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On Thursday 9 and Friday 10 May, Mrs Hewitt and Mr Przibilla took part in the Agile Learning Tour which was coordinated by LEQ (Lutheran Education Queensland) and LEVNT (Lutheran Education Victoria New South Wales and Tasmania). The tour party consisted of over 20 educators from the eastern states of Australia and ranged from Primary to Middle to Senior school teachers and leaders.

Agile learning refers to an educational environment that is intentionally designed to be adjustable, exchangeable and moveablewith learning spaces designed to support idea generation, collaboration and experimentation. Agile learning spaces fit perfectly with teaching pedagogies such as Project Based Learning, the Enquiry and Design Thinking Process.

The tour began at the award-winning Hayball Architects’ head office in inner Sydney. Hayball has been at the forefront of school design and have invested heavily in educational research to best design learning spaces that are going to prepare young learners for adult working environments. A tour of the work space certainly supported the philosophies discussed throughout their presentation.

The main stop for the day was Linfield Learning Village which, after only opening this year, takes an unconventional approach to education including abandoning traditional grade levels, school bells and classrooms and teaching in open spaces through collaborative, multi-disciplinary projects.

The twilight tour provided many opportunities to talk to revolutionary educators who are at the forefront of challenging the more traditional approaches to education. Listening to their stories certainly provided many sparks of inspiration as they shared the values and principles of which they believe education should be.

The final day of the tour was spent at St Luke’s Catholic College in Marsden Park where, again, agile learning spaces and modern pedagogy were on display.

The final stopover was at Westpac Headquarters, Barangaroo. Here the group was given a tour of an adult work space that has based its office design on agile learning philosophies. Open-plan office spaces, moveable furniture, flexible desk spaces, cafes, massage therapists, naturopaths and more demonstrated how a contemporary adult work environment is managed.

The tour was a fantastic opportunity to be exposed to a range of learning environments, talk with people who have their own unique philosophies on education and to also network with other educators in the Lutheran system.

In education, context is very important and, even though the tour was inspiring and motivating, careful thought and planning will be enacted so that any changes or initiatives will be implemented in a way to support the positive education that is already occurring at Holy Trinity.

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