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Greetings to all in our HTLC community. This week we welcomed Mrs Rhiannon McKinnon back to the college after spending time on parental leave. Mrs McKinnon will return to the Wellbeing Team on a part-time basis, being on campus on a Tuesday and Wednesday. We wish her all the best on her return.

It was pleasing to see the Year 6 students depart for their Melbourne based camp earlier this week. We have been faced, and will no doubt continue to face, challenges involving COVID-19 this year. However, in providing a supportive and safe environment for students to engage in learning experiences outside of the classroom, I am encouraged to see that we continue to prepare students for life outside of school—shaping their confidence, capabilities and character. I give thanks to the staff and parents who have supported this trip and look forward to sharing the learning that has occurred over the coming weeks.

This week information regarding this year’s online NAPLAN testing has been sent home for students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9. Please contact the Junior and Middle School Reception if you haven’t received a copy. I encourage all families to read this information and speak with their child’s teacher or relevant Head of Sub-School if they have any questions. The testing period will commence on 11 May. Additionally, a Student Verification Report has been sent home for Foundation to Year 5 students today, with Year 6 to Year 12 going home on Monday. I ask that families also read this report, sign it and return it to the college as soon as possible to verify the information. Your prompt support in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Once again, I remind eligible families that the application process for the Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) is still available. This fund has been established by the Victorian Government to support families gain financial support in accessing learning opportunities beyond the classroom. Details about the application process can be found in the link below. Wishing you fantastic week.
Mr Daniel Weller, College Principal
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It was not with perishable things such as silver or gold that you were redeemed, but with the precious blood of Christ (1 Peter 1:18,19).
By Maria Rudolph (LCA Daily Devotions)
In worship, we are in the habit of singing about really outrageous things without batting an eyelid. In fact, we use words like blood, flesh, pain or slain as if we were singing about flowers, butterflies and the pretty countryside on a spring morning. Music is a powerful way for many to connect with the meaning of Scripture and feel close to God. But I do sometimes wonder if we domesticate the strong language in these songs a little bit too much.
Blood is a word we use surprisingly often as Christians. Even before Jesus comes on the scene, blood is a main feature through the Old Testament. Sacrificing animals to God as a sign of adoration happens with Abraham (who is even temporarily called to shed the blood of his own son). The exodus from Egypt goes hand in hand with the Passover feast, which centres on smearing lambs’ blood on doorframes. Then we have lengthy passages in the Book of Leviticus describing the sacrificial duties of the Levites concerning sprinkling large volumes of blood all over the altar in the tabernacle. We have stories of the Israelites straying from the Lord God and adapting pagan practices of sacrificing their own children, which again involves the shedding of blood.
As we live with Jesus as our King, we are used to Holy Communion, which is the transformation of wine into blood just as Jesus instituted it at the Last Supper. Teaching about the blood of Christ redeeming us literally oozes out of the Epistles. Finally, the Book of Revelation uses blood as a very vivid picture. Saints wash their robes in the stream of the Lamb’s blood, and they come out as white as snow.
Blood! A bit of an awkward thing to talk about normally, unless you regularly go to the blood bank or work in the medical profession. Yet we Christians seem to talk and sing about it all the time. Why? Could it be because it is so central to our faith, such a key feature of our identity? Have you ever pictured yourself covered with the blood of Christ? What reaction do you have to that thought? Once you get over the strangeness of it, can you see that it is immensely comforting – because Christ literally has you ‘covered’? He’s got you covered for everything you may face today or in the future. And you can make use of this special cover by praying the blood of Jesus over the people in your life. Jesus died for them, too, whether they know it or not. His blood covers them all the same. It is part of our role as God’s messengers to help others see this unusual reality. We are all covered with the blood of Jesus, and that is a cover more precious than silver or gold.
Dear Lord Jesus, I stand in awe of the sacrifice you have made for me, while I was still a sinner. Thank you for covering me with your blood and for redeeming me by giving up your very life. Help me to live a life worthy of the sacrifice you have made for me. Amen.
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Year 6 Camp
This week our Year 6 students have been exploring the sights and sounds of Melbourne on their urban camp. Students have thoroughly enjoyed engaging in the educational, cultural and entertaining experiences, including Scienceworks, The Chinese Museum, Eureka Skydeck, a river cruise, The Immigration Museum, Dreamcity and Bounce. All activities this year were organised so only our group was present while they were at the venue. It has been wonderful to hear from staff how the students have embraced these opportunities and supported one another this week.

