Beyond the classroom

We offer a variety of dynamic extra-curricular opportunities across Junior, Middle and Senior Schools to provide our students with the opportunity to broaden experience, encourage passion, foster commitment and develop their strengths and talents.


  • Holy Trinity Racing—human powered vehicles (HPV)
    Teams of students work together to design and construct a pedal-powered vehicle to compete in Victorian and South Australian ‘Energy Breakthrough’ challenges.
  • Energetix and Littlegetix
    Competition aerobics teams made up of students from Year 2 to Year 6. Energetix aerobic routines last for about 1.5 minutes. Teams compete against other Victorian schools at the Schoolaerobics Competition, with the potential to make it to the National Championships.
  • School sport
    Including cross country, athletics and swimming carnival.
  • Inter-school sport
    Competitions are at district, division, regional and state levels.

Performing arts

  • Wakakirri
    A national story-telling arts festival that reflects students’ thoughts, ideas and aspirations through a drama production. Hundreds of schools across Australia compete for ‘Story of the Year’.
  • School musical and concert
    The school musical and concert are performed every two years, on alternate years to each other. The school musical involves students in Years 3 to 6 and the concert involves students from Foundation to Year 3.
  • Choir


  • Garden Club
    Our kitchen garden provides a lunchtime sanctuary for students. Students work co-operatively, building life-long skills and developing confidence as they create innovative ways to grow, prepare and share healthy produce. Produce is sold each Friday morning to school families with proceeds being donated to charity.
  • Chess Club
  • STEM Club
    Students participate in science, technology, engineering and mathematics activities and projects.


  • Weekly visits to the Sunnyside Lutheran Retirement Village
    Classes are rostered to visit the residence to promote cross-generational relationships.

Cultural exchange programs

Hong Kong cultural experience

Each year, 14 Year 6 students are given the opportunity to participate in a cultural exchange with students from two Lutheran Schools in Hong Kong, who Holy Trinity Lutheran College has had a close relationship with since the program began in 2007.

At the beginning of term 1, our students and their families host students from Hong Kong for a week. Later in the term our students travel to Hong Kong for 10 days, attending classes and experiencing the sights of Hong Kong.

The aims of this program are to prepare students for positive contributions in a globalised world, provide opportunities to develop and demonstrate respect for diversity and to broaden their experiences beyond the classroom, regional Victoria and our coastal borders.

The experience provides students with an amazing opportunity for personal growth. They develop independence and self-management, gain an appreciation for diversity and build strong bonds of friendship with the students from Hong Kong.

Philippines international educational and cultural tour

Holy Trinity Lutheran College has developed a longstanding partnership with San Agustin Elementary School and Pampanga State Agricultural University, located 80 kilometres north-west of Manila. A group of Year 9 students travel each year to Pampanga to work with primary school students in their classrooms and run sports activities. They visit the neighbouring university where they learn about the Filipino culture and their value of learning for the future. The development of relationships remains a key focus throughout the trip. Group members raise money prior to departure to purchase both classroom materials and sports equipment used during the project.

Through immersion in a different culture, students are often challenged to reflect on their personal journeys through adolescence. Christian service learning enables students to interact with others in the spirit of the Gospel, and to serve others while serving God.

It is imperative that our students develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours that will support them to develop into active and informed global citizens, with a heightened respect and appreciation for social, cultural and religious diversity and a strong sense of global citizenship.

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