Student leadership in the Junior School

At Holy Trinity Lutheran College, we recognise leadership opportunities for all students as role models for others. In addition to this, Junior School students are provided with a range of formal roles to develop their leadership skills.

  • School captains and vice-captains are elected from our Year 6 classes. School captains lead worship, are involved in the Student Representative Council and represent our college at community events.
  • Sports captains for each of our Sport Houses are elected from our Year 6 classes. Sports captains help to organise and facilitate sporting events throughout the school year.
  • Students from Year 3 to Year 6 are elected to be their class representative on the Student Representative Council (SRC). The SRC makes decisions about student-lead fundraising, charity drives and organises student events throughout the year.
  • The Digital Technology Team provides technical support for weekly assemblies and chapel, as well as annual events in the school calendar.
  • All Year 6 students are ‘buddies’ for our Foundation students. During Term 1 they play a big part in helping our new students become familiar and confident within the school environment. Throughout the year opportunities are provided for buddies to support their Foundation buddy in the classroom and playground, develop their relationships and to model behaviour for our Foundation students.

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