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After qualifying at the HTLC Swimming Carnival earlier in the term, Junior students represented the college at the Little Desert and Black Ranges Swimming Carnival held at the Horsham Aquatic Centre on March 5.

Well done to all students who participated—it was a successful day for HTLC and a huge congratulations to all who received ribbons! Everyone put in a fantastic effort and the sportsmanship and support from all students in the carnival was awesome to watch. Students who qualified to go to the next level, the Greater Western Swimming Carnival, will be notified when the official results are released. This will be held on 20 March in Horsham. A huge thank you goes to Mrs Taber and Mrs Nuttall for their assistance on the day. 


  • Cody Stewart: 2nd 9–10 years Backstroke
  • Charlotte Matuschka: 2nd 9–10 years Backstroke
  • Maya Przibilla: 1st 9–10 Backstroke
  • Orlan Hart: 2nd 12–13 years Backstroke
  • Soren Foster: 2nd 9–10 years Breaststroke, 3rd Freestyle
  • Hannah Gabbe: 2nd 9–10 years Breaststroke
  • Edward Jones: 1st 11 years Breaststroke, 2nd Freestyle
  • Elita Scollary: 1st 11 years Breaststroke, 2nd Freestyle
  • Jack Hicks: 3rd 12–13 years Breaststroke
  • Ruby McAuliffe: 1st 12–13 years Breaststroke; 1st Freestyle
  • Lennix Nelson: 2nd 12–13 years Freestyle
  • Boys 9–10 years Freestyle Relay: 1st (Soren Foster, Cody Stewart, Isaac Hogan, Jardy Ellis)
  • Girls 9–10 years Freestyle Relay: 1st (Charlotte Matuschka, Maya Przibilla, Ellua Boyd, Hannah Gabbe)
  • Boys 11 years Freestyle Relay: 4th (Edward Jones, Jack Kelly, Bodey Wilde, Orlando Heal)
  • Boys 12–13 years Freestyle Relay: 1st (Levi Munyard, Jack McAuliffe, Orlan Hart, Lennix Nelson)
  • Girls 12–13 years Freestyle Relay: 1st (Gemma Freijah, Nellie Driller, Ruby McAuliffe, Ellita Scollary)
  • Boys Open Medley Relay Team A: 1st (Lennix Nelson, Jack McAuliffe, Edward Jones, Orlan Hart)
  • Girls Open Medley Relay Team A: 2nd (Elita Scollary, Gemma Freijah, Eva Drendel, Ruby McAuliffe)
  • Girls Open Medley Relay Team B: 3rd (Hannah Gabbe, Ellua Boyd, Maya Przibilla, Kirrily Dandy)

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