Incursion: African Drumming
Next Tuesday students in the Junior School will attend an African Drumming performance in the MPC. Three passionate, energetic and talented performers will come to HTLC to treat our students to an exciting display of Ghanaian culture, which will include drumming, dance, percussion and vocal harmonies.

Greater Western Swimming Carnival and Little Desert Tennis
Next Wednesday we have our Junior School tennis team competing in the Little Desert Tennis competition. On Friday we have a record number of students participating in the Great Western Swimming Carnival. Good luck to the students who will be competing!

Kindergarten visits
This week Foundation teachers and I will be visiting kindergartens to start to develop relationships with students who may be attending HTLC next year. If you have a child in kindergarten this year and would like us to say hello when we visit, please let Erin in Enrolments know via email (erin.drummond@htlc.vic.edu.au).

Year 4R led worship this morning, with a focus on being humble as we serve others based on Mark 9:35. Next Friday Year 4F will be leading Chapel. Please remember to send a small offering with your child for Chapel each Friday.
Mrs Fiona Friberg, Head of Junior School
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Looking forward to 2021
This week, some of my conversation and email topics with staff, students and parents included: Year 8 hike and Melbourne excursion planning, staff covers for Interschool volleyball, Covid marshalling for HPV events, free-dress day themes, Year 9 elective activities and fundraisers, history excursions to Ballarat, NAPLAN on-line testing preparations, supervision of students attending camps, PD requests for face to face meetings in Melbourne, 2021 Open Days and Information Evenings, guest speakers at chapel, student absences due to planned holidays and more.
The one common thread with all of these topics was that for much of last year, they were not discussed at all. As we approach the 12-month anniversary of the first state-wide lockdown, this week was a timely reminder to me of how fortunate we are to be in a position to be implementing much of what makes our school such a vibrant and engaging learning environment. My hope and prayers are that these conversations continue throughout this year as we steadily return to a new normal.

LEVNT Middle School Leaders Network Meeting
On Thursday I attended the first LEVNT Middle School Leaders Network Meeting for the year, which was held at St John’s Lutheran Church, Highgate. This was the first face to face meeting of the group in over 12 months and it was fantastic to be able to sit around and talk with other Middle School leaders in a personal and intimate setting. Agenda items included reflecting on 2020, projecting ahead for 2021, an update on the work of Australian Lutheran World Service (ALWS), Project Based Learning, the Contemporary Learning Framework plus general discussion around issues and ideas concerning the Middle Schools of the region. The day was a great opportunity to strengthen the network between Middle School Leaders in Lutheran school’s throughout Victoria.

Most Valuable Person (MVP) Award
At Tuesday’s assembly the first MVP (Most Valuable Person) certificate for 2021 was awarded to Year 7 student, Tracy Wu. The MVP award is given to a student in the secondary school who exhibits some or all of the following character traits: Leadership, Respect, Responsibility, Service, Achievement, Motivation, Care and School Pride. Tracy was nominated for her efforts in transitioning to Middle School as a student who came to Holy Trinity Lutheran College from one of our feeder schools. She has impressed with her attitude, work ethic, resilience and willingness to engage in all areas of her school life. Tracy has proven to be a great fit for the culture of the college and I congratulate her on the way she has commenced her secondary studies.
Mr Jason Przibilla, Head of Middle School
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College Ball 2021
Our next meeting will be held on Sunday 14 March in the Education Centre behind the Lutheran Church Hall during training.

