tests planned for the following days:
Tuesday 11 May: Year 3 and Year 5 Writing
Wednesday 12 May: Year 3 and Year 5 Reading
Monday 17 May: Year 3 and Year 5 Conventions of Language
Tuesday 18 May: Year 3 and Year 5 Numeracy
Catch-up tests will be available for individual students who are absent on test days up to and including Friday 21 May 2021. Changes to this schedule may be made if required.

Mother’s Day
We will be recognising Mother’s Day at school on Friday 7 May. FL will lead our Chapel service at 9am celebrating our wonderful mums, which will be recorded and made available to parents. The Junior Red Cross will be having a Mother’s Day Staff on this day also.

This term our Chapel focus is ‘Living life to the full’. Next Friday Year 3K will be leading worship, focussing on praise (Psalm 150:2). We encourage students to bring a small offering to Chapel each Friday.
Mrs Fiona Friberg, Head of Junior School
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Study skills seminars and examinations
This week students had the opportunity to participate in study skills seminars led by Elevate Education, Australia’s leading study skills provider for schools. These sessions were particularly informative and productive. Find follow-up material for students and parents on the Elevate Education website. The password to access this material is ‘rondo’. If students were absent for the study skills seminars, detailed notes can be provided by emailing Mr Przibilla. A reminder that examinations for all students will be held this term. The exam revision week will be held in Week 6 of term from Monday 24 to Friday 28 May. The exam week will be held in Week 7 of term from Monday 31 May to Friday 4 June.

Year 8 Camp
This week the Year 8 students participated in an overnight bushwalk through the Grampians National Park. The two-day overnight hike commenced at the Wander Inn Restaurant and took the students through Cooinda Burrong, Zumsteins, MacKenzie Falls, Smiths Mill campsite, Boroka Lookout and Wonderland Carpark, before finishing at Halls Gap. Students were required to carry their sleeping bags, clothes, food, water and all other essential items in their hiking packs. Meals were cooked on trangia ovens. The camp was a culmination of skills learnt through Physical Education classes in Term 1 and will help to prepare the students for the Rite Journey camp held in Year 9.

NAPLAN – Test details for Term 2
Tuesday 11 May: Year 7 and 9 Writing test (910:10am)
Wednesday 12 May: Year 7 and 9 Reading test (910:10am)
Monday 17 May: Year 7 and 9 Language Conventions test (910:10am)
Tuesday 18 May: Year 7 and 9 Numeracy test (910:10am)
An information letter was distributed to all parents in Years 7 and 9 on Thursday of this week.
Mr Jason Przibilla, Head of Middle School
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Elevate Education study skills seminars
We have had a busy return to Term 2 with all students from Years 711 participating in study skills seminars throughout Tuesday and Wednesday with Elevate Education. Our facilitator engaged the senior students with practical skills and strategies they can undertake to ensure their study and exam preparation is both meaningful and thorough. Year 10 students looked closely at the study techniques of top students and how these can support them to navigate their workload throughout the year. Year 11 students engaged in a program titled 'Student Elevation' focusing on a range of skills to motivate themselves throughout the year. Senior School students are strongly encouraged to attempt some of the research based strategies that were provided in their sessions.
Year 10 college tie presentation
This week, Year 10 students have been presented with their College ties. As a Senior School winter uniform item, the tie, which symbolises and signifies the commencement of Senior School, is worn with pride by our senior students throughout the winter months and on formal occasions with the white shirt and college blazer.
Year 10 Work Experience
Work Experience for Year 10 students is rapidly approaching. Students are reminded that Work Experience Arrangement Forms provided by the school must be completed before the placement can be confirmed. Positions for experience can be competitive as the other schools also run this program so it is advisable to identify and secure a placement as soon as possible.

