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This week our college community has celebrated with our Year 12 students in their final days of schooling. We have acknowledged their positive leadership and conduct throughout their time at Holy Trinity and the ways in which we have been blessed by their contributions and passion for their school. Many of these students have shared the journey of growth and expansion through Middle School and into Senior School and they have set a tone of enthusiasm and commitment in their willingness to embrace new challenges and opportunities.

Secondary staff prepared a breakfast early on Tuesday morning in the Senior Centre for a group of students we have all come to know and respect—young students we have had the privilege of watching mature into young men and women.

Following the breakfast, the Year 12 students led their final chapel for the whole school, revisiting familiar songs and sharing their plans for the future. Shortly after the close of chapel, they were on the road for a day of paddle boarding and beach cricket at Warrnambool. A final day that was long but certainly treasured and memorable.

As our first Year 12 cohort, these students will not only remain in our hearts but also firmly in the history of our school.  We offer our sincere gratitude to these students for their vibrant leadership and to their parents for their continued faith and support of our college.

We thank the Year 12s for the leadership they’ve shown throughout the year, and for the trust and support they and their families have shown as we’ve grown from a primary school to Foundation to Year 12 college.

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