Specialist Sport Program
Training commences for all students in the team from Monday 15 March. All students in the program are expected to train with the group twice a week during the booked session times. Students will be transported to the YMCA by bus at the end of the school day. Those students who have returned permission forms will be transported to ball training whilst others will be dismissed from the YMCA at the end of the session.

Mentor Month
Congratulations to our VCAL students who are the voices behind the advertisement currently running on 3WM. Another great example of the ways in which our students are engaging in our local community.

Game Developer Hero Summit
Lightmare Studio are holding a summit (virtual via Zoom) called the Game Developer Hero Summit on Saturday 13 March which students are invited to join. The conference is generally aimed at students seeking more of an understanding of pathways to the Games Design, Digital Art, Animation and Programming industries. Workshops include: How to get started in games with $0, Storytelling using the Hero’s Journey, A coder’s introduction to Gamemaker, Creating Infinite Art using Artificial Intelligence, How to start & scale your first indie studio. Get more information regarding the event.

English—senior learning
Our VCE students will find throughout the year, that they are required to complete English tasks in response to current media issues. It is imperative that students are watching the news and reading newspapers, ensuring that they are aware of current topical issues. They may be required to respond to such articles in their final examinations.
Mrs Sally Kuchel, Head of Senior School
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Junior Sport

Our Athletics Carnivals are fast approaching and this year we will see us have separate days for different year levels. Tuesday 23 March will be for Foundation to Year 2 students. The Year 3–6 Athletics carnival will be on Thursday 25 March. On this day, students will be competing in age groups.
  • Scoring:
    This year, we are using ‘standards’ zones for scoring/measuring purposes. This means for throws and jumps there are three zones or areas that determine the points for that throw/jump. Points are awarded to the individual according to where their throw/jump lands according to the zones. If a student throws and lands in the 3 point zone then this throw/jump is measured. Zones 1 (1point) and Zone 2 (2 points) are not measured unless no one throws/jumps in the 3 point zone then to determine who comes first, second or third measurements will need to be taken. Teachers managing events have been briefed on how to use this system of scoring. This process will speed up the overall running of the day and points are awarded according to distance of students' throws/jumps.
  • Team managers:
    We are still seeking team managers at the Year 3–6 Athletics carnival. This role involves a parent being allocated to an age/gender group who will be responsible for walking students to and from events. Teachers will be running the events. Thank you to those parents who have volunteered their time to do this so far but we would love a few more volunteers if possible. If you are interested in this role please email me at tarn.mcdonald@htlc.vic.edu.au .
Little Desert Tennis
Our Little Desert Tennis team is competing next Wednesday at Horsham Lawn Tennis Courts. We wish them all the best. There will be a meeting on Monday lunchtime for students to collect their college representative sport t-shirt.

Greater Western Swimming
Good luck to our Greater Western swimming team who are competing next Friday.
Changes to School Sport Australia Championships in 2021
School Sport Australia has recently announced that School Sport Australia Championships for 2021 are cancelled. Therefore, students selected in Team Vic teams will not have the opportunity to participate in School Sport Australia Championships in 2021.
School Sport Victoria acknowledges the valued development and educational outcomes that the Team Vic program provides talented Victorian students each year and is committed to providing a Team Vic program for Victorian students in 2021.
This will include continuing with:
  • Student registrations for selection trials
  • Delivering selection trials for Team Vic teams
  • Selecting and announcing the Team Vic teams
To ensure students can still have a positive and valued experience through the Team Vic program in 2021, School Sport Victoria is considering a range of alternative options for the program. Further details on these opportunities for students selected onto Team Vic teams will be provided shortly.
Get more information on the Team Vic program. Get further details on the announcement by School Sport Australia.
Upcoming events
23: F–2 Athletics Carnival
25: Year 3–6 Athletics Carnival
21: Cross Country
27: Interschool Cross Country
6: HCPSSA (Interschool Athletics)
7: Greater Western Tennis
10: Little Desert Cross Country
7 & 28: Year 5–6 Winter Sports Competition (Volleyball, Table Tennis, Soccer, AFL and Netball)
4 & 18: Year 5–6 Winter Sports Competition (Volleyball, Table Tennis, Soccer, AFL and Netball)
Tarn McDonald
Mrs Tarn McDonald, Junior Sport Coordinator

Secondary Sport

A quiet week in sport at HTLC, which has been rare for Term 1! But in true sporting fashion, we are back in action next week.