College Ball 2021
Final training sessions have commenced. This is an important time for all students to be in attendance as there are only a few weeks remaining until the Balls. Altered training times for this term have been circulated to students and parents. A reminder that photography and platter orders for the evening are due by Wednesday 28 April. Order your Goumet Food & Flowers platter here. Photography orders should be returned with payment, to the Main Reception. Tickets for the evening will be managed by the Town Hall this year and should be available for purchase this week.
Mrs Sally Kuchel, Head of Senior School
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Junior Sport

Cross Country
Congratulations to all who participated in our Cross Country event this week. We were blessed with lovely weather and students did an amazing job at finishing all distances. Thank you to all staff for your assistance and the support from parents and spectators. Congratulations to our winners:

12/13 boys: 1st Toby Uebergang, 2nd Edward Jones, 3rd Jack Kelly
1213 girls: 1st Adelyn Penny, 2nd Ellita Scollary, 3rd Emma Streeter
11 boys: 1st Austin McLellen, 2nd Charlie Hedt, 3rd Brodie McIntosh
11 girls: 1st Kirrily Dandy, 2nd Grace Puls, 3rd Ellua Boyd
10 boys: 1st Axal Henskes, 2nd Bailey Dridan, 3rd Hylton Penfold
10 girls: 1st Malaya Willmore, 2nd Jemma Hoffmann, 3rd Charlize van Zyl
8/9 boys: 1st Judd Oakley, 2nd Zack Pickering, 3rd AJ Cullen
8/9 girls: Elsa Drendel, 2nd Ava Smith, Luella Burke,
Year 2 boys: 1st Peter Smith, 2nd Lachlan Dunn, 3rd Lachlan Engert
Year 2 girls: 1st Emily Liston, 2nd Misha Carter, 3rd Zoe Kemp
Year 1 boys: 1st Jack S, 2nd Javier Baker, 3rd, Ryder Ellis
Year 1 girls: 1st Maya Smith 2nd Emily Rudolph, 3rd Sage Carter
Foundation boys: 1st Nixon Smith, 2nd Ted Smith, 3rd Boaz Leigh
Foundation girls: 1st Sophia Pickering, 2nd Maggie Kelm, 3rd Ellie Kerr
Our HCPSSA Cross Country team has been selected and notes were sent home this week. Please return the permission slip as soon as possible. Students will be given their representative sports uniform top to wear to this event on Monday. We are looking for 2 parent helpers for the day. Please email tarn.mcdonald@htlc.vic.edu.au if you are able to help out. Congratulations to our HTLC Cross Country Team Members:

12/13 years: Toby Uebergang, Edward Jones, Jack Kelly, Jeremy Fischer, Eli Bailey, Adelyn Penny, Ellita Scollary, Emma Streeter, Lucy Bunsworth, Nellie Driller, Hayley Uebergang
11 years: Austin McLellen, Charlie Hedt, Brodie McIntosh, Cody Stewart, Maverick Kerr, Frazer Shurdington, Kirrily Dandy, Grace Puls, Ellua Boyd, Bonnie Grieger, Maya Przibilla, Lizzie Holmes
9/10 years: Axal Henskes, Bailey Dridan, Hylton Penfold, Judd Oakley, Zack Pickering, AJ Cullen, Malaya Willmore, Jemma Hommann, Charlize van Zyl, Lydika Boyd, Poppy White, Matilda Smith.

Good luck Tuesday!

HCPSSA Athletics
Early next week letters will be sent home for students who qualified for the HCPSSA Athletics Team. These students will need to return the permission slip as soon as possible. This event is in Week 3, Thursday 6 May. Our school will also need to supply a number of helpers for the day. If you are interested in helping out please contact Tarn McDonald via email on tarn.mcdonald@htlc.vic.edu.au.
Tarn McDonald
Mrs Tarn McDonald, Junior Sport Coordinator

