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On Thursday 23 May, four students from the Year 9/10 Debating elective travelled to Hamilton for their first inter-school debating competition. Freya Colbert, Lilly Knoop, David Plowright and Tiana Schubert participated in three debates against other schools from around the region. Their topics were:

  • Police should be allowed to carry tasers and guns.
  • Horse racing should not be banned.
  • Voting should remain compulsory for Australian citizens over 18 years of age.

The students won two out of their three debates and received positive feedback from the adjudicators. The students should be immensely proud of their efforts, and are to be commended on representing the college with pride. Congratulations to Freya and Tiana who also received ‘best speaker’ awards for various rounds.

The students have shared some reflections from their day:

My favourite part of the day was the secret topic debate, because I liked the fact that we had the same amount of preparation time as the other teams. I think we applied ourselves during that time and we ended up winning so it definitely paid off.

Freya Colbert

The debate day in Hamilton was an incredibly valuable experience. It allowed us, as a new debating team, to grasp an in-depth idea of how a professional debate is run. I personally took a lot away from the day. It was challenging but I believe we really flourished under that challenge. Overall the day was a great experience and expanded our knowledge and debating skills.

Lilly Knoop

I think the debating elective was very beneficial to my public speaking skills, the adjudicator advice was detailed and helpful.

David Plowright

I found the secret topic a great learning experience as I was the third speaker; I did only rebuttal. The feedback from the adjudicators helped my confidence and overall ability, which was great.

Tiana Schubert

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