Our Intermediate and Senior Boys & Girls are competing in the Black Ranges Volleyball tournament on Thursday 18 March at St. Brigid's College. We wish all these students the best of luck!

The WestVic Academy of Sport athletes will undertake their first strength and conditioning sessions on Monday night. These students have been through a musculoskeletal screening process, followed by strength testing; and are finally ready to begin to develop their athletic abilities. Individualised programming has been designed to align with the athletes’ goals, aiming towards improving their sporting performance.
Upcoming events
18: Black Ranges Intermediate/Senior Volleyball
19: Greater Western Region Swimming
26: Pedal Prix Mount Gambier
29: HTLC Secondary Athletics
jesse kuchel
Mr Jesse Kuchel, Head of Sport and Coaching
Wellbeing news-01
SchoolTV: Drug and alcohol use
In this edition of SchoolTV parents will learn how to deal with the issues surrounding drug and alcohol use and the impact it can have on a child’s development. Alcohol and drug use can lead to serious problems such as poor academic performance, loss of friends, behavioural issues and even lasting legal problems.
We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this edition of SchoolTV and we always welcome your feedback. If you have any concerns about your child, please contact the College Wellbeing Team for further information or seek medical or professional help.
Parenting on the same page | 15th March 2021
MONDAY 15 March, 8pm AEDT
You think the children need another chance, some more time, and a big hug. Your partner thinks they need a swift smack on the bum, no iPad for a week, and a time-out. Relationship tension because of parenting differences makes family life hard.
This webinar is designed to help by giving you tools for creating alignment on parenting principles. It’s for parents, co-parents, grandparents and carers. And it’s especially for you AND your partner in parenting to participate in together.
Holy Trinity Lutheran College has teamed up with Happy Families to help support our ongoing commitment to wellbeing. As a Happy Families member you will have automatic free access to this webinar and many other valuable resources through premium membership (a $170 value!). Sign up for your free membership.
The current pandemic has raised new parenting challenges for everyone. Children and teenagers have experienced disruptions to their daily life and increased worries about their safety and that of their family and friends. Children can react in unexpected ways because they cannot express how they are feeling.
The Triple P – Positive Parenting Program’s simple, practical strategies have been proven to work around the world, helping parents raise happy, confident children; set family routines and rules that everyone can follow; and balance work and family life with less stress.

Read our parent magazine with quick tips and stories,
or start your online course now to access all resources and
proven parenting strategies.
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Junior School Canteen
The canteen is able to run through the generous assistance of volunteers. If you are able to assist for a shift throughout the year, it would be greatly appreciated! Helpers are required each Thursday at recess (10.30–11.30am) and are required to have a current Working With Children Check (free to apply for volunteers). Please contact Jenny Maroske on 0400931979 to register your interest.
Bookclub brochures (Issue #2) have been distributed. All orders should be placed by Monday 15 March. Cheques should be made payable to ‘Scholastic Australia’. Credit card payments may also be made using the online system, the LOOP. By indicating ‘gift’ on your online order, the books will be kept at school for you to pick up if you don’t want your child to see your purchase. For more information, please contact Jaci Gabbé Library Assistant.
casey kosch
Kids Mini First Aid
Wednesday April 14th
2 Sessions: 9–12pm or 1–4pm
$40 per child
Uptempo Café Horsham
For bookings and details please go to
Nhill Lions March 2021 Market Poster
facebook youtube website email 
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