Secondary Sport

Congratulations to all those that competed in the HTLC Cross Country. Through difficult weather conditions, students performed extremely well and represented their houses with pride.
It was a closely contested battle, with Lowan managing to take out a close victory, congratulations to all Lowan students and house captains Codi Kenny and Delta Wardle.
Congratulations to the following students who won their age division:
12-13 years: Jack Hicks & Mia Nuttall
14 years: Jude Borlase & Cadi Streeter
15 years: Luke Johns & Sophie Pietsch
16 years: Henry Kinsman & Chloe Haughton
17 years: Jaden Flett & Racquel Deckert
18-20 years: Codi Kenny & Delta Wardle
Congratulations to Tom Urquhart and Jacob Matuschka who both represented HTLC at the State Swimming Championships in Melbourne on Thursday. Both boys swam very well in a tough competition, with Tom breaking his PB! Both boys should be very proud of their performances today, and we would like to congratulate them from the entire HTLC community! Well done boys!
Good luck to students competing in the Greater Western Volleyball Championships next Tuesday, and those representing HTLC at Black Ranges Girls Football next Friday. We wish you all the best!
jesse kuchel
Mr Jesse Kuchel, Head of Sport and Coaching
Wellbeing news-01
Anxiety in your child
Anxiety has become one of the leading causes of ill-health in our children. And it’s also affecting more parents than ever before. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated what was already an accelerating problem. Can we stop anxiety? Where is it coming from? Are our kids' bubble-wrapped snowflakes that just need to “toughen up” and get over it? Or is there an approach to our children’s anxiety that can build them, encourage them, and give them hope? This webinar will provide the answers every parent needs to help their children – and even to help themselves.

Once you’ve participated in this webinar, you’ll have strategies that you can put into practice on the spot to help curb anxiety, build confidence, and restore resilience in your child. And if you struggle with anxiety yourself, you’ll be changed. For this webinar and many other parenting resources, please visit members.happyfamilies.com.au/holytrinity.
In this edition of SchoolTV: Raising Girls
Raising girls in today’s modern world can be a difficult path for parents and carers to navigate. These days, girls are
transitioning to puberty a lot earlier than they used to and the physical, psychological and emotional changes they experience are challenging. As a result, by mid-adolescence, girls are twice as likely to develop mood disorders more so than boys.
Some parents and carers may feel uncertain about how best to support their daughter through the ups and downs of adolescence and how to keep the lines of communication open.
In this edition of SchoolTV, adult carers will attain a clearer picture of what girls are wanting from their adult carers and how best to support them through adolescence.

We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this edition of SchoolTV and we always welcome your feedback. If you have any concerns about your child, please contact the College Wellbeing Team for further information or seek medical or professional help.
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Junior School Canteen
The canteen is able to run through the generous assistance of volunteers. If you are able to assist for a shift throughout the year, it would be greatly appreciated! Helpers are required each Thursday at recess (10.30–11.30am) and are required to have a current Working With Children Check (free to apply for volunteers). Please contact Jenny Maroske on 0400931979 to register your interest.
HRCC Detox Your Home
Horsham Rural City Council will once again be hosting Detox Your Home. You can bring in your unwanted chemicals for free and safe disposal on Saturday 8 May, accepted items from home include:
  • Acids and alkalis, includes spirit of salt, bleach, vinegar and rust remover, aerosol cans including gas canisters, cleaners, ammonia based, including oven, drain, shower and glass cleaners, cooking oil, detergents and disinfectants, fire extinguishers, floor-care products and waxes, glues water-based, solvents, nail polish and remover, paint stripper, thinner and turps, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, photographic chemicals, rat poison.
  • From the garden and pool shed: fertiliser, herbicides and weed killers, insect spray/pesticides. lawn mower fuel, pool chemicals, including liquid pool chlorine and pool salts. From the garage; anti-freeze, brake fluid, car body filler, car wax, coolant, fuels (petrol, diesel, kerosene and transmission fluid).
  • Items not accepted: ammunition, asbestos, batteries, car batteries, chemicals used by businesses for industrial and commercial use, chemicals used on the farm, fluorescent lights, gas cylinders, medical waste, motor oil, paint and printer cartridges.
Detox will be a Covid safe event, so please register online before attending, and visit the HRCC website for more information.
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